Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Must change blog title

I'm pretty sure no-one checks this blog anymore - goodness knows I haven't posted in months and months.


I'm not doing Nationals this year

I will be doing Aucklands early next year

I was not ready mentally to compete and therefore trained ok... but not 100% and certainly did not diet very well, it endded up as 1 day on 1day off with promiss of extra cardio to make up for it... nasty cycle of promissing that I'd get it sorted and focused.

So as I was not mentally ready, I was therefore not physically ready AT ALL!
  • Not lean enough
  • Not fit enough
  • Not well enough
  • Not recovering quick enough

It was a relife to finally let myself 'off the hook' and admit that 2010 was not going to be a competitive year for me.

Jason is competing in the local North Harbours in 2 and half weeks and he look fantastic! He took last year off and it worked for him, so it's going to work for me.

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Brit-Man said...

Hey there Eve. YES I still checked and YES I still want to :-p :-p

I had thought maybe you hadn't been here for a while, becasue there was some serious weather issues in NZ in the last 6-8 weeks or so, from what I heard, so good to know you haven't been seriously affected i any way it seems.

I have and always will support you. I did try to mail you before now , but it looks like the e-mail address I've got logged might is not working anymore.

Mine is still so anytime you want to get in touch please do. If not, thne seriously no worreis at all, I'll understand.

I totally appreciate your reasons for not doing what you planned, but whatever happens I want you to know that I ma still incredibly proud of you and thee is only one Eve in New Zealned I know of and she's incredible, talented, beautiful and totally, totally amazing to read about.

You've bene on a tough journey in the past several years, but it's been so worth it and you're a fantastic rolemodel and deserve the trophies, photoshoots and magazine inches, so don't ever stop striving to be the you you were obviously born to be.

Next year you really will be everything you were meant to be, I have no doubts about that. You're a champion through an through and a very special person as well and you have a lot to be proud of Eve and you always will have.

Chin up, keep smiling, best wishes BIG HUGS and BIG, BIG RESPECT to you always.

You've still got what it takes and that fire will always burn bright for a long time yet, becasue you are a top athlete, and performance artiste and you are a great advertisement for your appearance and the how a 21st century Lady can live and be.

Keep up the hard work Eve, you're an absolute superstar misses.

:-) :-).