Monday, 12 January 2009

Update from 5-12 january 2009

Things I want to at the very least update once a week on my blog - the list will grow or shrink depending on how important they are

My random act of kindness

Ok I'm not sure what counts as a 'R.A.O.K' I mean it sounds easy enough but what are the rules? Is it just helping someone at work? Is it smiling or talking to people, does it have to involve money? Do you have to be strangers?

Thankfull list

I am thankful that I have a permenant job! As far as I can tell they don't want to get rid of me yet... who knows. It seems nearly everyday there is another large company laying off workers.

I'm thankfull that while Jason isn't working as much, he is able to train with me in the mornings. I don't really like having training partners (not that I've really tried), but I feel better about my workouts when I'm self motivated. Although it is a nice change from time to time. At lease with Jason we pretty much know each others working style so it's pretty smooth.

I'm happy, calm and relaxed. Going through periods of motivation and non-motivation. It seems ages away until I will compete again, so I let things slide. I know this and I know better, but currently I'm choosing to relax a bit.

Overall my sleep has been average, it's really hot at night and sometimes it takes a while to drift off.

Body image
Oh what competitor likes their body off season? Not really me, there are times I like a bit more meat on me and I feel good, but honestly I don't think I suit being big and soft! Not when I know how good I look and feel when I'm smaller. Either way, I am honest enough to know that there is no need to confirm the numbers on the scale. So I've not weighed myself in quite some time!

Diet / Appetite
Mon=ON: On plan but hungry

Tues=ON: On plan

Wednesday= OFF: Really bored and hungry - broke off plan

Thurs= OFF: Energy levels really low - but ate on plan

Friday= ON/OFF:Ate on plan until I finished work and came home - had a muslie bar

Saturday = ON: little to no appetite had small serving and shakes

Sunday = ON: Had larger serves of protein

Energy levels
Overall Low


Mon: Back + 20min cardio

Tuesday: Hill walk (instead of legs) 1 hour

Wednesday:Chest + 20min cardio

Thursday: Cardio 1hour

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Cardio 1 hour

Sunday: Cardio 1hour

Monday (today) Arms + 20 min cardio

Overall rating of my week: 5/10 neither good nor bad, certainly not outstanding. It's really hot and the temp is getting to me, I'm feeling uncomfortable - which isn't helped by the fact that my clothing is kinda tight around the waist band when only 8 weeks ago the same items coudln't be warn because they were too big... ok that's not a good way to end my blog. But I'm real. And it's good that I've left room for improvement, wouldn't want a 10/10 on the first full week back - I have a year to achieve higher ratings.


mikeyrosie000 said...

I love how you have addressed so much in this blog.

I know how you feel about the motivation and then unmotivated, I am going through that right now.

I look forward to following

BTW your word verification for me was Procreat...I thought hat was funny!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, you can and WILL get things on track and where you need to be, you're not someone who has bad lapses and lets the schedule all go to pot and derail.

So just keep pushing forward, and don't be too hard on yourself okay, because you don't need to be. You're smart, you know what's good and not so good about you right now, and you can get back to being the physical and mental you, you are capable of being, and you will find that groove again real soon.

So strong positive thoughts, chin up, keep smiling, best wishes and GOOD LUCK.

You are going to be FANTASTIC this year, and as always you prove yourself to be a fabulous embodiment of strength, beauty, and the qualities of a true Lady, and you bet I'm always proud of you misses.

BIG PAT ON THE BACK, and warm wishes.

:-) :-).


Krissa said...

I love all your pictures on this blog. I really like the one of you and your boyfriend below this post.

You have some great goals this year and I have no doubt that you will accomplish all of them.