Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's Christmas Me (Eve)

I prefer not to blog about work so much and as I've not been competing and been enjoying the off season (no season) diet and far to much freedom over the last few months I haven't had too much to report, so I've been laying low. Yes I'm Miss Lazy blogger!

To anyone reading this, thanks for checking in, and all the best to my blogger land friends, hope you get to enjoy time with all your loved ones!

Looking forward to time off and relaxing - then big plans for 2010 comp season.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Photoshoot pics

I said I'd post some photo shoot pics, and they have finally come through - here are just a few.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Crazy fun body part pics

These were taken about Wednesday or Thursday before my 2nd show (North Harbours) so I had started de-hydrating, but was not fully depleted.

My friend Steve from the Gym spent a lot of time over the last few weeks helping me with posing and getting my body conditioned for being on stage holding the poses - it's hard work ya know (a work out in itself.

These are a few fun shots showing how lean I was getting around that time.

My diet was Fish and Aspargus for every meal (6 x per day). For the most part I enjoyed it.

My cardio was 1 hr in the morning (5.30-6.30am), Training was 45-60 mins high reps, 1 body part per day + Abs. Posing about 3 times a week. Cardio 1 hour in the PM approx 4.30pm-5.30pm

At this stage my face is not looking so good, with more or less no fat to fill it out.

Still had a sence of humor at times - this is me doing the a BodyBuilders 'Most Muscular' pose (not something done in figure)

Good and lean back - I'll ad some depth and width for 2010

Gotta give you an ab shot - but note the vains under my arms

Vascular.... still gotta work on bringing those caps out more!
*By the way, today is soooo the turning point with my legs, the pain is subsiding and I was even able to do 20mins light cardio on the cross trainer (level 10) after my shoulder workout, that makes me so happy! YAY.
Oh yeah - MATT - thank you for your comments, I'm blown away by your kindness and I'm touched by everything you say! Hugs back to you buddy!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo Shoot Image

Just one of many many images from the Photo Shoot I did between comps. This is my favourite so far just because it is so simple. I should be recieving the disk with about 30 images at the end of this week/begining of next week.

I have had a great week off training (although I did go into the gym about 4 times to train upper body parts). I am still not able to do cardio at the moment due to the 'Compartment Syndrome' in both my Quads. Basically as the muscle re-hydrates and fills with the food I've been eating the sheath around the muscle will not expand quick enough, this causes constant pain and cramps and spasams limiting my activity to walking around the gym - so that I can still train uppper body but no legs or cardio. It should be under control by the weekend as each time it has lasted about 2 weeks then come right.

I have been eating lots of carbs (rice wafers, crackers, cereal, pop corn) all that stuff plus treats like choc, M&M's and fruit. But it's time to clean it up again also to stop the increased growth in my legs. I figure I've had enough of a 'free for all' and my abs have flattened out and I'm certainly not as lean as I was a few weeks again. So with Christmas time coming up soon, I plan to stay on track and schedual my next free feed day for Christmas and then again for New Years. I think I can focus back again esp. once my quads heal up and I can go back to doing at least 45-60 mins cardio a day - which I actually miss.

Below is a link to see a slide show of Pics from the place getters at NZ NABBA Nationals and it also features my routine about 1 min 20 secs in.

My goals for next year are:

  • To Win a competition in OPEN FIGURE class (my Open history is all 2nd places to date)

  • To Compete earlier in the 2010 season - perhaps May and do 2 comps in a row again to make it worth while, it will also give me the focus to continue training during summer and make the most of the warmer weather etc.

  • To try my hand at NZFBB federation

  • To compete overseas - perhaps an Australian competition and throw in a holiday too

  • Compete at Nationals and North Harbours again at the end of the season

  • Grow my Shoulders - they have improved but I'll keep going

  • Really work on growing my LATS! (10 chins un-assisted with body weight)

  • Lean down my leggies - I'm going to get fitted for new running shoes soon and aim to do a bit of jogging outside as well as a lot of walking and running stairs. Plus my only leg training will be filled with Plyometrics and body weight work - no heavy weights for these puppies for the next year and see if that makes a difference.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Well my comp season is over for 2009 and what a time I had. I came in really great shape for NZ Nationals and placed 2nd in the Open class and then held my conditioning and got even tighter the next week to compete in the North Harbour Champs - placing 2nd in Open class again. This means I qualified for Nationals next year already YAY! But I'm planning n doing a show or two early next year around May and might even try my hand at NZFBB as well as NABBA Federation. Here are some pics.

Three placings NZ Nationals

My Friend, training/Cardio buddy and make-up artist Bonnie

My Love and the man who helped me through and lets me live my dreams and achieve my goals!
After show - eating fries and aoli dip (pretty much all fat) yummy.
I'd really like to break my 2nd place curse I seem to have in OPEN class, but I detirmed to keep going and do what I have to, to win. My legs will be trained down down down this next season!
Well I'm only just now back at work, so I don't have much time. I do have a lot more pictures etc and heaps to tell but it'll take me a while to get it all together. One bad thing is that my quads are yet again cramping badly (compartment syndrom) so I can't train. As it's painful to walk most of the time. I can get around but the pain is so sharp at times I think I'm going to be sick. But that's what i have to deal with at the moment.
I have photoshoot pictures so put up too, they look fantastic! And more comp pics as they come in.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Not enough time in the day... no pics today

very hard day, tired and shattered. Going through the usual self doubt that is normal around this time for me. Will try to perk up before evening training.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Training like a crazy woman and dieting like one too.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a few pics tomorrow and update this blog, work is pretty busy for me as I'm on leave for the next 2 weeks with the competitions looming.... truth be told I'll be happy for the break from work!

