Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's Christmas Me (Eve)

I prefer not to blog about work so much and as I've not been competing and been enjoying the off season (no season) diet and far to much freedom over the last few months I haven't had too much to report, so I've been laying low. Yes I'm Miss Lazy blogger!

To anyone reading this, thanks for checking in, and all the best to my blogger land friends, hope you get to enjoy time with all your loved ones!

Looking forward to time off and relaxing - then big plans for 2010 comp season.


Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is, that yes, we might have met on blogger about 3.5 years ago, but honestly, you to me are as much a true friend as I could ever wish for.

I've seen your lows and your highs. I've seen your life change and new romantic beginnings flourish. I've seen the continued change from someone who started out overweight, to someone who has completely blitzed the stage with amazing results and top notch finshes.

I've seen someone grow blossom and mature into a fantastic athlete, physique artist / sculptress, performance artiste and rolemodel.

I've seen the opportunities it's given you and the immense joy you have obtained, from working so damned hard to have a body, that is a beautiful work of art and to have the happiness, love and the friendships you richly deserve.

I couldn't know who you were as a person years ago, but when I started reading about you and made that choice to give my support, to someone I believed was going to make good, on all the wants and goals she had, I knew I wasn't making a mistake.

About 3.5 years later, I'm still friends with one of the most special, human and charismatic Ladies you'll find anywhere.

Whatever happens in my life, there is always a little part of you with me. I am in part a little bit of you. I see the comparisons in both our attitudes to people and see how such attitudes span a globe and how deep the quality of people can run and how far reaching it's impact.

You make a difference to me, probably as much as I imagine I might possibly do for you. You really do.

I've lived in a world, where the last ten years have borne out some pretty hard things for people everywhere and I've seen more of the way fate and the world, conspire to not always provide the right circumstances, for those who truly deserve them.

Fate has however largely been kind to us. You have your successes and your life, I have good things in my life. One of those things being YOU Eve.

Whatever the last ten years has brought, it has brought in my mind two like-minded people, closer than either of us could have thought possible. Yeah we might not ever meet, but you my friend, continue to be everything I've always known you to be.

Nothing has changed the person you are, nor the person I am. Your life is good right now, so I hope Christmas and the coming year will add to that and make it even better for you.

I don't really know what 2010 will bring for me, but I know to some extent what it will bring for you. My support, true, unconditional friendship and all the respect and admiration and good wishes you can handle.

I hope you have a great Christmas and I'm sending you some BIG HUGS and letting you know, that for everything you have done this year, I am INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU and I think you're one of lifes absolute solid gold stars.

GOOD LUCK for the future and many thanks for always being so warm, understanding and accepting of me.

You ARE a great friend and I really mean and appreciate that.

:-) :-).


Stef said...

Happy 2010!!!


Krissa said...

Looking forward to 2010 updates!!! :)