Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Must change blog title

I'm pretty sure no-one checks this blog anymore - goodness knows I haven't posted in months and months.


I'm not doing Nationals this year

I will be doing Aucklands early next year

I was not ready mentally to compete and therefore trained ok... but not 100% and certainly did not diet very well, it endded up as 1 day on 1day off with promiss of extra cardio to make up for it... nasty cycle of promissing that I'd get it sorted and focused.

So as I was not mentally ready, I was therefore not physically ready AT ALL!
  • Not lean enough
  • Not fit enough
  • Not well enough
  • Not recovering quick enough

It was a relife to finally let myself 'off the hook' and admit that 2010 was not going to be a competitive year for me.

Jason is competing in the local North Harbours in 2 and half weeks and he look fantastic! He took last year off and it worked for him, so it's going to work for me.