Supplement update: I'm trialling 'Ripped Freak' and it's pretty good for getting my energy levels up there, kinda fired up. I like it. I've had some good cardio sessions on this stuff!


Nearly time for training - BACK & HAMMIES tonight - ouch.


Thursday, 8 October 2009


So what does a good figure competitor do to prove to her loved ones how much she loves them on their birthdays?
BAKES THEM CUP CAKES....Chocolate with White Chocolate frosting and flakes

Over the weekend both my Mum and Jason had birthdays, so we all got together at Mum & Dads and had a birthday meal - They had Roast Chicken with all the trimmings and veg that goes with it, and I brought along my 'Dog Bowl' of Grilled Fish (Snapper) and green veg. After the meal I presented the cup cakes with candels on them to the Birthday Girl and Boy. I was pretty proud of myself as I didn't lick the spoon or taste even a crumb. The comp is too close now to let myself or my family down.
Training is going well and is full on as the Comp nears. 1 hour cardio in the morning, training after work followed by 1 hour cardio post training (Wednesday & Saturday no training just AM & PM Cardio + Abs)
The diet is the same as it's been for the majority of this comp:
M1.Oats, egg white, Shake
M2. & M3 & M4 White Fish and 3 cups green Veg
M5/M6. Egg Whites or Shake
Sometimes when I need dessert after a meal I'll have Weight watchers Jelly
I know, it's an exciting life I lead - but consistancy and simplicity seem to work for me.
My energy levels are so up and down right now it's a rollercoaster for sure. Jason is still being so supportive and helpful and training me, it's great. Love him to bits.
Shout out to my buddy Matt - thanks for your kind comments, you humble me.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


In love with shoes - Here are my new shoes I got them in the mail here at work today, I love them, although I will get some good quality inner soles today at lunch time so that I protect my feet, knees and joints as they are nice and light and need a little more support.

When I ordered them I thought that they had blue trim, but they have purple, which I think is a very good omen considering my new bikini will be Black with purple glitter - the picture below is the swatch of fabric, it has both thick and thin glitter swirls, the designer thinks it won't need much decorating, but me being me, I will still stone it! And it's the same colour way as the shoes. I realised that I'm not really a red person and I've been wearing black and dark purples a lot this year.

And this is the red bikini - really shiny, I do love it, but I'm not sure about it for Nationals. The regional show the week after will be good for it, as a bit of a test run for a colour I'm not sure about. If I was brave I'd post a pic of me in the suit, but I'm not... and I'm pasty white with lots of re-growth in my blond hair, NOT COMP READY AND NOT PIC WORTHY ... YET

Monday, 28 September 2009

Choices choices

Well I got a beautiful Metalic Shiny Red bikini made, (like a red disco ball) but I'm having second thoughts about weather it will suit me as a blonde. So after talking it though with Jason he suggested that I get a 2nd suit made up and change a few things to give a different fit with different fabric and a darker colour. If nothing else he wants me to feel comfortable when I'm competing and if it means a different suit then that's what will happen. He's so supportive, it's great.

I will probably wear the Red one for my 2nd Comp - which is a regional (smaller) comp and it's on 31 October so I could have little shinny devil horns on my head to match... what'd ya think? Halloween figure style!

Had a good weekend, went a bit like this:
Saturday= AM Cardio + Ab's, PM Cardio, SLEEP,
Sunday = AM Cardio, SLEEP (afternoon nap on Sunday), Killer leg training high reps all the way baby, walk outside for PM cardio, SLEEP

I know I'm just such a party girl (not), but we lost an hour on Sunday with daylight savings starting, but I'm ok with that cause it means summer is on the way.

For about 4 weeks now most of my meals (M2/M3/M4) have been fish or egg whites with green veg and I really think it is working well for me, I don't get too bored as I use seasoning and spices. Meal 1 is still my beloved Oats and Shake - the quantity has now gone down to 1/3 c of dry oats, and Meals 5 and or 6 usually a shake or plain egg whites. I snake on a lot of veg and also have weight watchers jellys and chewing gum to get me through.

We have fresh asparagus in the stores at the moment so I'm buying up big when I get the chance. To cook it I season with 'garlic steak seasoning' (dry combination of Garlic, Chillis, Red peppers and black pepper) and I grill in George Foreman grill till tender - so yummy.

Feeling pretty happy so far, with 4 weeks to go. Went for a 30 mins walk at lunch time today which was a nice break out of the office! - trying to add any extra cardio I can.

Still need to write a list of things to do ie cut music for routine & book appointments etc, I think I will look back to this time last year and see what I had on my 'To do list'.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Comp jeans

Put my pre comp jeans on today - and they fit, little tight around the thighs but they fit around the waist which means I'm on track. I usually wear them on Jasons Birthday and then I know I'm on track.

Been incline walking a lot on the treadmil in the hopes of shrinking my butt!

Recieved my bikini in the post yesterday - it's Sprakly red, I like it and can't wait for the stones to arrive so I can decorate it YAY!

The weather is rainy this week, and grey, not a good mood lifter, but it's warmer so thats good.

Been trialing 'Ripped Freak' Hybrid Fat burner - got 3 days worth of sample packs, it's pretty full on and I've had some good cardio sessions on it. Can't wait for it to be sold in NZ next month, I'll be buying it, to help get me through the last few weeks of comp prep.

