Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Another wonderful year ...


Tomorrow (NZ time: 21 April 2010) it will be our anniversary, wow 4 years of happiness and love. Without Jason I don't know if I would have achieved my competitive goals, all I know is that he makes it easier and understands me like no-one else. The ups & downs, the highs & lows. And I know he will be there for me this year and we both aim for the stage in September and October and maybe even August...

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Brit-Man said...

I think you could have achieved whatever you wanted to, because you're that way inclined :-p, but I think anything or anyone that helps is always a plus.

You yourself deserve to be happy. I can't beieve it's been that long, because I can remember what the "before" seemed like, which obviously didn't work like what you have now does.

You deserve to be very, very happy, because you are a very warm-hearted and touching person and you invest a lot of time in yourself, so you deserve a lot of good things back out.

Whatever you are doig this year when it comes to competing, of course you can count on me to be there. I want to see you do well and I am still very proud of you, because you make everything you do worthwhile and you are a truly brilliant success story, being someone who changed so much from physically below average, to physically stunning and such a successful athlete as well.

I'm proud of having seen and read, about such a lot of what you have done and strived for. I'm constantly happy for you and that smile is the smile of a beautiful, contented Lady, which is how it should be.

GOOD LUCK to you with everything and keep on being you, because it DOES make such a difference to people and still believe in the total power of you and what you're capable of.

:-) :-).