Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another email up date to a friend - cut and pasted here

You didn't really miss much at the gym last night, it was super busy and I got annoyed in the end! Managed to do

Machine Chest press as warm up and for 4 working sets
Incline bench press
Flat bench press
(that girl with the booty once again hung around and watched while I completed my sets - poor Gareth came over when I had 1 more set to go to see if he could use the Smith Machine next and I had to say no cause Booty Girl was next)
DB Flys super set with BB press

And that was it, too busy and everyone in my way, so I walked for 40 mins on the treadmill - painfully boring and long, when I got home I was soooooo over it and hungry, but only had a Protein Shake after my shower, watched TV for about 30mins and dragged my sorry butt to bed.

Cardio this morning on the regular bike for 60 mins... once again felt like forever.

I came home and we had run out of gas so I couldn't have my oats - I was pretty upset!

So that's my day, lets just say I'm feeling it! That and poor Jason is still having a bad time with his back, it's not getting better cause he has to work and can't rest, I feel really bad for him.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Things are going great guns, I'm, doing 1 hour cardio most mornings and training in the evenings. This is making the fat come off and so far in 4 weeks I've lost 3 kgs and have still managed to fit in some cheats (3-4 protien bars and some small snack bags of yummy fruti and nuts). I've been slack at posting cause work is killer at the moment. By training partner B is great fun and training with her during the week is great motivation cause I know someone is waiting for me so I gotta turn up and I have to be switched on cause we are doing the programms I have created.

Here's part of an email I sent her this morning which explains my trainig yesterday - hopfully if I keep doing things like this I'll shock my body and will be better than ever!

"Yesterday the gym was super quite when I did my cardio. Got there round 7.20am. I'd been reading about HIIT on spin bikes so thought I'd give it a go, warmed up for 5 mins and got stuck in:
Gear 10 for 1min,
gear 18 for 30secs,
Gear 10 for 1min,
gear 18 for 30secs.... and so on for 30mins then steady at level 12 for 30mins. I was sooooo sweaty and shattered, did some abs and went home for breakfast, I was totalled, it was great.

Did some high rep leg stuff in the afternoon

100 single leg presses (20 each side at a time)
50 squats
Box step ups for 4mins non stop
Box step ups with Squat (4 sets of 12)
100 stiff leg dead lifts

finished off with 20mins HIIT on the spin bike - KILLED IT

This morning I did the spin bike again for an hour - it's fun doing something else. But I was so hungry when I got home I nearly passed out in the shower.

That kinda training plus our walk and the stairs have nailed my legs - love it."

Train hard everyone - if work gets under control I will aim to update a lot more often.