Jason has been a godsend these last few weeks - as he's not competing this time around due to his back injury he has focused on training me and helping me (even around the house with house work, cooking, shopping) he's been just great! It's his Birthday on 4 Oct and I've already got his gifts sorted - ordered online. Naughty me I spent a bit shopping online yesterday (Shirt for Jason, Top for me, tee shirt dress for me, new Nikes for me) oh well, it'll be fun recieving the packages in the mail.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Yip I'm still alive and still training and still prepping for Nationals in 5 short weeks time yay.

Training, Cardio in 1 hour AM and 30-45min PM with Training High Reps low weights now.

As for my diet it's Oats + Shake, Fish Green Veg x 5meals, and if time allows 1 shake or egg whites at night. OH the glamour and indulgence.

Weight slowly dropping and getting leaner I've looked over my progress this time last year and it seems I'm on track. SO I'm pretty happy.

Got my new bikini today - it's sparkly red, very cool. I will be stoning it over the next few weeks, it'l be my project.


Monday, 24 August 2009

9 weeks and counting

There are just 9 weeks untill the Nationals - I'm working hard to be ready for it, as I have to make a weight class (height/weight ratio) it is always a challenge. This year I put on far too much weight (lots of it fat) so now I am working hard to shift the fat so I can show off my hard worked for gains! I'm pretty sure I have more width to my shoulders and back....

I'm competing on my own this time, Jasons back injury put him out for too long, so his first comp will probably be May next year.

My training and dieting has had it's ups and downs - some days I'm 100% and others I'm not even sure if I'll make it this year. But I love it, and it's part of it.

Life has not been exciting, so I've just been reading others blogs and not updating. But I should really update as this is a blog for me after all.

Today Meals:

After 60 mins AM cardio on T/M

M1 1/2 c oats, 2 egg white, protien shake (no carb/no fat)

M2 200gm Hoki Fillets (white fish), 2c beans and broc

M3 200gm Hoki, 3c beans and broc

M4 200gms Hoki, 2c beans and broc

Train - Tonight is just extra cardio

M5 6-8 Egg Whites, 3c beans and broc

M6 May treat myself to some Weight watchers Jelly

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another email up date to a friend - cut and pasted here

You didn't really miss much at the gym last night, it was super busy and I got annoyed in the end! Managed to do

Machine Chest press as warm up and for 4 working sets
Incline bench press
Flat bench press
(that girl with the booty once again hung around and watched while I completed my sets - poor Gareth came over when I had 1 more set to go to see if he could use the Smith Machine next and I had to say no cause Booty Girl was next)
DB Flys super set with BB press

And that was it, too busy and everyone in my way, so I walked for 40 mins on the treadmill - painfully boring and long, when I got home I was soooooo over it and hungry, but only had a Protein Shake after my shower, watched TV for about 30mins and dragged my sorry butt to bed.

Cardio this morning on the regular bike for 60 mins... once again felt like forever.

I came home and we had run out of gas so I couldn't have my oats - I was pretty upset!

So that's my day, lets just say I'm feeling it! That and poor Jason is still having a bad time with his back, it's not getting better cause he has to work and can't rest, I feel really bad for him.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Things are going great guns, I'm, doing 1 hour cardio most mornings and training in the evenings. This is making the fat come off and so far in 4 weeks I've lost 3 kgs and have still managed to fit in some cheats (3-4 protien bars and some small snack bags of yummy fruti and nuts). I've been slack at posting cause work is killer at the moment. By training partner B is great fun and training with her during the week is great motivation cause I know someone is waiting for me so I gotta turn up and I have to be switched on cause we are doing the programms I have created.

Here's part of an email I sent her this morning which explains my trainig yesterday - hopfully if I keep doing things like this I'll shock my body and will be better than ever!

"Yesterday the gym was super quite when I did my cardio. Got there round 7.20am. I'd been reading about HIIT on spin bikes so thought I'd give it a go, warmed up for 5 mins and got stuck in:
Gear 10 for 1min,
gear 18 for 30secs,
Gear 10 for 1min,
gear 18 for 30secs.... and so on for 30mins then steady at level 12 for 30mins. I was sooooo sweaty and shattered, did some abs and went home for breakfast, I was totalled, it was great.

Did some high rep leg stuff in the afternoon

100 single leg presses (20 each side at a time)
50 squats
Box step ups for 4mins non stop
Box step ups with Squat (4 sets of 12)
100 stiff leg dead lifts

finished off with 20mins HIIT on the spin bike - KILLED IT

This morning I did the spin bike again for an hour - it's fun doing something else. But I was so hungry when I got home I nearly passed out in the shower.

That kinda training plus our walk and the stairs have nailed my legs - love it."

Train hard everyone - if work gets under control I will aim to update a lot more often.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Busy but doing it people

I have created a new 5 day split training plan - and this week is the trial run, you know timing, weights etc... so far so good. I will get into it a bit soon, maybe tomorrow, Today we were advised there was going to be some restructuring at work so not good times. But for now I seem to be ok.

Better update tomorrow

But for the record, heres my training since last post:

Tuesday (Today): back + 20 mins Cardio
Monday: Chest + 20 mins Cardio
Sunday: Rest
Saturday: Cardio
Friday: Arms

Thursday, 4 June 2009

How was my day? Perfect...

I must admit that it is rather sad to lable my day 'Perfect' just because of the food I did and didn't eat, but that's how it is at the moment. Yesterday I stuck to my diet and I'm pretty darn proud of myself - it's been quite sometime since I have been on plan (and it shows).

