Thursday, 12 November 2009

Crazy fun body part pics

These were taken about Wednesday or Thursday before my 2nd show (North Harbours) so I had started de-hydrating, but was not fully depleted.

My friend Steve from the Gym spent a lot of time over the last few weeks helping me with posing and getting my body conditioned for being on stage holding the poses - it's hard work ya know (a work out in itself.

These are a few fun shots showing how lean I was getting around that time.

My diet was Fish and Aspargus for every meal (6 x per day). For the most part I enjoyed it.

My cardio was 1 hr in the morning (5.30-6.30am), Training was 45-60 mins high reps, 1 body part per day + Abs. Posing about 3 times a week. Cardio 1 hour in the PM approx 4.30pm-5.30pm

At this stage my face is not looking so good, with more or less no fat to fill it out.

Still had a sence of humor at times - this is me doing the a BodyBuilders 'Most Muscular' pose (not something done in figure)

Good and lean back - I'll ad some depth and width for 2010

Gotta give you an ab shot - but note the vains under my arms

Vascular.... still gotta work on bringing those caps out more!
*By the way, today is soooo the turning point with my legs, the pain is subsiding and I was even able to do 20mins light cardio on the cross trainer (level 10) after my shoulder workout, that makes me so happy! YAY.
Oh yeah - MATT - thank you for your comments, I'm blown away by your kindness and I'm touched by everything you say! Hugs back to you buddy!


Anonymous said...

It's good to see the C S is subsiding.

You look like you're having a good time as usual, which is always good to see.

Gald things are going well for you. As always, it's my pleasure and privilege to be there for you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Mauricio said...

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