Friday, 28 November 2008

New Zealand Fitness Magazine

Well the magazine came out yesterday, my Mum called me at lunch time and came by to drop me off a copy so I could show it around the folks at work, she took home another copy to show my father - who was impressed according to my Mum. Quite fun being in a magazine and in 2 months time (fingers crossed) there will be a story about Jason and I in the magazine.
Well the last two days have been a bit of a drag - it's very muggy weather wise and it is draining and sapping my energy! But I'm still doing my moring cardio sessions and training 5 days a week at night with evening cardio to fill in the non lifting evenings. My diet has been good with the addition of nuts and dried fruit to keep energy levels a touch higher.
I am having to focus on drinking enough water - not normally a problem cause I love my water (you'd understand if you've ever been through a dehydration for a competition), but with the heat I really should increase fluids. Speaking of fluids, naughty old COKE ZERO has made it's way back into my life, yummy, but bloaty for my tummy. Will have to go cold turkey on this I think - it really is amazing the difference only drinking water / green tea (and a few morning coffees) makes. My skin is usually much clearer and no spots!
Competition Update: I am considering doing a comp early 2009 (March). I have been thinking about it for a week now and mentioned it to Jason - he of course is supportive no matter what I want to do, but I asked him to think about it for a day or two just to weigh up the impact of me doing a show on my own - I don't even know if I could do it on my own... watch this space I guess.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Been a while - woops

Sneak preview of the magazine layout of the photoshoot I did about 6 weeks ago:

The magazine should be out in a day or so - I will scan for better images! It's kinda exciting for me! I think it'll make my Mum and Dad really proud too. YAY! I'm the one in the YELLOW : )

Today is the 25 November - what's so special about that?

Well it's 1 month till Christmas... but that's not why I'm making a big deal.

It's been exactly 1 month (25 Oct) since I won my class at the New Zealand Nationals!

Yes that's a big deal to me, but the other thing is that I have not 'Blown up like a Balloon' I have continued with at least 1 hour cardio a day and I have trained at lease 4 times per week and for 5 out of 7 days I'm following my competition diet (Mon- Fri) and having cheat meals/days during the weekend.

This seems to be working for me, as at today I am 3 kilos heavier than I weighed in for comp day. Every Friday I weigh between 60 & 61 kg's have my cheat food and relax during the weekends and then each Monday I weigh about 63kgs and I go back on 'plan' and use up the extra fuel, and re-hydrate to ensure any water retention is fixed! I think the 're-feeds' ensures my metobolisum does not get to used to the low carb, high protein diet I am on during the week.

I took some 'Post Comp' pictures last weekend just to show that I have not put on a whole stack of weight like I did the last 2 times I competed. Will be sure to post 'em up sometime soon too.

Sample of diet Monday - Friday

M1: Oats/ 1 Egg white / Protein Shake
M2: White Fish or Chicken / Rice Cake or sweet potato / 1-2 c. brocolli
M3 - M4: as per meal 2
M5: White Fish or Chicken / 1-2 c. brocolli
M6: Post work out Protein Shake

*Calories are approx 1,500 -1,800 as there is alot of protein! I'm certainly not starving myself and it seems to be working + it's simple and easy to eat the same thing over again through the day and through the week. Boring maybe, but my food is nothing but boring in the weekend if I keep it clean during the week.

Gotta say that it is a bit harded to stay motivated without a competition coming up, but I have come to think that if I can keep this up and still have cheats in the weekends and make use of the extra carbs and calories by training hard and heavy following a cheat then I can only improve while not being too hard on myself mentally! I just need to keep a track of everything day to day to ensure I don't go overboard.
Something I'm proud of, is our Competion wall - the booty claimed by Jason and I, collected between May 2007 & November 2008 (4 comps total). As you can see there are some motivational images as well as pics of ourselves.

Training tonight will be Chest and Back with Jason - should be fun - but the gym is just so very busy now with Summer coming up and everyone has realised that they need to loose some fat! I hate that, the increase of people make it harded to navigate the gym floor. I can't help but think they should have been coming in winter like I was, then they wouldn't be panicing and putting in a last minute effort to look good at the beach. Oh well, whatever gets people moving and training, as long as they stick with it and don't get in my way too much : )

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Yet another pic of Jason and I, I'm wearing an 'Iron Angles' tank top. If you haven't seen this clothing website check it out this link will take you to my picture on the website as 'Friends' of IA clothing. They are updating their site, but check back to see when they are done as they have some simple but great and pretty workout clothes.

Friday, 14 November 2008


This is always a hot topic at the end of the Body Building Competition season - as it is here in New Zealand. Most competitors (unless they have an international comp) are now in the very important but often overlooked Post Comp part of their sport. Many competitors, especially females go through what is terms 'Post Comp Blues', the way I explain it to people who ask is that it is very much like New Years Eve & Your Wedding - there is so much build up an preparation and you have a great time... but then the next day... you are left with a 'What next' feeling. Couple that feeling with freedom to eat, and binge on whatever you want after beening on a strick diet, decreasing cardio & training, you have a large problem brewing!

