Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This is the end... my friends

The end of 2008

I am thankful to friend and family and loved ones for support and encouragement 2008 has been a trip that's for sure. I'm ok with it coming to an end though. Really I have no regrets or sadness that it is time to move on to 2009!

So it is 31 December 2008 - the last day of the year, all week I have been trying to compose my last blog of the year, I wanted to have and overview of 2008 the good, bad and ugly! And I wanted to list my goals / resolutions etc ... oh how I tried to start but never got very far, so this time i'm 'FREE BLOGING' I'm just going to flit from topic to topic whatever pops into my mind.

I'm thankfull to everyone who has read my blog, posted supportive messages and developed friendships - it's amazing the impact people I have never met in 'real life' in the flesh have had on me! Words of thanks can't even explain. Gosh darn it I'm greatful I can even blog!

Lately it seems that if it's not 1 thing it's something else, I have been going through a few issues - well 2008 has had a few issues, soem I blog about others I don't, nothing major I guess, but things that hold me back, cause me worry, cost me money, cause self doubt or just aren't nice!

The bad and ugly

  • Had to have an operation earlier this year - but it all worked out

  • Had reservations about competing - but knew I always would

  • But I did it and won

  • Self doubt during competition prep

  • This pic was about 1 month before comp, I didn't think I was ready at all!

  • Money issues are always there, it's an expensive sport in an expensive world but we choose to do it.

  • Bad health (stomach upsets/bugs/food poisening)

  • Back pain just before 12 week dieting down phase - saw a great Chiropractor and she fixed me good as new

  • Shoulder pain - still working on that

  • Compartment syndrome in my quads meant I had to stop training for 2 + weeks and could barely walk.

  • This was depressing and I stopped diet and have put on more weight than I wanted, I have to face facts though that it's something I have to live with if I compete

  • I have not weighed myself in 4 weeks now and I know I won't be happy with the numbers as it was confirm I have relaxed too much, so I have decided not to cause myself depression by seeing a number I'm not happy with. Either way the mirror is showing how I am looking soft and there is more fat on me than I'mhappy with so no point in pouring salt in the wound eh?

  • Now I have very bad teeth and on the last day of the year @ 12 midday I'm off to the dentist for the first time in years - it's not going to be pretty and will cost sooooo much! But I'm hoping that once I've got this sorted I will feel more positive and healthier as I have heard poor teeth and infections can circulate toxins around the body and cause ill health and fatigue! So good to the dentist will be a good thing. The pain has been so bad it's keeping me awake at night I have put it off for about 8 months! I'm such a chicken I know

So that's the bad and ugly! Hey I never said I didn't have problems and issues... I have lots, but perfer to focus on the positive most of the time, and I know so many others who had had ot face many terible situations this year so I'm sorry if my worries are trivial to you but they are my worries afterall. But this is turning out to be a bit of an overview of 2008 so I'll continue... cause this ain't no pitty party - but please wish me luck with the dentist I'm worried - freaked out even .

How about some good?

  • Still happily in love, Jason puts up with a lot of things i go through - (see list above) and supports me fully, although I do frustrate him and we do have misunderstandings, mainly casue I'm a control/planning freak and he just goes along with things as they happen.
  • My rock of support

  • We moved, it was stressfull hard work, and we are still not fully settled or un-packed and the space is smaller, but it's a great place, like a holiday cabin in the bush or a tree house for adults. And we are on our own, you can't see another house and we wake to bird song every morning - it's beautiful.

  • I have made new friends and been given a lot of opportunties along the way - like this magazine shoot and we now belong to a great support gym, which was a great move to be around good people

  • I won nationals, I really wanted to do that and succeed and I did, I'm proud and happy!

  • I placed at the 1st qualifier for 2009 (North Harbours) in open figure class so I will be competing next year and will of course blog my ups and downs of competition prep for all the world to see if they so choose.

  • I'm happy most of the time

  • I have a pretty secure job, although at times I'm not challenged, and take it for granted. I work with good people and have many perks and it is good for my lifestyle and training.

Pic of work mate and I at a Christmas function early this month, I won best outfit and hat yay!

Goals/Resolutions/things I will achieve in 2009

  • will take better care of myself, heath checks etc

  • I will do more good deeds/random kind gestures to make the world a nicer place. Be it donating money, helping someone, giving random gifts to those who deserve it, writing and sending thank you cards etc. I will start with the goal of Once a week.