Thursday 4 June - Training AM:
*Smith Mac Shoulder press
*Smith Mac Up right rows
*Cable Lateral raises (split with cable abs)
*DB Lateral raises
*DB Front rasies

run out of time for rear delt work

25mins cardio on cross trainer

M1: 1/2 c oats, 1 egg white, 1.5 sc protein shake with ice
M2:1/2 c Rice, 1 tin Tuna (soya sauce)
M3: 3 fish, 3c green veg (mix Broc & beans)
M4: Chop Chop Chicken
M5: ?
M6: Protein Shake

So I'm getting there, I'm feeling better about myself - now that I know I can control myself, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, but very very cold too cold! We must get a heater soon, I can't stand it. Hopefully get my cross trainer in the next few weeks, YAY! One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

Jason is sick at the moment - cold or flu, but he is still working, he won't get sick pay so he needs to go to work even when he is ill.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Nearly 20 weeks out

Warning blogs may be boring for a while. Not going to include progress pics, Soooo not putting up the damage for all to see.

: )

So next week I will be 20 weeks out, I figure it's make or break time.

My week so far at 21 weeks out:

Monday 1 June: Chest - Rep range 10-16 - Moderate weights
*Flat bench Bar bell press (inc bar) 20kg x 2 (r30, warm up)/30kg/40kg/50kg x2
*Flat DB flys 10kg/12.5kg/15kg/17.5kg (super set with press, light weight 30kg)
*Chest press Machine (drop set x 6 drops)
*Cable flys x 3 sets
*Chest press Machine 4 sets maxed out and 1 drop set


Diet: What diet? Really bad

Tuesday 2 June: Back - Rep range 10-16 - Moderate weights
*Seated Row (close grip) 5 sets up to '59' plate to finish for 8
*Bent over BB row (inc bar) 40kg (r12)/40kg(r16)/60kg (r10)/60kg(r8)
*1 Arm DB rows 22.5kg/25kg/25kg/27.5kg (10 reps per set per side)
*Straight Arm Pull down 4 sets 16 reps
*Rotator lat Machine 4 sets finished on 60 something plate
*Standing Lat Pull down 4 sets 12 reps slow and deliberate

CARDIO: 20 mins walking on T/Mill

Diet: What harm can eating crap do for 1 more day, I've put on much more fat than I wanted in the off season may as well keep going....

Wednesday 3 June: CARDIO ONLY - 50 mins Fat burning HR T/Mill - AM pre breakfast

Diet: Sick of being fat, if I don't draw the line, it'll be too hard to diet down and I won't make it to the stage, time to get real, for real!

M1: 1/2 c Oats, 1 egg white, 1.5 sc protein powder shake (water with ice)
M2: 1/2 c rice, 1 tin Tuna, soya sauce
M3: 2 bits of fish, 2 cups veg (beans & broc), 1 pack Shitaki noodles, soya sauce
M4: 1 tin Chop Chop chicken
M5: 150gm Steak, Green veg 2 cups
M6: Protein Shake with ice

Monday, 11 May 2009

24 weeks til nationals

So I'm 24 weeks away from nationals as at Sunday 10 May. I'm pretty excited about this, I am feeling really strong in the gym and enjoying my workouts, my weights seem to be increasing every 2nd training session. I have been getting my 6 meals in per day but have been really bad with cheat meals and snacks (esp. during the weekend). I would love to keep my focus for the full 24 weeks now, that would be great. I have put on more weight than I wanted in my 'off season' but I'm really sure I have increased my muscle mass in a good way - can't wait to see what is hiding under this extra chub!

I had a final cheat day yesterday: Sushi, Trail mix (big bag), Youghurt raisins, Moro gold Chocolate bar, Dark Choc KitKat. Yip it was a big one, but there was no guilt, I had everything I wanted to try.

Monday 11 May 2009


M1: 1/2 c oats / 1 egg white / 1 1/2 serve protein shake
M2: 1/2 c brown rice / 1 tin tuna
M3: 1 large Chicken breast / 3 c Broc
M4: 1 large Chicken breast / 3 cup green beans

last 2 meals to come...

Training: BACK

Cable row (wide grip) 4 sets
Asst Chins 4 sets
DB Rows 4 sets
Lat pulldowns (2 setrs standing high rep) 4 sets working weight range
Lat rotator Machine (1 drop set - 4 sets)

Cardio: 25 mins Cross trainer

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Still here, still going strong

I read lots of blogs every day and yet, I neglect my own, not cause my life is boring, I'm just more interested in reading about other peoples adventures.

It was Jason and I's 3rd aniversay on the 21 April, wow 3 years, the best years of my life! 3 years an very much in love! Funny picture - looks like I just grabbed him and planted one on him.

We went on a trip to Christchurch (South Island) last weekend to celebrate. We stayed 2 nights at the wonderful Heritage Hotel - so old and beautiful, loved it. It was my first time there, so we explored walking and hire car, went out to dinner and I had Kangaroo for the first time - very strong flavour, went to an animal park with lions and tigers and monkeys etc... cool! And we came up with an anniversay tradition that every anniversay from now on we will take a whole weekend and spend it together, maybe go away, and always try something different. We will turn off our phones and be out of reach to the 'real world' for the whole weekend Friday evening to Sunday evening!

A friend of mine from the gym is competing next weekend and I'm going to help her back stage - I'm really proud of her, it's been a struggle (her body has been fighting her the whole way), but she has stuck to her guns and followed the diet and training!

Training has been going well, I'm feeling really strong which is great, training with Jason this week so it's good to be pushed hard.

