Tuesday, 2 December 2008

May 2007, Nov 2007, Oct 2008, Nov 2008

Just wanted to do a side by side (of my side chest poses) comparision through my 4 comps. Judging from these I did peak muscle wise at Nationals (oct '08), but I think I looked nicers and smaller in Nov '08 North Harbours - perhaps I just prefer the image as it is better quality. I think I have made imporvements so I'm happy - onwards and up wards I say!


ss2306 said...

Wow Eve - great pics. I agree - May 08 most muscular. Keep up the great work. Do you know when Iron Angels website will be up and operational? - I want a tee.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell, because of the difference in lighting on the bottom two. They look about as good as each other.

I admit for once my eagle eye has been flummoxed :-p :-p.

By the way, not sure if you noticed, but regards my last post, let me know how you'd like to proceed with the site, whenever you want to.

I can get it live, and start promoting it if you want, providing you're happy with it, but as ever I will defer to your wishes on the matter, even if you've changed your thoughts on the idea, I won't be offended, because your wishes and feelings have always come first, and always will.

Not trying to push you on anything of course, just mentioning it, incase you hadn't seen what I wrote.

Take care of yourself and as always very, very best wishes.

Those pictures are the absolute epitomy of everything you are as an athlete, and you truly are a beautiful embodiment of everything that defines a Lady, a human being, and a true sporting champion, and I never feel anything less than 100% proud of you, everytime I see pictures like that.

I recently saw some Pro-anorexia sites, ene wrote about it somewhere, and it made me feel appalled, and on the flip side, you're totally the sort of person, every young female should aspire to live like, even if just for the health reasons.

Anyway, thanks again for always being you. If I don't say it enough, then it's expressed in one way or another each time I comment, and I appreciate your positive vibes and friendship greatly.

BIG PAT ON THE BACK and warm wishes to you for a great day.

:-) :-).