Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Feeling alright ... Wednesday is good

So ahhhhh.... ummmm, what to say today?

I got over 3.30pm slump - I've been busy so mind on other things truth be told

Overview for today:

AM cardio spin bike 60 mins 630 cal goo intensity, mix up of pace, speed, levels etc. Got up a good sweat.

M1: (7.30am) 1/2 c Oats, Egg White, splend, cinnamon + Protein Shake (favourite meal of the day)

M2: (10.15am) 1/2 c brown rice, 1 tin tuna with low cal chilli sauce

M3: (1.15pm) 1 x Medium Chicken breast + 2 cups veg

*Glass of fiber drink - filled me up so much I'm not hungry*

M4: (5.00pm) Maybe 2 c veg & 6 egg whites on the way home in car

Training: Chest tonight, yay, should be good, I'm feeling strong, just hope the gym is not as busy as it was the last few nights, I hate it being busy, it is hard to navigate and get on the equipment you want in the order you plan! I like to train with Jason and people move out of his way a lot of the time.

M5: Not sure, but probably chicken

M6: Might not fit this one in - that's ok though, I'm not exactly starving here!

I have been looking at bikinis and colours for next year - I know that I like valvet fabric and darker colours are better for me as I am not all that careful with the tan and I would hate the brown to stain it and look yucky. So far over the years I have had:

Sparkly Black
Bright Pink
Navy Blue
Black with Purple swirls

I had a red one made with a different fabric that I didn't like so I didn't wear it - But I don't think the red suited me. I am pouring over websites and magazines to get inspiration!


Brit-Man said...

Red is apparetnly the colour that more winners wear than any other colour, but of course the competitor must feel 100% comfortable wearing something otherwise it could affect confidence and thusly performance.

Keep on pushing and thanks as always for your replies to my comments. As ever I will be following your journey with great pride and admiration and I do want you to find more of the happiness in life you deserve, because you are so worth it.

:-) :-).


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