Dieting has been good for 2 weeks and I lost 2kgs although I think I put that back on over the weekend away as we wanted to be relaxed and eat out, plus I had M&M's and dark choc nuts... yummo and a glass of red wine (couldn't finish it, felt tipsy).

So on Saturday it will be 26 weeks out from Nationals, getting closer now.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Pancake Friday... boring post

It's been an average kind of week, hasn't felt too long nor to short, but I'm happy that it is Friday. Work hasn't been too hard, just as I say 'plodding' along, which is really not so good as I get bored easily and as it has become pretty clear over the last few months I am a boredom eater... suck!

Things are going well now.

Training this morning was 60mins cardio on the Bike (fat burning heart rate)

Will be returning to the gym with Jason to train either legs or arms tonight and will do the other on Saturday.

I don't have anything planned for this weekend apart from the usual housework and relaxing - between time at the gym. The weather this week has be lovely blue skys with crisp cool temperatures in the morning, rater comfortable weather.

Meals today

M1: Oats, Egg white, Shake
M2: Pancakes (Oats, Egg whites & Protein powder).... mmmmm yummy
M3: Chicken & Veg
M4: Chicken & Veg
M5: Dinner... not sure some meat and veg
M6: Post workout shake

I have Jelly on standby if I get peckish, but do not intend to eat cereal or protein bars all that oftern like I did yesterday.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Life is good

Well I had a great shoulders workout this morning:

Machine press (5 sets)
DB side lat raises split with clean and jerk (4 sets)
DB Front raises (4 sets)
Rare Delts Machine (4 sets)
Cable side raises (3 sets) really burned out to finish

20 mins bike - HR Intervals: Low 125 - High 146

260 cals burnt

Meals - man I am hungry

M1 Oats, egg white, shake
M2 Egg whites (6), 1/2 rice + Jelly
M3 Fish, 3 cups stir fry veg (from last night), cereal ... not such a good choice of carb
M4. Protien bar + Chicken
M5. Protien bar & green beans (eating on the run)
M6. Not sure ... we shall see

Eats ahhh not so good, but better than they have been that's for sure

Yay! Still moving forward

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

THAT'S IT! I offically give up!

Sorry but it's over, there's no easy way to say this and much like ripping off a band aid, I have to say it now!

I have had a very 'off' off season, I have kept up my training and cardio, more than most 'normal' people do in a week. - and I'm proud of that. And I've had the best intentions to follow my diet plan and not eat crap, but then I just give in and go over board. I have been putting myself under pressure constantly and I'm over it, it's not worth it.

That is why it's over! Good Bye and good luck!

APRIL FOOLS .... Ha ha ha
You thought I meant I was over Competing didn't you? Go on, I got ya! Maybe? Just for a second you believed I would post such a thing here... The only thing I'm saying good bye and good luck to is the chubby version of me that eats too much - I much prefer the lean healthy me! I've built up some good muscle under this chubb, it's going to be great.

But it's true, No more Off season or post comp for me: It's all business from here on in. I mean really, it's time to get it on, there are less than 30 weeks till Nationals and my pants are tight, so it's time to kick butt again! I have offically given up on my Post Comp / Off Season!


Monday: AM Back + 20mins cardio Cross trainer
Tuesday: AM Cheast + 10 min w/up on Bike + 15min (Intervals) Bike to finish
Wednesday: AM Cardio steady state fat burning 50mins

more to come as the week progresses...

Thursday: AM Shoulders + 30 mins Cardio
Friday: AM Arms + 30 mins Cardio
Saturday: AM: Cardio 60min on Bike PM: Legs
Sunday: AM: Cardio 60min on Bike

Todays meals:

M1: 1/3 c Oats + Egg white / Protein Shake
M2: 1/3 c Oats + Egg white + 1/4 cup of bran / Protein Shake
M3: Rice 1/2 cup / 200gm Chicken Breast / 2 cups cabbage
M4: 160gm Chicken Breast / 2-3 cups green beans
M5: Stir Fry Veg with either Prawns and fish or chicken
M6: Protein Shake made with lots of ice so it's like ice cream... mmm yummy

*Just in case I get hungry or want to eat cause I'm bored, I have 4 egg whites and some weightwatchers jelly in the fridge at work on stand by, there's no reason to eat anything else but the food I love and that loves me! Casue in the end I'll end up with the body I love again!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yeeeehaaaw - It's April tomorrow in NZ

I love when a new month starts, all fresh and stuff... clean slate time and a great time to go head on in my Block 1 (12 weeks) - This April I'll be no fool!

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Well I’m rather happy to have a plan of action now! Not all finalised, but it will be this weekend. Simple basic diet – and actually just follow it! Life is so much more straight forward when I just work from a plan – I’m no good at ‘freestyling’ when it comes to my life. Too much freedom and I get in trouble!

I’m taking tomorrow off from work – ‘me’ time. I’ll clear out the house and get things ready once again, to function like a machine!


NOTE: I know this reads like so many other blogs,(mine and others) all about plans and what I’m going to do etc… I just don’t want mine to be another ‘plan’ that doesn’t eventuate! I hate that.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Up date ...

Well there are 30 weeks and a few days till my next comp, that's ages and ages and ages!!!!

I have days of high motivation and low days too. It just seems so far away. I'm still training at least once a day (with a day off about every 2 weeks) but I always train in the morning either just cardio or weights and 30 mins cardio. Lifting every second week in the evening with Jason.

I'm trying to work out how I'm going to break my comp prep up. I've been playing around with posible ways to do it this far out - so I can see the bigger picture but in small steps ...