  • Blog at least once a week - really plan on more than that, especially as I prep for Competition

  • Remove all processed items from diet - excluding protein powder. No processed food like this burger until next carb up...

  • Eat 6-7 meals a day

  • Cardio in AM 5 times per week

  • Training 5 times per week

  • 3-4.5 +Lt water

  • Save $2,500 - $5,000

  • Pay off Credit card debit and run it in the positive

  • Pay off overdraft and run chequing acc in the positive

  • Service my car

  • Perfect 12 week comp prep - the ongoing challenge

  • Win Open Figure Tall at NZ NABBA NATIONALS 2009

  • Short term goal for Jan/Feb 2009, I have a wedding for Jasons friend to go to and I want to weight 66kg as this is a happy weight for me.

  • Think positive have positive thoughts - take time to celebrate me (if only for 1 mins meditations per day)

  • Plan to achieve! By putting in place my plans everyday - take 5-10mins at night to plan the next day (training, food, clothing etc) and 5-10 mins when I first come to work to plan the work day.

Blog topics/updates I will include at least once a week if not all 5 working days:

  1. My random act of kindness

  2. Thankfull list

  3. Feeling/Mood

  4. Sleep

  5. Body image

  6. Diet / Appetite

  7. Energy levels

  8. Activity/training

We're not doing anything special to ring in New years - but we may have a few red wines, chill out on the deck at home and talk about things, this seems to be what we do each year. May drop by a BBQ before hand quickly to say hi and wish everyone a Happy NYE

SO.... happy new years to those of you who have stumbled upon my blog.

It's been a good one, perhaps even a great one like I predicted "2008 was great"

but.... next year: "2009 I'm going to SHINE"

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Seasons greetings!

Not much to blog, not much time to blog.

I'm back in the gym again - have been for about 1 week now, but mainly cardio only. I do feel better and my legs are working again.

There is no diet - wouldn't want to imagin how much fat i'd have stacked on if it wasn't for doing cardio - believe me it's bad enough, but well I know better than anyone you can't expect your body to diet and train haard all year long - mentally it's tough enough.

Yummy Christmas food is going down well, opps bit too much chocolate though

The weather is really hot here, so there is a lack of energy

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Me - what else would I blog about? Hmmm?

Just to let you know I might not be updated my blog in the next few days as much as I would like - my work load is crazy - but should cool down in a week or so and I hope to give more attention to the site!

The other thing is that physically I have been going through a hard time. I may have mentioned a while ago getting 'cramps' in my thighs / Quads after competitions, everyone said they thought it was mineral or water dehydration issues, but it turns out my painful condition is called 'Compartment Syndrom' which means the sheath around my quads does not expand when the muscle grows or expands with swelling so it cuts off blood supply to the nerves - making it painful and I can bearly walk!

It just means rest and time off (which is depressing for me) and it will come right. Jason had been on about me taking some time off - but well I love training, I love what training does for my mind and body, I'm lost without it! But he was right and now I have to listen to my body.

So there we have it, lots of work and no training. But time off will do me some good and i will have heaps to blog about too.

I started getting the CS pains on Sunday 30 Nov - I was in the gym about to do my cardio on the bike and try as I might I could not do it, let alone walk, I tried stretching but in the end I had to struggle up the gym stairs to my car - and I sat there for about 15 mins waiting for the pain to subside (it took a lot of deep breathing). I finally struggled home.

Really bad timing for me and my maintainence diet etc as Saturday had been a big enjoyable cheat day with Jason! I let depression take over and I had a cheat Sunday too along with some not so on plan choices during the week just gone! Yummy but so bad when I can't get to the gym to use the cals as fule! It's turned to fat now! Yucky!!!!

Finally today 1 week on, my legs are feeling mostly better, a bit of tightness but I think I will be ok to train chest tomorrow morning with Jason and then start up doing Cardio on Wednesday morning... wish me luck and happy healing - I'm also back to clean eating yay! Things should once again fall into place.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

May 2007, Nov 2007, Oct 2008, Nov 2008

Just wanted to do a side by side (of my side chest poses) comparision through my 4 comps. Judging from these I did peak muscle wise at Nationals (oct '08), but I think I looked nicers and smaller in Nov '08 North Harbours - perhaps I just prefer the image as it is better quality. I think I have made imporvements so I'm happy - onwards and up wards I say!