Friday, 17 October 2008

Things to do list, with 1 week 1 day

Book time off work - Done
Choose routine music - Done
Have music cut to 1 minute -
Order new bikini - Done
Finish stoning bikini - Nearly there
Finish strap alturations - to be done in last week
Posing lesson - Done
Posing routine - Done
Register for shows - Done
Buy make-up case - Done
Clean out and stock 'kit box' with all comp stuff ie makeup, tan, gloves
Buy False eyelashes
Buy new jewellery - Done, beautiful gold tear drop earing and necklace

Organise beauty appointments:
Book make up artist for the day - waiting for her to confirm
Hair colour - Done
Nails (Wednesday before) - Booked
Spray tan 1 (Thursday)
Spray tan 2 (Friday)
Hair cut and styled ready for show day - Done
Other stuff
Have money ready on comp day for show photos
Jasons sister for comp day photos
Organise Sandie for Sunday photos? Day after in a gym or on a beach?

Shopping for comp day food (Thursday) yummy!
Shopping for items we need on day: ie gloves,

So much to do, but as you can see the items in black mean that they are done or under control! YAY! I'm feeling good. Today is my last day at work as I like to take the week before off the prep properly and train and diet to the best I can with as little stress as I can. But last days of work are always a stress for me - so much to do!

Oh yeah no time to post about funny story ...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Legs to the death!

So after my explanation regarding splitting my leg training up it seems funny to tell you about my last leg training session (last night) which was dubbed "LEGS TO THE DEATH" and contrary to my last post involved Hammies, Quads, Butt, and calfs in one burn out session. Pretty much going against a lot of our normal training rules: It went for over two hours but we were instructed to destroy our legs... which in turn in the next week will leave them time to repair, heal, and get cut (we are still of course doing cardio).

  • Hamstring curls
  • Quad leg curls
  • Barbell deep squats
  • Single leg press with leg crossed over to opposite side
  • Lunges - crossing 1 leg in front of the other
  • Abductor
  • Adductor
  • Calf seat raise
  • Calf standing

This was high rep, low weight stuff, which left our legs like Jelly - Jelly with muscle spasms! But it was good. This mornings cardio on the bike was a killer through - but I got through it (1 hour + 5 mins). Still doing good - although I will post again soon with a very funny story... the result of low carb dieting at it's best!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All going well! Exciting times.

All going well - this feels like the best competition prep yet!

I was given some valuable advice about 1 month ago when I was stuck on a weight platue... cut down your food in-take! Ha who would have thought that cutting small amounts from meals would have such an impact (well I did) the real question is who would have thought I'd be able to do it? - But a girls gota do what a girls gota do!

The result is I am 800gms from my max competition weight for my height class, with 10 days to go this is very cool! I usually drop 2kgs of water weight from the dehydration process so I should be well within my weight range and not have to sacrifice any more hard earned muscle! I will be getting my Body Fat tested again this week, but with last weeks results showing a 1% drop I am very happy!

I am currently drinking as much water as I can take - although bathroom stops are nessessary whenever I go (bit anoying). But I need to increase my intake and water load so my body flushes out any toxins etc and to get it ready for the "Shock" dehydration process! YAY! Fun as always.

Next week both Jason and I will be carb depleting, so I'll be getting rid of what little carbs I have now! And pretty much the diet will be all about Chicken, Chicken and Chicken (maybe white fish to change things up)!

I played fitness model for a photo spread in NZ Fitness Magazine (it was a partners streching section) with a girl who competes in the other NZ Body Building Feduration in the same class as mine. It was a good simple quick shoot, and from what I could see the pics will look good. If the Magazine is happy with the results the pics will feature in the December issue! WOW quick! I will totally post pics up here on my blog!

It was good having someone in a different Feduration to talk to about competing - we are at the same level but cab talk about our routines and suits etc cause we aren't going up against each other.

  • Handed in Jason and I's entry forms yesterday, with music cut to disk - so it is now very real. No turning back!
  • Tried on my bikini and it fits well, not alturations needed, but will tidy up the straps so nothing hangs down. I am yet to finish the stoning, I have been saving the task, but perhaps I really should get on to it.
  • Finished my routine - I think it is good, and I pretty much have it down, now to just work on getting poses perfect.
  • My pre comp work pants are TOOOOOO big for my, I have to have a belt and other clothes I purchased this far out last time are all too big for me aswell.

Ok bathroom time... that's all for my update at the moment. (I think, goodness knows my memory is not at it's best).


Answer to Matts question: This may sound like a goofy question, but why Quads seperate from the other Leg Muscles and not all together? It depends on training splits I guess but Hamstrings (as well at glutes & Calfs) and Quads (+ Calfs) are large muscles groups and for me require a lot of work to refine - the size is always there! Ofcourse multi joint movements like squats or leg press work both front and back of leg but I like to focus on each separatly and to do both justice it would be a long training session which is not ideal and I wouldn't have the energy to complete it as we are now in high reps & low weights. I always allow at least 2 days for legs to recover before I train them again and spliting them up allows for a more focused session each time. Hope that make sense - in a round about kinda way. Thanks for your support and friendship Matt.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Down down and away....

