Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Not enough time in the day... no pics today

very hard day, tired and shattered. Going through the usual self doubt that is normal around this time for me. Will try to perk up before evening training.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about anything. What matters most here, is that you need to keep doing what is best for you, not for us, but for you.

Anything you have to say is well worth it, and I certainly wouldn't exepct you to go beyond what is reasonable, just to please someone like me.

So keep pushing, keep giving yourself a little love, big smiles, keep that noble chin up, head high and GOOD LUCK. You are no doubt doing as fantastically as you always do do and that is all you can realistically hope for.

As always I am proud of you and I know you will look as beautifully finished as ou always are.

BIG PAT ON THE BACK and best wishes.

You ARE doing brilliantly and anytime you need to brain dump so to speak, you've got my e-mail, and you'll always have my totally 100%, unconditional permission to get in touch however you need to.

:-) :-).