Monday, 24 August 2009

9 weeks and counting

There are just 9 weeks untill the Nationals - I'm working hard to be ready for it, as I have to make a weight class (height/weight ratio) it is always a challenge. This year I put on far too much weight (lots of it fat) so now I am working hard to shift the fat so I can show off my hard worked for gains! I'm pretty sure I have more width to my shoulders and back....

I'm competing on my own this time, Jasons back injury put him out for too long, so his first comp will probably be May next year.

My training and dieting has had it's ups and downs - some days I'm 100% and others I'm not even sure if I'll make it this year. But I love it, and it's part of it.

Life has not been exciting, so I've just been reading others blogs and not updating. But I should really update as this is a blog for me after all.

Today Meals:

After 60 mins AM cardio on T/M

M1 1/2 c oats, 2 egg white, protien shake (no carb/no fat)

M2 200gm Hoki Fillets (white fish), 2c beans and broc

M3 200gm Hoki, 3c beans and broc

M4 200gms Hoki, 2c beans and broc

Train - Tonight is just extra cardio

M5 6-8 Egg Whites, 3c beans and broc

M6 May treat myself to some Weight watchers Jelly