Yip the scale is moving down nicely and the bodyfat is too! I'm pretty happy with my progress, but it has been hard work to say the least, but it is worth it and whats the point of doing something easy and being 'normal'?

Well like I said we went out of Saturday night and it was great fun. Our Friend is a professional wrestler (like WWF) but as with most things different or not a normal activity, there is only a small following in New Zealand. Never the less, there was a large group of us from the gym to support him and HE WON THE TITLE I was and am so proud, he is a real entertainer and although it's all stunts and tricks and the result is a set up - THESE GUYS WORKED HARD!!! I haven't laughed so much in such a long time either!

Training is going well - a guy I worked with asked if I increased my training in the lead up to a competition... duh um yeah, that's why I've made these changes in my body. I usually only go to the gym once a day in the off season and then only lift 4-5 days of the week - but yeah Cardio is at least an hour every morning with lifting sessions in the evening after work 6 out of 7 days (the other day is extra cardio).

Training breakdown this week:
Mon: *Cardio (Rest from lifting) & Abs
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs
Thursday: Hamstrings & calfs
Friday: Back
Saturday: Chest
Sunday: Quads & Calfs

*Cardio only or rest day moved around depending on work scheduals for Jason and I if needs be normally is Wednesday nights.

Diet - sample of what most days are like

PC.Coffee, Fat burners
M1. Oats. Protein shake + 2 egg whites
Work 8.30am - 5pm
M2. Chick Breast (or tin of tuna) / Sweet potato v. small serve / 1 cup broc
M3. as per meal 2
M4. Chick Breast / 2 cups broc
M5. Shake
M6. Shake
(or on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays light meal of White fish or Egg Whites with Broc)

Pretty exciting stuff really, but less than I am used to, so the weight and body fat is falling!
Getting our Body fat done tomorrow - can't wait to see if I'm even lower than last week, this is as lean as I've ever been in the lead up to a competition.

Friday, 3 October 2008

It's going to be one of those days....

Well, you may think my title implies that things are not going well, but you'd be wrong, they are going to plan and I must say I am happy and feeling confident that I can and will do this! YAY! It's just that it will be one of 'THOSE' days because it's Friday and the end of the week and I am rather drained most of the time.

I cut my food down this week by about 300 cals which can seem like not much at times and others times can seem like alot. For example I have been having 1/3 cup of oats for the majority of my prep but I cut it down to only 1/4 cup, small changes like this are making a difference so it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

On the cardio side of things, this is the seems at times to be most cardio I have done in any of my comp preps that I have done to date: I am currently doing 1 hour in the morning with perhaps an extra 10-15 mins some mornings if I have the time. But in the evening I am now training so if I do any cardio at night it has only been 1-2 evenings a week when I have the energy and time. So basically it is probably only slightly more cardio as other comp preps, just not broken down in to 2 sessions a day.

I am consistantly loosing weight and body fat now, mentally I feel happy with the progress. I am getting positive comments from trainers in my gym and even people at work who are now used to what I do are passing good natured comments about my 'weight loss'.

I was very tired yesterday - I have been worse - but it was showing in my face and attitude towards the end of the day. So after training and my protein shake post work out I took myself to bed rather than try to stay up and make conversation with Jason (he too was having a bad day). As with so much of my life I am all or nothing... the same when it comes to being tired, once I hit the wall so to speak it is time to give up and go to sleep.

A friend of ours in wrestling on Saturday evening, it should be a good show, we have been looking forward to it for a while - Jason and I will actually be 'Going out' somewhere and socialising! It's also Jasons birthday, so it will be nice to do something other than stay in like we mostly do when dieting down.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Things to do list, with 3.5 weeks out

  • Book time off work - Done
  • Choose routine music - Done
  • Have music cut to 1 minute -
  • Order new bikini - Done
  • Finish stoning bikini - Nearly there
  • Finish strap alturations - to be done in last week
  • Posing lesson - Done
  • Posing routine - Half way through
  • Register for shows -
  • Buy make-up case - Done
  • Buy False eyelashes
  • Buy new jewellery - Done, beautiful gold tear drop earing and necklace
  • Organise beauty appointments:
  • Book make up artist for the day
  • Hair colour (Tuesday before)
  • Nails (Wednesday before)
  • Spray tan 1 (Thursday)
  • Shopping for comp day food (Thursday) thats a list of its own yummy!
  • Spray tan 2 (Friday)
  • Hair cut and styled ready for show day (Friday before)
  • Have money ready on comp day for show photos
  • Jasons sister for comp day photos
  • Organise Sandie for Sunday photos? Day after in a gym or on a beach?

I am...

Feeling pretty good really, motivated most of the time, my mind is a little slow and tired but that's to be expected. I have made some cuts in my diet and it is helping I am droping 100-200gms per day in weight and body is looking leaner every day. I'm wearing my pre-comp jeans at 3.5 weeks out (I brought them 2 weeks out last year), so I think this is a sign that I am on track which is a good motivator. I will be having my Body fat tested in about 2 hours time before my evening session at the gym - so I will know for sure where I stand.

I haven't posted a picture in a while, this is one taken on my phone, very poor quality, I just forget to download my progress pics from my camera, and lets face it I've been there and done that with progress pics and I don't like anything showing how bad I looked when I started! Oh well this pix shows 1 bicept... hey it's a start!