BLOCK 1: Saturday 28 March - Friday 19 June
The Real OFF SEASON... Grow lean mass, loose fat (details to come)

12 weeks full on training and dieting to get my weight and body fat down

*1 cheat day per week for the first 6 (monitored, must journal all foods consumed).
*Free pass over Easter Holidays 10 - 13 April and trip to South Island 18-19 April

BLOCK 2: Saturday 20 June - Friday 3 July
Recover, repair, recoup, relax

1 week relaxed diet, enjoy foods I crave cardio and heavy weights!
1 week to 'de-tox' no suppliments, natual foods, water with low mineral count, rest and relaxation

BLOCK 3: Saturday 4 July - Friday 23 October
16 weeks full on lead up to the comp - Diet, Training and cardio

1st 4 weeks:Training with 45 mins per day: Include 1 cheat meal

2nd 4 weeks: Training with 50 mins cardio per day: No Cheat meals

3rd 4 weeks: Training with 60 mins cardio per day (cardio can be AM or PM)

4th 4 weeks: Training, 60 mins AM cardio + 40 PM cardio

BLOCK 4: Competition Time

Nationals 24 October 2009 hold form for 1 week North Harbours 31 October 2009

Hmmmm this has been a most productive blog after all! I was going to work through some ideas, but I think this looks like a good plan, and best of all it begins with purpose this week end. Suddenly I have goals and time frames to adhere too. No doubt I will re-work this a little but I like it!

Friday, 13 March 2009

So today I....

Went to the gym at 5.30am

Arms: Bi exercise super set with Tri exersise.
Combination of Bar bell, Dumbell & Cables.

Ending up with 25 mins on the bike.

Food today:

Oats + Egg White + Shake
Chicken + 1.5c Broc/Cauliflower + 1 cup fruit salad with 1/4c. FF Cottage cheese
Chicken + 1.5c Broc / Cauliflower + Sugar Free Jelly (yummy berry flavour)
Chicken + 1.5 c Broc

This evening dinner will probably be Chicken with Stir Fry Vegs or Cabbage or Broc

Trained with Jason last night - did Back, I love how he pushes me to work hard!

Think we might go out to the movies and to an early dinner (to our fav Japanese place for Sushimi) this weekend.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today I have eaten


1/3 c Oats + 1 Egg White + 1sc Protein Shake

1 Small Chicken Breast + 2 cup veg

1 Large Chicken Breast + 1/2 cup Aspargus + 1 Pear

1sc Protein mixed with 6 egg whites

1 Small Chicken Breast + 2 cup Veg

*No morning cardio
Training with Jason after work

Might have a shake after training I think

Feeling good, work is busy, it's getting harder for Jason and I to find times to train together that do not clash at the moment. At 12 weeks out from the Nats we will be more 'together'. Currently he is training hard with a fellow competitor which is great for him, but sometimes leaves me feeling slightly lost... ahhh well, once I get into the swing of training on my own I just love it.

Trying to get some accountability back into my Diet and progress etc so I may from time to time just post food and training notes, as a check in here on the blog, not exciting, but it is what it is.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Well hellooooo

For the last 2 weeks I've woken up and thought "I must make a post in my blog" and then I don't get around to it. I'm not so full of ideas, inspiration, challenges or news currently so it makes it a little bit of a challenge sometimes to write.

But I have news. Last Friday when Jason came home he handed me the latest copy of Australian Muscle Mag and told me to go to 164 pg....





Me & Jason
It's no secret, that I've always wanted to be in a Muscle Magazine, and now I am. I was hoping my name would be mentioned in coverage of the Nationals, but was not expecting a write up on my potential within the sport of Body Building - reading this blew me away! Guess I will be doing well and training hard for nationals this year then... hmmm presure, in a good way!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Pumped for 2009

On the Bike this morning doing my Early Morning cardio at the gym before breakfast, I was sweating away & day dreaming about competing...

I came up with the conclusion that I'm really looking forward to competing again! The excitement of the day, finally seeing the results of months of hard work and commitment to myself, and making my Family and Jason proud of my efforts.

I love those last few weeks of prep when everything falls into place and you see progress and results on a daily basis, when the motivation is so high that the thought of breaking my diet never even crosses my mind.

So right now I am about 32 and half weeks out from Nationals - ages away! But it's a good place to start thinking about my goals and how I am going to make them happen.

Today I'm thinking about growing my shoulders - I want it to look like I have baseballs sitting on my shoulders - nice big ripped, round and full. I look that look! Last time they were good - and always an improvement from the time before, but this is going to be something I really focus on.

Also width in my back! I manage to get my back pretty lean (it's been called 'freaky' from a few people), but I want more depth this time.

As always its a work in progress -
32 and a bit weeks out... this is what am I thinking about...and planning
  • Music for my routine
  • Bikini Colours and fabric type - Dark grapey Purple, Red or Deep burgandy or Dark Green - these are the colours I'm considering, but not really sure, I keep looking online for blonds wearing suits in these colours to see if I like them or not.
  • Designs for the stone work on my bikini. I had a lot of fun doing the stone work last time I think I will do it again.
  • Blocking out training periods I like to do things in 4 week blocks ie: following a training split for 4 weeks - sometimes 8.

For expample - 4 day split:

Heavy work load with good recovery time, simple mass building movements.

Day 1. Chest

Day 3. Back

Day 5. Shoulders & Arms

Day 7. Legs

(with cardio in between on days 2 & 4)

Then for the next 8 weeks I might do 1 body part a day for 6 days a week....

Monday, 9 February 2009

To busy doing it to blog it or just nothing to blog about!

