Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Well hellooooo

For the last 2 weeks I've woken up and thought "I must make a post in my blog" and then I don't get around to it. I'm not so full of ideas, inspiration, challenges or news currently so it makes it a little bit of a challenge sometimes to write.

But I have news. Last Friday when Jason came home he handed me the latest copy of Australian Muscle Mag and told me to go to 164 pg....





Me & Jason
It's no secret, that I've always wanted to be in a Muscle Magazine, and now I am. I was hoping my name would be mentioned in coverage of the Nationals, but was not expecting a write up on my potential within the sport of Body Building - reading this blew me away! Guess I will be doing well and training hard for nationals this year then... hmmm presure, in a good way!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Pumped for 2009

On the Bike this morning doing my Early Morning cardio at the gym before breakfast, I was sweating away & day dreaming about competing...

I came up with the conclusion that I'm really looking forward to competing again! The excitement of the day, finally seeing the results of months of hard work and commitment to myself, and making my Family and Jason proud of my efforts.

I love those last few weeks of prep when everything falls into place and you see progress and results on a daily basis, when the motivation is so high that the thought of breaking my diet never even crosses my mind.

So right now I am about 32 and half weeks out from Nationals - ages away! But it's a good place to start thinking about my goals and how I am going to make them happen.

Today I'm thinking about growing my shoulders - I want it to look like I have baseballs sitting on my shoulders - nice big ripped, round and full. I look that look! Last time they were good - and always an improvement from the time before, but this is going to be something I really focus on.

Also width in my back! I manage to get my back pretty lean (it's been called 'freaky' from a few people), but I want more depth this time.

As always its a work in progress -
32 and a bit weeks out... this is what am I thinking about...and planning
  • Music for my routine
  • Bikini Colours and fabric type - Dark grapey Purple, Red or Deep burgandy or Dark Green - these are the colours I'm considering, but not really sure, I keep looking online for blonds wearing suits in these colours to see if I like them or not.
  • Designs for the stone work on my bikini. I had a lot of fun doing the stone work last time I think I will do it again.
  • Blocking out training periods I like to do things in 4 week blocks ie: following a training split for 4 weeks - sometimes 8.

For expample - 4 day split:

Heavy work load with good recovery time, simple mass building movements.

Day 1. Chest

Day 3. Back

Day 5. Shoulders & Arms

Day 7. Legs

(with cardio in between on days 2 & 4)

Then for the next 8 weeks I might do 1 body part a day for 6 days a week....

Monday, 9 February 2009

To busy doing it to blog it or just nothing to blog about!

Well I guess it's about time I updated... Yes I took the hint!

It's just that theres not too much to blog about really - but in a good way.

I remember in August, September and October doing my long fat burning cardio sessions thinking about all the feelings I wanted to blog about and how I was soooo busy getting ready and how I was on an emotional rollercoaster, how much I was training and how well I was dieting but then at the same time I was so busy DOING that I found it hard to blog.

And now, it's 'off' season! So training and eating doesn't seem so exciting, but really this is the time you lay the foundation - this is where the growth happens. You can feed your body all it needs (and some stuff it dosen't need), you are able to rest physically and mentally.

So when I write down what I've been doing it seems boring and lazy compared to training everyday and doing cardio in the morning and cardio at night on top of a crazy diet. I'm actually keeping a written log book of my training and this year when I diet down I think I will also record as much as posible here too. I always take progress pics, but never get round to posting them here - I'll try this year.

Right now it's just 1 visit to the gym each day for either 1 hour cardio or 50 mins training and 20-30 min cardio tagged onto the end of it. My diet is still 6 meals a day, but not measured out to the last gram - just what ever I feel like at the time. And you know what is so good? I feel great, I'm sleeping really well and feel rested when I wake, I'm also a better person to be around as my moods are pretty even.

I spent a lovely long weekend with Jason - mostly our days were filled with Training (ouch leg day on Saturday killed - it still hurts to walk), lazing on the beach, reading and relaxing at home. I love it when we don't have any commitments to visit other people or do household chores, it's great! Heres to more lazy days on the beach!