Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Today is a good day!

Well my 2 day conference was ok - but I did miss my leg work out! Only missed 1 training session and that was it! My meals were ok as I cooked and packed prior to leaving which was a good thing becuase my hotel room did not have anything to heat or cook with! My breakfast oats were softened with hot water and were luke warm when soft enough to eat but I just got on with it. Happy to report not binges (just extra large serve of steamed veg at night).

As always prep has been full of ups and downs. But today I feel up, and my body is showing it with positive changes. Things I want to make note of:

  • Stopped drinking diet soda, just to see what effect it has, and truth be told after only 1 day off the stuff (I used to have 2-6 glasses per day) I feel great. But that could be beacuse as the soda drinking stopped I increase my water intake!
  • Chewing less sugar free gum also
  • Diet is spot on
  • Increased cardio in the morning to 1hr 10min (every little bit helps)
  • about 30 seconds into posing routine
  • Will be waxing legs today if I can get appointment
  • Still sunbedding - slowing building up time: 8mins, 10mins, 15mins (max) as I get used to it. Must admit it's nice to just go and rest for a few mins in the middle of the day.
  • Fat Burners are working well to give me energy (new brand)
  • Had a great shoulder work out with Jason last night - killed it!
  • My upper body is getting lean, and lower body is shrinking slowly but by no means is it lean.

Off to have a strong coffee with vanilla in it - yay.

Yes Jim I meant 'UNHEALTHY' - I'm on a competition diet and my brain gets foggy. You will see there are a lot a spelling mistakes and missed out words all over this blog - but most folks realise what I mean and get my drift, and really I just can't be bothered with spelling mistakes.

So I realise that sunbeds are not viewed as healthy - but I am doing them and for future reference when I look back on my blog I like to know details such as that. I know I liked my tan my first comp and I used sunbeds as part of the process, so I'm going to do it again.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Only 5 weeks and 2 days

Had my final session with my chiropractor - I injured my back about 8 weeks ago. The final assessment shows great improvement, strength and flexibility. I am really pleased!

Had second sunbed session this afternoon (12mins) I know that sunbeds are (edit)UN-healthy but I've chosen to use them as I have heard they help with streach marks plus I want a really good deep base tan.

Feeling pretty tired alot of the time now and a little brain dead when it's been a while since eating. But I'm past the point of no return so am sticking to my diet and going for it!

Something I have been doing this week is adding a few drops of vanilla to my black coffees in the morning, it's like a treat, it almost seems like the coffee is sweet.

Work is going to be a nightmare this weekend as I have to run a meeting off site at a hotel, this time last year for the same event I fell off the wagon and went off my diet, this time I believe I am more focused and ready to succeed. Part of the plan is to have ALL meals cooked and packed in plastic containers for the entire 2 days! + Diet sodas and chewing gum.

NOTE TO SELF: Must come up with posing routine and practise posing!

Training & Diet Thursday 18 Sept

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine*
Cardio 5.30-6.40 am (70min T/Mill hill walk ) added an extra 10 mins
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (10.30am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (EAS)
M3: (2.00pm) 150gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato + 2 c Mix Veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M5: (4.30pm) 150gm Chicken Breast
*Training: Hamstrings and Calfs
M6:(8.00pm) Post-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Training & Diet Wednesday 17 Sept

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine
*Cardio 5.30-6.30am (20 min T/Mill hill walk + 25 min + 15 min bike)
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (10.00am) 100gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato
M3: (12.30 pm) 100gm Chicken, 1 c mixed veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M4: (3.00pm) 100gm Chicken + 2 c mixed veg
M5: (6.00pm) 200am Hoki Fish fillets + 2 c (Broc, cauli)
*Cardio Walking 40min outside in the rain with Jason
M6: Post-cardio shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Training & Diet

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine
*Cardio 5.30-6.30am (20 min T/Mill hill walk + 25 min + 15 min bike)
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (9.00am) 100gms Chicken breast - Hungry
M3: (10.45am) 100gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato
M4: (1.30 pm) 180gms tin tuna, 2 c mixed veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M5: (4.00pm) EAS Shake (carb control), 2 c mixed veg
M6: (6.00pm) Pre-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)
*Training: Shoulders & Abs
M7: (8.00pm) Post-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Patern of time between meals:

Perhaps this is something to take note of, mostly I eat between every 2 - 2.30hr. Lately I have found that I'm kinda likely to be hungry in the morning and want to pick at the rest of my food for the day... but in saying that, today like most days the calories and protein/carbs/fats are good.

