Monday, 11 May 2009

24 weeks til nationals

So I'm 24 weeks away from nationals as at Sunday 10 May. I'm pretty excited about this, I am feeling really strong in the gym and enjoying my workouts, my weights seem to be increasing every 2nd training session. I have been getting my 6 meals in per day but have been really bad with cheat meals and snacks (esp. during the weekend). I would love to keep my focus for the full 24 weeks now, that would be great. I have put on more weight than I wanted in my 'off season' but I'm really sure I have increased my muscle mass in a good way - can't wait to see what is hiding under this extra chub!

I had a final cheat day yesterday: Sushi, Trail mix (big bag), Youghurt raisins, Moro gold Chocolate bar, Dark Choc KitKat. Yip it was a big one, but there was no guilt, I had everything I wanted to try.

Monday 11 May 2009


M1: 1/2 c oats / 1 egg white / 1 1/2 serve protein shake
M2: 1/2 c brown rice / 1 tin tuna
M3: 1 large Chicken breast / 3 c Broc
M4: 1 large Chicken breast / 3 cup green beans

last 2 meals to come...

Training: BACK

Cable row (wide grip) 4 sets
Asst Chins 4 sets
DB Rows 4 sets
Lat pulldowns (2 setrs standing high rep) 4 sets working weight range
Lat rotator Machine (1 drop set - 4 sets)

Cardio: 25 mins Cross trainer