It's hard!!! My first 2 comps left me following other peoples advice to eat what I wanted to 'get it out of my system' and to have at least 7 days off from training... well mentaly the freedom to eat what I wanted and how much I wanted really screwed with me if I'm honest. At first you think you are un-touchable, hey you trained and dieted you butt off and you look perhaps the best you've ever looked so you 'Deserve' a break, plus surley all the muscle you have and cardio you've been doing will mean that you have a really high metobolic rate... right??? Well thats what I thought and within a few weeks I had lost my abs, lost fitness & strength and lost my mind because I'd keep saying every day that I was going to stop eating bad and start training hard again. But it took a while to get truly back into the process.

I have found that yes you do need to relax a bit, but everyone is different and you do need to re-introduce the foods you have placed 'off limits' and fulfill cravings. But for my mind and bodys sake I need to have a plan in place. Have a few days rest (your body will be sore from posing if you did it properly on stage), have a few sleep ins if you were doing early morning cardio - Then get back into the gym, if you were doing 1 hour cardio sessions try to do 30-40 mins. If you were lifting 6 days a week try 1 day on, 1 day off etc ... Go back on an eating plan, look back to what your meal plan was 12-8 weeks out, this should be a reasonable plan still with a good amount of Protein, Carbs, Vegs and fats. Follow this for a few weeks while re-introducing other foods you have deemed on limits, and have cheat meals or snaks. Bodybuilders are creatures of habit, so we thrive on routine so put some back in place in your life.

Following a comp your body can produce some amazing lean mass gains, but it is not an excuse to let loose and go crazy! I should know. This is what I am calling my 'Back out gracefully' plan, instead of stoping the training and dieting I am backing out of Comp preparation gracefully... in the hopes of not blowing up like a balloon. Plus I worked hard to wear a bikini on stage and be judged by a panel - I want to be able to wear a bikini on the beach too... and perhaps not be judged on how I look. But hey who knows, Christmas is coming, lots of dinners and parties and office shouts, gift baskets with goodies... temptation can take over when I don't have the fear of a deadline to get back on stage until next year.

This is all pretty good advice - I should know because I am 2 weeks since competing and from my last competition as at todays weigh in I am 60.1Kg naked on my home scales (.1 more than I weighed in at for my competitions this year with clothes on). I am still lean, I still have abs, I still fit me pre-comp clothes all small sizes yay! As for diet, I carbed up before both comps with alot of carb / sugar foods and had to work it off between shows and last Saturday and Sunday had a cheat weekend (Flavoured ricecakes - 2 packs, dried fruit, banana chips, protein bar, candy), these were spread between normal meals (Oats, shakes, chicken, Fish, green veg), by Sunday 6.30pm I was so tired I had to go to bed the carbs had made me so sleepy! On Monday I weighed myself and had 3 kgs extra, this week I have been back on my very clean diet and drinking lots of water, doing AM cardio and training or doing cardio in the evenings - by Wednesday the 3kgs had gone and I am holding at 60kgs!

This weekend I plan on having a cheat meal of Sushi, and some more snack types foods (rice cakes and fruit) nothing over the top. But I feel that this is working for me now, of course the cardio may get slightly less, and treats over Christmas higher but I will monitor how I am doing. It's all about learning.

My best advice for anyone with 'Post Contest Blues' is to remember: Many dream of doing it but only a few following it through. Train hard. And don't be too hard on yourselves.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Photo shoot, Magazine story

These are pictures from a photo shoot J & I did on the Sunday after Nationals with my friend Sandie, we have known each other since we were 13! I think she is very talented. Both Jason and I were very tired on the day from the excitment of Comp day but she managed to get some good shots of us. The 3 below will feature in NZ Fitness Magazine in their FEB/MARCH 2009 issue - as a story on us as a Fit couple "Fit Attraction" or something along those lines.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Pictures back stage at NABBA Nationals 2008

Me & Mum, who did a fantastic job tanning up both Jason and I with Dream tan at the moring show (Pre-Judging) and night show.

Mum, Me & my Dad - man those shoes make me look like a giant!

Jason, mum and I back stage just after my win in Novice Figure Tall Class

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Nationals Update...

Only just got computer access, I have been without it the last 2 weeks in the lead up to my 2 competitions. New Zealand NABBA Nationals 2008 & North Harbour NABBA 2008 (qualifier for Nationals 2009).


Nationals: Novice Figure Tall Winner! Yay 1st place.

North Harbours: OPEN Figure 2nd place - yay qualified for Nationals in 2009 already!!!

So very happy.

Here are some images from Nationals