Wednesday, 30 September 2009


In love with shoes - Here are my new shoes I got them in the mail here at work today, I love them, although I will get some good quality inner soles today at lunch time so that I protect my feet, knees and joints as they are nice and light and need a little more support.

When I ordered them I thought that they had blue trim, but they have purple, which I think is a very good omen considering my new bikini will be Black with purple glitter - the picture below is the swatch of fabric, it has both thick and thin glitter swirls, the designer thinks it won't need much decorating, but me being me, I will still stone it! And it's the same colour way as the shoes. I realised that I'm not really a red person and I've been wearing black and dark purples a lot this year.

And this is the red bikini - really shiny, I do love it, but I'm not sure about it for Nationals. The regional show the week after will be good for it, as a bit of a test run for a colour I'm not sure about. If I was brave I'd post a pic of me in the suit, but I'm not... and I'm pasty white with lots of re-growth in my blond hair, NOT COMP READY AND NOT PIC WORTHY ... YET

Monday, 28 September 2009

Choices choices

Well I got a beautiful Metalic Shiny Red bikini made, (like a red disco ball) but I'm having second thoughts about weather it will suit me as a blonde. So after talking it though with Jason he suggested that I get a 2nd suit made up and change a few things to give a different fit with different fabric and a darker colour. If nothing else he wants me to feel comfortable when I'm competing and if it means a different suit then that's what will happen. He's so supportive, it's great.

I will probably wear the Red one for my 2nd Comp - which is a regional (smaller) comp and it's on 31 October so I could have little shinny devil horns on my head to match... what'd ya think? Halloween figure style!

Had a good weekend, went a bit like this:
Saturday= AM Cardio + Ab's, PM Cardio, SLEEP,
Sunday = AM Cardio, SLEEP (afternoon nap on Sunday), Killer leg training high reps all the way baby, walk outside for PM cardio, SLEEP

I know I'm just such a party girl (not), but we lost an hour on Sunday with daylight savings starting, but I'm ok with that cause it means summer is on the way.

For about 4 weeks now most of my meals (M2/M3/M4) have been fish or egg whites with green veg and I really think it is working well for me, I don't get too bored as I use seasoning and spices. Meal 1 is still my beloved Oats and Shake - the quantity has now gone down to 1/3 c of dry oats, and Meals 5 and or 6 usually a shake or plain egg whites. I snake on a lot of veg and also have weight watchers jellys and chewing gum to get me through.

We have fresh asparagus in the stores at the moment so I'm buying up big when I get the chance. To cook it I season with 'garlic steak seasoning' (dry combination of Garlic, Chillis, Red peppers and black pepper) and I grill in George Foreman grill till tender - so yummy.

Feeling pretty happy so far, with 4 weeks to go. Went for a 30 mins walk at lunch time today which was a nice break out of the office! - trying to add any extra cardio I can.

Still need to write a list of things to do ie cut music for routine & book appointments etc, I think I will look back to this time last year and see what I had on my 'To do list'.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Comp jeans

Put my pre comp jeans on today - and they fit, little tight around the thighs but they fit around the waist which means I'm on track. I usually wear them on Jasons Birthday and then I know I'm on track.

Been incline walking a lot on the treadmil in the hopes of shrinking my butt!

Recieved my bikini in the post yesterday - it's Sprakly red, I like it and can't wait for the stones to arrive so I can decorate it YAY!

The weather is rainy this week, and grey, not a good mood lifter, but it's warmer so thats good.

Been trialing 'Ripped Freak' Hybrid Fat burner - got 3 days worth of sample packs, it's pretty full on and I've had some good cardio sessions on it. Can't wait for it to be sold in NZ next month, I'll be buying it, to help get me through the last few weeks of comp prep.

Jason has been a godsend these last few weeks - as he's not competing this time around due to his back injury he has focused on training me and helping me (even around the house with house work, cooking, shopping) he's been just great! It's his Birthday on 4 Oct and I've already got his gifts sorted - ordered online. Naughty me I spent a bit shopping online yesterday (Shirt for Jason, Top for me, tee shirt dress for me, new Nikes for me) oh well, it'll be fun recieving the packages in the mail.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Yip I'm still alive and still training and still prepping for Nationals in 5 short weeks time yay.

Training, Cardio in 1 hour AM and 30-45min PM with Training High Reps low weights now.

As for my diet it's Oats + Shake, Fish Green Veg x 5meals, and if time allows 1 shake or egg whites at night. OH the glamour and indulgence.

Weight slowly dropping and getting leaner I've looked over my progress this time last year and it seems I'm on track. SO I'm pretty happy.

Got my new bikini today - it's sparkly red, very cool. I will be stoning it over the next few weeks, it'l be my project.