Thursday, 6 May 2010

Obssessed Enough? And getting a Cheetoh Baby Boy

Meet our soon to be new baby ... HUNTER.

We went to see the breeder on Sunday and chose this little man. He is only six weeks old here, and we have to wait until he is 12 weeks old.

His breed is a 'Cheetoh', he has the looks of a wild cat -striped legs with spots on belly and back. They have great personalities, loving and fun, very social, like water and can be trained to do tricks like fetch.

This pic below shows how big they can get! Yay, I hope Hunter gets big.

Came home for the gym yesterday morning and told Jason I realised that I was not obssesed enough with training, dieting and competiting... I'd only gone through the motions. I tell ya that realisation is all I needed. I have written up a training plan and diet log and also seen a trainer who will give me a free sesion to 'change things up' and perhaps learn a few new things. So I'm getting it together, including my diet focus. Feeling good I tell ya!