Well I guess it's about time I updated... Yes I took the hint!

It's just that theres not too much to blog about really - but in a good way.

I remember in August, September and October doing my long fat burning cardio sessions thinking about all the feelings I wanted to blog about and how I was soooo busy getting ready and how I was on an emotional rollercoaster, how much I was training and how well I was dieting but then at the same time I was so busy DOING that I found it hard to blog.

And now, it's 'off' season! So training and eating doesn't seem so exciting, but really this is the time you lay the foundation - this is where the growth happens. You can feed your body all it needs (and some stuff it dosen't need), you are able to rest physically and mentally.

So when I write down what I've been doing it seems boring and lazy compared to training everyday and doing cardio in the morning and cardio at night on top of a crazy diet. I'm actually keeping a written log book of my training and this year when I diet down I think I will also record as much as posible here too. I always take progress pics, but never get round to posting them here - I'll try this year.

Right now it's just 1 visit to the gym each day for either 1 hour cardio or 50 mins training and 20-30 min cardio tagged onto the end of it. My diet is still 6 meals a day, but not measured out to the last gram - just what ever I feel like at the time. And you know what is so good? I feel great, I'm sleeping really well and feel rested when I wake, I'm also a better person to be around as my moods are pretty even.

I spent a lovely long weekend with Jason - mostly our days were filled with Training (ouch leg day on Saturday killed - it still hurts to walk), lazing on the beach, reading and relaxing at home. I love it when we don't have any commitments to visit other people or do household chores, it's great! Heres to more lazy days on the beach!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Each day as it comes

Well after my little rant, about being in a rut I feel much better! Sometimes a girls just gotta admit that things don't always go her way!

Another good nights sleep - 7.5 - 8 hours, Yay!

Great shoulders training this morning and 20mins on the bike.

Eating, well under control

Motivation, is high. Happy to be me, just learning how to control myself again. Knowing when I'm hungry, what I'm hungry for and not eating more than I need. It feels good.

Work is stressfull currently and from tomorrow I will be staying in a Hotel and won't be back at work till next Thursday. I won't be able to post anything here or check up on my Fav. Bloggers - but I will have heaps to read and will enjoy catching up on everyones blogs.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Much better today!

Had a good nights sleep, 7.5 hours (will aim for 8 tonight).

Woke up with a great attitude, and took it to the gym this morning for a great BACK training session and just 20mins Incline on the T/Mill for cardio. I felt pretty strong for the first time in a long time!

Just been to the dentist for the 2nd part of my root canal... so half my face is numb! And half my tongue feels too big for my mouth.

I guess I just needed to vent out my frustrations in my previous post! I'm sure it'll take more than 1 good nights sleep to be back on track and guns blazing, but its a process and a challenge.

Anything is possible afterall!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kinda not in the mood...

Work is crazy busy. I'm stressed. I'm still not motivated - I'd rather lurk on websites and read blogs than actually work! So at the end of every day I'm frantically working or I work late (last night was to 8pm).
I'm just too hot - the weather is muggy and gross! I have no energy. I'm still just going through the motions.
Jason is working about 2 hours from home - he won't be home till Saturday and I'm working right through the weekend, so I guess I'll see him for a few hours only. Then he's back up north again for another week at least. I found it hard to get to sleep last night, I think it was too quiet (no chain saw snoring from Jason). I didn't sleep well and woke up sore and with a headache too. Went to gym but wasn't focused so just did 25 mins T/mill hill walk & 25min Bike.

My diet plan was great over the weekend, actually droped 2 kgs of bloating etc just by eating right and drinking water! Then my hard work was undone by stress eating at work, snaking! I'm my own worst enemy.

I look in the mirror and I want to get everything focused and back on track. The only thing stopping me is that I feel like I have not had a rest and have not stopped thinking about competing, training and diet. I feel like if I stop doing something (anything even if it's just going through the motions) I will loose my muscle and gain more fat. I'm conflicted.

I got an invitation to compete in the Asia/Pacific Champs in April this year - that's pretty cool. But I am not happy with this being my starting point, I don't want to diet down hard and not show my best package. My main goal is to do Nationals again and that is in October!

Right now I also don't feel strong enough to compete on my own. I need my best friend with me, training and dieting along with me! And Jason will only be doing Nationals. If I was someone else reading this blog, I'd think I was weak for needing the support of Jason preping right along with me. But right now this is what it is, this is how it works for me. Maybe 1 day I'll do it on my own, but so far we have come a long way as a team. I used to think I was very individual and needed no-one, but sometimes it seems the opposite. This is a team effort!

I guess what I'm saying is: I'M IN A RUT! But 1 day soon I'll wake up and things will fall into place like they always do. I'm so keen to do Nationals - I just wish they were sooner. I know that this year with my training and dieting I will do so well, I think that as soon as it 'clicks' (closer to the time) it'll be all on. I will be the best version of me yet in 2009.

Now I'd like to put into writing an Epiphany I had a few days ago:

I am allergic to all the 'junk' that I eat. After I eat it, I feel sick, tired and gross. The allergic reaction my body has is to put on fat. It is poison to my system.

Now I know that it is poison to my body, I should just stop putting it in my system. It's not like banning foods and saying they are bad - it's more a realisation that if I have certain foods my body will react in a negative way (much like an allergic reaction).

Does that make sense? Your thoughts my dear blogger friends...

Friday, 16 January 2009

Oh dear... It's all a balancing act

So I read back in my blog to Jan/Feb 2008 and 2007 and it seems I am FULL CIRCLE yet again.

