Friday, 27 November 2009

Photoshoot pics

I said I'd post some photo shoot pics, and they have finally come through - here are just a few.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Crazy fun body part pics

These were taken about Wednesday or Thursday before my 2nd show (North Harbours) so I had started de-hydrating, but was not fully depleted.

My friend Steve from the Gym spent a lot of time over the last few weeks helping me with posing and getting my body conditioned for being on stage holding the poses - it's hard work ya know (a work out in itself.

These are a few fun shots showing how lean I was getting around that time.

My diet was Fish and Aspargus for every meal (6 x per day). For the most part I enjoyed it.

My cardio was 1 hr in the morning (5.30-6.30am), Training was 45-60 mins high reps, 1 body part per day + Abs. Posing about 3 times a week. Cardio 1 hour in the PM approx 4.30pm-5.30pm

At this stage my face is not looking so good, with more or less no fat to fill it out.

Still had a sence of humor at times - this is me doing the a BodyBuilders 'Most Muscular' pose (not something done in figure)

Good and lean back - I'll ad some depth and width for 2010

Gotta give you an ab shot - but note the vains under my arms

Vascular.... still gotta work on bringing those caps out more!
*By the way, today is soooo the turning point with my legs, the pain is subsiding and I was even able to do 20mins light cardio on the cross trainer (level 10) after my shoulder workout, that makes me so happy! YAY.
Oh yeah - MATT - thank you for your comments, I'm blown away by your kindness and I'm touched by everything you say! Hugs back to you buddy!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo Shoot Image

Just one of many many images from the Photo Shoot I did between comps. This is my favourite so far just because it is so simple. I should be recieving the disk with about 30 images at the end of this week/begining of next week.

I have had a great week off training (although I did go into the gym about 4 times to train upper body parts). I am still not able to do cardio at the moment due to the 'Compartment Syndrome' in both my Quads. Basically as the muscle re-hydrates and fills with the food I've been eating the sheath around the muscle will not expand quick enough, this causes constant pain and cramps and spasams limiting my activity to walking around the gym - so that I can still train uppper body but no legs or cardio. It should be under control by the weekend as each time it has lasted about 2 weeks then come right.

I have been eating lots of carbs (rice wafers, crackers, cereal, pop corn) all that stuff plus treats like choc, M&M's and fruit. But it's time to clean it up again also to stop the increased growth in my legs. I figure I've had enough of a 'free for all' and my abs have flattened out and I'm certainly not as lean as I was a few weeks again. So with Christmas time coming up soon, I plan to stay on track and schedual my next free feed day for Christmas and then again for New Years. I think I can focus back again esp. once my quads heal up and I can go back to doing at least 45-60 mins cardio a day - which I actually miss.

Below is a link to see a slide show of Pics from the place getters at NZ NABBA Nationals and it also features my routine about 1 min 20 secs in.

My goals for next year are:

  • To Win a competition in OPEN FIGURE class (my Open history is all 2nd places to date)

  • To Compete earlier in the 2010 season - perhaps May and do 2 comps in a row again to make it worth while, it will also give me the focus to continue training during summer and make the most of the warmer weather etc.

  • To try my hand at NZFBB federation

  • To compete overseas - perhaps an Australian competition and throw in a holiday too

  • Compete at Nationals and North Harbours again at the end of the season

  • Grow my Shoulders - they have improved but I'll keep going

  • Really work on growing my LATS! (10 chins un-assisted with body weight)

  • Lean down my leggies - I'm going to get fitted for new running shoes soon and aim to do a bit of jogging outside as well as a lot of walking and running stairs. Plus my only leg training will be filled with Plyometrics and body weight work - no heavy weights for these puppies for the next year and see if that makes a difference.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Well my comp season is over for 2009 and what a time I had. I came in really great shape for NZ Nationals and placed 2nd in the Open class and then held my conditioning and got even tighter the next week to compete in the North Harbour Champs - placing 2nd in Open class again. This means I qualified for Nationals next year already YAY! But I'm planning n doing a show or two early next year around May and might even try my hand at NZFBB as well as NABBA Federation. Here are some pics.

Three placings NZ Nationals

My Friend, training/Cardio buddy and make-up artist Bonnie

My Love and the man who helped me through and lets me live my dreams and achieve my goals!
After show - eating fries and aoli dip (pretty much all fat) yummy.
I'd really like to break my 2nd place curse I seem to have in OPEN class, but I detirmed to keep going and do what I have to, to win. My legs will be trained down down down this next season!
Well I'm only just now back at work, so I don't have much time. I do have a lot more pictures etc and heaps to tell but it'll take me a while to get it all together. One bad thing is that my quads are yet again cramping badly (compartment syndrom) so I can't train. As it's painful to walk most of the time. I can get around but the pain is so sharp at times I think I'm going to be sick. But that's what i have to deal with at the moment.
I have photoshoot pictures so put up too, they look fantastic! And more comp pics as they come in.