Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yeeeehaaaw - It's April tomorrow in NZ

I love when a new month starts, all fresh and stuff... clean slate time and a great time to go head on in my Block 1 (12 weeks) - This April I'll be no fool!

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Well I’m rather happy to have a plan of action now! Not all finalised, but it will be this weekend. Simple basic diet – and actually just follow it! Life is so much more straight forward when I just work from a plan – I’m no good at ‘freestyling’ when it comes to my life. Too much freedom and I get in trouble!

I’m taking tomorrow off from work – ‘me’ time. I’ll clear out the house and get things ready once again, to function like a machine!


NOTE: I know this reads like so many other blogs,(mine and others) all about plans and what I’m going to do etc… I just don’t want mine to be another ‘plan’ that doesn’t eventuate! I hate that.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Up date ...

Well there are 30 weeks and a few days till my next comp, that's ages and ages and ages!!!!

I have days of high motivation and low days too. It just seems so far away. I'm still training at least once a day (with a day off about every 2 weeks) but I always train in the morning either just cardio or weights and 30 mins cardio. Lifting every second week in the evening with Jason.

I'm trying to work out how I'm going to break my comp prep up. I've been playing around with posible ways to do it this far out - so I can see the bigger picture but in small steps ...

BLOCK 1: Saturday 28 March - Friday 19 June
The Real OFF SEASON... Grow lean mass, loose fat (details to come)

12 weeks full on training and dieting to get my weight and body fat down

*1 cheat day per week for the first 6 (monitored, must journal all foods consumed).
*Free pass over Easter Holidays 10 - 13 April and trip to South Island 18-19 April

BLOCK 2: Saturday 20 June - Friday 3 July
Recover, repair, recoup, relax

1 week relaxed diet, enjoy foods I crave cardio and heavy weights!
1 week to 'de-tox' no suppliments, natual foods, water with low mineral count, rest and relaxation

BLOCK 3: Saturday 4 July - Friday 23 October
16 weeks full on lead up to the comp - Diet, Training and cardio

1st 4 weeks:Training with 45 mins per day: Include 1 cheat meal

2nd 4 weeks: Training with 50 mins cardio per day: No Cheat meals

3rd 4 weeks: Training with 60 mins cardio per day (cardio can be AM or PM)

4th 4 weeks: Training, 60 mins AM cardio + 40 PM cardio

BLOCK 4: Competition Time

Nationals 24 October 2009 hold form for 1 week North Harbours 31 October 2009

Hmmmm this has been a most productive blog after all! I was going to work through some ideas, but I think this looks like a good plan, and best of all it begins with purpose this week end. Suddenly I have goals and time frames to adhere too. No doubt I will re-work this a little but I like it!

Friday, 13 March 2009

So today I....

Went to the gym at 5.30am

Arms: Bi exercise super set with Tri exersise.
Combination of Bar bell, Dumbell & Cables.

Ending up with 25 mins on the bike.

Food today:

Oats + Egg White + Shake
Chicken + 1.5c Broc/Cauliflower + 1 cup fruit salad with 1/4c. FF Cottage cheese
Chicken + 1.5c Broc / Cauliflower + Sugar Free Jelly (yummy berry flavour)
Chicken + 1.5 c Broc

This evening dinner will probably be Chicken with Stir Fry Vegs or Cabbage or Broc

Trained with Jason last night - did Back, I love how he pushes me to work hard!

Think we might go out to the movies and to an early dinner (to our fav Japanese place for Sushimi) this weekend.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today I have eaten


1/3 c Oats + 1 Egg White + 1sc Protein Shake

1 Small Chicken Breast + 2 cup veg

1 Large Chicken Breast + 1/2 cup Aspargus + 1 Pear

1sc Protein mixed with 6 egg whites

1 Small Chicken Breast + 2 cup Veg

*No morning cardio
Training with Jason after work

Might have a shake after training I think

Feeling good, work is busy, it's getting harder for Jason and I to find times to train together that do not clash at the moment. At 12 weeks out from the Nats we will be more 'together'. Currently he is training hard with a fellow competitor which is great for him, but sometimes leaves me feeling slightly lost... ahhh well, once I get into the swing of training on my own I just love it.

Trying to get some accountability back into my Diet and progress etc so I may from time to time just post food and training notes, as a check in here on the blog, not exciting, but it is what it is.