Compete - relax - no diet - gain weight - gain too much weight - try to get back on the wagon for the best part of the year and the 12 weeks out from a comp my mind focusses and I manage to compete again... then the cycle repeats.
I really thought I had contol in November I was still training hard and maintaining a happy weight between 2-3 kgs over what I was on stage and I looked great! Then I cut back a bit but still dieted and was between 3-4kgs over stage weight.
BUT THEN... I was off training for over 2 weeks with my Quads problems 'Compartment syndrome' and I felt sorry for myself and I ate and I enjoyed Christmas and relaxing, I still went to the gym pretty much everyday but the good work was undone by not following any kind of diet and just eating way too much if fact eating when not hungry - out of boredom is a major issue!

I am a figure competitor and I love it! It's hard and challenging - but I love proving how strong I am. But right now I have lost my spark! When is it? hmmmm I just look fat.

I am a figure competitor and right now I think I should prove something to myself! I don't have to be fat! I don't have to be so lean people worry about me either!

I hate to read about Figure and BB girls who just like me have a hard time post comp (it's a reality of this sport) and these girls keep coming up with all these diets and plans and weigh themselves everyday, but only stick with the plans for 2-3 days and then try something else... I mean it all sounds good on paper but if you don't follow through you won't get results!

I know what works for me:


45-1hour Cardio AM
45-1 hour weight training PM
30-45min Cardio PM


Oats, Shake, egg white
Fish or Chicken + 1 rice cake
Fish or Chicken + 1 rice cake + 1 cup green veg
Fish or Chicken + 2 cup green veg
Fish or Chicken + 2 cups green veg
Protein Shake (water & ice)

See it's simple - but it's hard to actually pull off for too long without stuffing up your work or personal life. I'm willing to do this for 6-12 weeks out of the year depending on how far out I need to diet hard, it's all part of it, but when you know that your competition is months and months away it's hard not to say to yourself..."what the hell not like I'm hitting the stage anytime soon... so let's eat" More like lets get fat and pretend like I'm ok with it. HA

3 other things that work for me: Drinking lots of water + chewing gum...

And not eating processed foods esp. protein bars, as much as I love em, it opens up a whole lot of bad eating options, best to eliminate all processed foods as best I can!

So I think that not starting Monday - but starting tomorrow I am going to go all out for a week, just to loose a bit of chub! And see how it goes. I know that if I commit to eating plain I feel so much better and life is so much better. Why only a week? It'll be longer but I think baby steps are in order to fix the off season damage I have done.


M1: Oats. Egg White. Shake

M2: Tuna+3 egg white Pancake or Protein Pancakes

M3: Chicken or Fish, large serving of shreded cabbage

M4: Chicken or Fish or Tuna/3 egg white pancake

M5: Chicken or Fish + large serving of shreded cabbage or Broc

M6: Protein Shake

Lifting days = 40mins lifting + 20 mins cardio (bike or T/Mill)

Cardio days = 60mins cardio (Fat burning, either bike or T/Mill hills walking)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Update from 5-12 january 2009

Things I want to at the very least update once a week on my blog - the list will grow or shrink depending on how important they are

My random act of kindness

Ok I'm not sure what counts as a 'R.A.O.K' I mean it sounds easy enough but what are the rules? Is it just helping someone at work? Is it smiling or talking to people, does it have to involve money? Do you have to be strangers?

Thankfull list

I am thankful that I have a permenant job! As far as I can tell they don't want to get rid of me yet... who knows. It seems nearly everyday there is another large company laying off workers.

I'm thankfull that while Jason isn't working as much, he is able to train with me in the mornings. I don't really like having training partners (not that I've really tried), but I feel better about my workouts when I'm self motivated. Although it is a nice change from time to time. At lease with Jason we pretty much know each others working style so it's pretty smooth.

I'm happy, calm and relaxed. Going through periods of motivation and non-motivation. It seems ages away until I will compete again, so I let things slide. I know this and I know better, but currently I'm choosing to relax a bit.

Overall my sleep has been average, it's really hot at night and sometimes it takes a while to drift off.

Body image
Oh what competitor likes their body off season? Not really me, there are times I like a bit more meat on me and I feel good, but honestly I don't think I suit being big and soft! Not when I know how good I look and feel when I'm smaller. Either way, I am honest enough to know that there is no need to confirm the numbers on the scale. So I've not weighed myself in quite some time!

Diet / Appetite
Mon=ON: On plan but hungry

Tues=ON: On plan

Wednesday= OFF: Really bored and hungry - broke off plan

Thurs= OFF: Energy levels really low - but ate on plan

Friday= ON/OFF:Ate on plan until I finished work and came home - had a muslie bar

Saturday = ON: little to no appetite had small serving and shakes

Sunday = ON: Had larger serves of protein

Energy levels
Overall Low


Mon: Back + 20min cardio

Tuesday: Hill walk (instead of legs) 1 hour

Wednesday:Chest + 20min cardio

Thursday: Cardio 1hour

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Cardio 1 hour

Sunday: Cardio 1hour

Monday (today) Arms + 20 min cardio

Overall rating of my week: 5/10 neither good nor bad, certainly not outstanding. It's really hot and the temp is getting to me, I'm feeling uncomfortable - which isn't helped by the fact that my clothing is kinda tight around the waist band when only 8 weeks ago the same items coudln't be warn because they were too big... ok that's not a good way to end my blog. But I'm real. And it's good that I've left room for improvement, wouldn't want a 10/10 on the first full week back - I have a year to achieve higher ratings.