Thursday, 24 July 2008


It was so nice to see those Birthday comments left on my blog - a bigggg thank you! It means a lot. And yes Matt I kept it pretty low key and quiet. Maybe next year I'll make a big deal about it.

OK so my LEGS are still hurting so bad!!!! It hurts to sit, stand and walk, but I still did cardio this morning 40 mins bike and it loosened things up a little.

Yesterday was Back day and today I felt like my lats are sticking out wide - Jason said I had made some good changes with them and the were looking 'Chunky' ummm yeah, that's not really what a girl wants to hear (even if I'm tryin to grown 'em) but I know what he means.

This afternoon will be arms, think I'll Split up Bi's & Tri's together. I'll be training on my own, which is cool, casue Jason is training with his old training partner tonight, and I don't mind training on my own from time to time esp. arms cause I don't need help or much equipment.


Anonymous said...

Trust me, don't whoop and holler about 30, it's no biggie :-p :-p.

Of course you just did what you felt was best for you, regards telling people about it, and that's a.o.k with me.

You enjoyed yourself, and you were happy, so that's the most important thing :-) :-).

Keep up the hard work. As ever I remain very proud of you, and I never fail to be impressed and enthused, by your solid attitude, and life ethics.

WELL DONE Eve :-) :-).


Michael said...

I agree 30 just means your more mature and smarter :)

That comment about "chunky" made me laugh. For girls with our backgrouds that's something you dont' want to hear but you know what he meant LOL!

Michael said...

fudge...that was April. I really need to start making sure i'm logged in before I comment :)