Thursday, 6 May 2010

Obssessed Enough? And getting a Cheetoh Baby Boy

Meet our soon to be new baby ... HUNTER.

We went to see the breeder on Sunday and chose this little man. He is only six weeks old here, and we have to wait until he is 12 weeks old.

His breed is a 'Cheetoh', he has the looks of a wild cat -striped legs with spots on belly and back. They have great personalities, loving and fun, very social, like water and can be trained to do tricks like fetch.

This pic below shows how big they can get! Yay, I hope Hunter gets big.

Came home for the gym yesterday morning and told Jason I realised that I was not obssesed enough with training, dieting and competiting... I'd only gone through the motions. I tell ya that realisation is all I needed. I have written up a training plan and diet log and also seen a trainer who will give me a free sesion to 'change things up' and perhaps learn a few new things. So I'm getting it together, including my diet focus. Feeling good I tell ya!


Brit-Man said...

Maybe you just need to look at some old pictures of yourself, including that video of your last performance and also the results that you have achieved.

The very fact you are here at this point today, shows how far you have come since that chubby person you used to be, to change into such a beautiful athlete, talented performance artiste and rolemodel as well.

I just really admired that video of you, for all the wonderfully graceful and elegant moves you make and the way you take a strong, artistic body and make it so fabulous to watch. It really does take art to a whole new level.

What you also have done though, is shown people how much something can be achieved, without having to use stupid pointless procedures, creams and stupid nonsensical diets.

You have done incredibly well and worked so hard to produce such a healthy, iconic end result and from the first day we crossed paths, the pride I have felt for you has continued to just grow and grow, because you are such a warm-hearted and emotionally beautiful Lady, it made me happy to see someone want to change and take it from one end of the spectrum to the other, where you have shown so many times, what your body can physically do.

As long as I have known you, you have never failed to impress me and when you compete, you just do it so well, and I know you have everything it takes to go further and do more, because your talents and potential are pretty much limitless.

I remain extremely proud of you and if there is ever anything you need to get off you chest, please do e-mail me anytime, that has always been unconditional and it always will.

I wanted to send you a BIG PAT ON THE BACK and I'm telling you to keep your chin up, remember how much you're worth to yourself, not just others and keep reminding yourself that you DESERVE to compete and you are every inch the athlete you were born to be and every inch the Lady and rolemodel you are capable of being.

I appreciate we don't communicate quite as much as we used to, so I'm telling you a lot of this now, because you're my friend and I want you to have something you deserve to read.

Competing is your choice, but ultimately, don't do it for anyone but yourself. Your journey has been incredible and beautiful and I thank you so much for sharing it with me, because it humbles me every time and this world needs more people like you, to share their heart, inspiration and outstanding example with others.

The more you compete, the more people will notice and the more you can show people, that they don't have to be afraid of feminine strength, that if they're overweight, they don't have to be afraid of admitting it and be afraid to fail or be afraid of not being able to succeed and you also prove to younger females, that it doesn't have to become about starving yourself and being sick a lot, in order to get healthy.

You have the power when you compete, to reach out to so many people. Your photos, interviews, magazine work, all help to potentially make an impression on people and it's not a burden to live up to, just something you do and can continue to do, by naturally being you.

You've come, so so far misses and I'm so happy for you. You are a very special person, with a very special story, that you can express through your media and competitive works.

So keep being everything you are and keep reaching for the stars Evie D, because you are one of the greatest examples of an extraordinary person I know and I will say it again, I AM VERY, VERY PROUD OF YOU and I'm very happy that you and your man are continuing to be solid together.

Your amazing Heart deserves a ocean of love misses, there's no doubt.

Brit-Man said...

GOOD LUCK doing what you always do best; prepping and showing. Your time to blossom will soon come around again and I can't wait to see just how incredible you are going to prove to be again.

Make the most of you and live it like it means everything.

THANKS again for sharing just a little of all this with me. I remain honoured to have met you in a roundabout way and I always will be.

My 10,000% belief will always be there for you. I know you can do and be so much and the wonderful thing is, I don't think you fully realise everything you are and can be, but I'm sure soon enough you'll know.

As I say, when you need this, it's yours to reach me on 24/7 okay :-) :-).

GOOD LUCK again and no worries now okay. You ARE doing brilliantly and you never fail to bring out my inner smile.

:-) :-).