Thursday, 23 April 2009

Still here, still going strong

I read lots of blogs every day and yet, I neglect my own, not cause my life is boring, I'm just more interested in reading about other peoples adventures.

It was Jason and I's 3rd aniversay on the 21 April, wow 3 years, the best years of my life! 3 years an very much in love! Funny picture - looks like I just grabbed him and planted one on him.

We went on a trip to Christchurch (South Island) last weekend to celebrate. We stayed 2 nights at the wonderful Heritage Hotel - so old and beautiful, loved it. It was my first time there, so we explored walking and hire car, went out to dinner and I had Kangaroo for the first time - very strong flavour, went to an animal park with lions and tigers and monkeys etc... cool! And we came up with an anniversay tradition that every anniversay from now on we will take a whole weekend and spend it together, maybe go away, and always try something different. We will turn off our phones and be out of reach to the 'real world' for the whole weekend Friday evening to Sunday evening!

A friend of mine from the gym is competing next weekend and I'm going to help her back stage - I'm really proud of her, it's been a struggle (her body has been fighting her the whole way), but she has stuck to her guns and followed the diet and training!

Training has been going well, I'm feeling really strong which is great, training with Jason this week so it's good to be pushed hard.

Dieting has been good for 2 weeks and I lost 2kgs although I think I put that back on over the weekend away as we wanted to be relaxed and eat out, plus I had M&M's and dark choc nuts... yummo and a glass of red wine (couldn't finish it, felt tipsy).

So on Saturday it will be 26 weeks out from Nationals, getting closer now.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Pancake Friday... boring post

It's been an average kind of week, hasn't felt too long nor to short, but I'm happy that it is Friday. Work hasn't been too hard, just as I say 'plodding' along, which is really not so good as I get bored easily and as it has become pretty clear over the last few months I am a boredom eater... suck!

Things are going well now.

Training this morning was 60mins cardio on the Bike (fat burning heart rate)

Will be returning to the gym with Jason to train either legs or arms tonight and will do the other on Saturday.

I don't have anything planned for this weekend apart from the usual housework and relaxing - between time at the gym. The weather this week has be lovely blue skys with crisp cool temperatures in the morning, rater comfortable weather.

Meals today

M1: Oats, Egg white, Shake
M2: Pancakes (Oats, Egg whites & Protein powder).... mmmmm yummy
M3: Chicken & Veg
M4: Chicken & Veg
M5: Dinner... not sure some meat and veg
M6: Post workout shake

I have Jelly on standby if I get peckish, but do not intend to eat cereal or protein bars all that oftern like I did yesterday.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Life is good

Well I had a great shoulders workout this morning:

Machine press (5 sets)
DB side lat raises split with clean and jerk (4 sets)
DB Front raises (4 sets)
Rare Delts Machine (4 sets)
Cable side raises (3 sets) really burned out to finish

20 mins bike - HR Intervals: Low 125 - High 146

260 cals burnt

Meals - man I am hungry

M1 Oats, egg white, shake
M2 Egg whites (6), 1/2 rice + Jelly
M3 Fish, 3 cups stir fry veg (from last night), cereal ... not such a good choice of carb
M4. Protien bar + Chicken
M5. Protien bar & green beans (eating on the run)
M6. Not sure ... we shall see

Eats ahhh not so good, but better than they have been that's for sure

Yay! Still moving forward

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

THAT'S IT! I offically give up!

Sorry but it's over, there's no easy way to say this and much like ripping off a band aid, I have to say it now!

I have had a very 'off' off season, I have kept up my training and cardio, more than most 'normal' people do in a week. - and I'm proud of that. And I've had the best intentions to follow my diet plan and not eat crap, but then I just give in and go over board. I have been putting myself under pressure constantly and I'm over it, it's not worth it.

That is why it's over! Good Bye and good luck!

APRIL FOOLS .... Ha ha ha
You thought I meant I was over Competing didn't you? Go on, I got ya! Maybe? Just for a second you believed I would post such a thing here... The only thing I'm saying good bye and good luck to is the chubby version of me that eats too much - I much prefer the lean healthy me! I've built up some good muscle under this chubb, it's going to be great.

But it's true, No more Off season or post comp for me: It's all business from here on in. I mean really, it's time to get it on, there are less than 30 weeks till Nationals and my pants are tight, so it's time to kick butt again! I have offically given up on my Post Comp / Off Season!


Monday: AM Back + 20mins cardio Cross trainer
Tuesday: AM Cheast + 10 min w/up on Bike + 15min (Intervals) Bike to finish
Wednesday: AM Cardio steady state fat burning 50mins

more to come as the week progresses...

Thursday: AM Shoulders + 30 mins Cardio
Friday: AM Arms + 30 mins Cardio
Saturday: AM: Cardio 60min on Bike PM: Legs
Sunday: AM: Cardio 60min on Bike

Todays meals:

M1: 1/3 c Oats + Egg white / Protein Shake
M2: 1/3 c Oats + Egg white + 1/4 cup of bran / Protein Shake
M3: Rice 1/2 cup / 200gm Chicken Breast / 2 cups cabbage
M4: 160gm Chicken Breast / 2-3 cups green beans
M5: Stir Fry Veg with either Prawns and fish or chicken
M6: Protein Shake made with lots of ice so it's like ice cream... mmm yummy

*Just in case I get hungry or want to eat cause I'm bored, I have 4 egg whites and some weightwatchers jelly in the fridge at work on stand by, there's no reason to eat anything else but the food I love and that loves me! Casue in the end I'll end up with the body I love again!