Feeling pretty good, really enjoyed cardio at my new gym, Jason came along for AM cardio which was cool. Had first sun bed session today - I only did 10 mins to get used to it, as it's been a while since I've been on a SB. Please do not comment on the health issues etc, this is my choice : )

Monday, 15 September 2008

Remember to take your vitamins!!!!

So I said I was tired and had been for a while, well it really got hard this weekend, so shattered but for some reason I had an idea that I should start taking my multi vitamins and magnisium (bad leg cramps). And you guessed it, I'm feeling much better already, must have been low in some vitamins and minerals. Sometimes it's the simple things.

Body fat still dropping, yay!

This morning was 1 hour cardio and tonight Jason and I are doing arms.

M1: Oats and Shake + 1 egg white
M2: Chicken Breast with 100g Sweet potato
M3: 1/3 c brown rice, Chicken Breast, 2 c mixed veg
M4: Chicken Breast, 1 c mixed veg
M5: Pre-wk out Shake
M6: Post-wk out Shake


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Black pants

Today is the first day I can fit into and wear my Pre-Comp black work pants.... yay! Things are changing! There is no question that my lower body (Ham strings, Butt & Quads, - in that order) are the last things to shrink down and loose body fat, but it must be happening if I can fit my BLACK TROUSERS.

Cardio was hard Monday and this morning (Tuesday) and I was super bloating last night for Arms (too much sugar free gum), but while working out I was really happy to see my arms taking shape - Jason was super pleased too. So even though I felt big and frumpy and bloated I knew my arms looked good!

It's double cardio today so back to gym for 45-60mins on the bikes with Jason.

I was going to put together a new routine, and I got my music today and now I'm not so keen on the music... so I'm back at square one with that.

Bring on pay day, I'm pretty stapped for cash, I get paid monthly and at the end of the month it gets a bit tight.

I am still listing down this to do on my 'Things to do list' and they mostly cost money!
  • But I will start tanning 1 month out from comp, so that's $80 gone!
  • Lucky I've paid for my suit and have my shoes from last time.
  • Must practise posing (that's free).
  • Our posing routines allow for us to use small props ie scarves, boa's etc... I am thinking of using some fabric and using it to form poses, something different.

Well I'm positive and up-beat, tired and always hungry, so same old same old really.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Melt down Saturday

On Friday I was feeling rather 'BLAH' to say the least. Went to bed about 10pm cause "It hurts to be awake!"

On Saturday I did NOT feel refreshed, everything seemed hard and was not happy. While doing cardio at the gym I was nearly in tears, usually I love doing my 7-8am cardio on Saturdays and Sundays with Jason! But I didn't want to talk to anyone or anything, and I was mean and rude to Jason (Thank goodness he understands).

After we got home and had breakfast Jason left me alone to go visit our trainer and I skinned and bagged up our Bulk Chicken breasts. And Jason being wonderful - he also did our grocery shopping cause he know I wouldn't be up for it!.

Had an afternoon nap and woke up better and ready to train.

Sunday I felt back on track.

So I guess the diet must be working eh? Just one of those things. I'm starting to see little changes so I am feeling motivated.

Congratulations goes to VisionQuest II- Cynthia she's officially the PRO I knew she could always be yay!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

7.5 weeks out

All is going well, my Body fat is droping which is great but the scale is taking it's time to drop. Currently I'm about 9kg from comp. weight, this is ok... as at least 2-3kg will be water and dropped during de-hydration.

I am having ups and downs mentally as to how I feel I look. This past weekend and Monday / Tuesday I felt great and was dropping 100gm weight per day. Yesterday and today I feel bloated so mentally not doing that great. I'm experiencing tummy pains today - much like TOM but it's not due so must be digestion.

Work is not fulfilling currently and I don't want to moan about it or complain but I feel for every 3 steps forward I take 2 backwards.

EXAMPLE: I book a function, invite people, not enough respond so I have to cancel function! It's a real waste of time.

  • Currently high reps 6 days per week. In the evenings between 6pm-8pm with only Wednesdays off lifting (cardio on Wednesday evenings instead).
  • I am doing an hour minimum cardio every morning before breakfast 7days per week. And any extra I can fit in


  • High Protein (no surprises)
  • Carbs in Meals 1,2,3 sometimes 4
  • Carbs usually 1/2c. oats or 100g sweet potato
  • Lots of Veg
  • 3-5lt water
  • 2-5 diet sodas
  • 1 green tea
  • 1-2 black coffees

Guilty pleasure:

  • Protein pancakes
  • Sugar free chewing gum

Things to do:

  • Make a pre-comp 'To Do' list with all the things I need to do over the next 7 weeks