Friday, 11 July 2008

1 week down and all going well!

This was week 16 in the countdown - as of Saturday I will be 15 weeks out from Nationals and I want it baaaaad I'm keen to put my best on stage and go for gold, my focus is here!

I have had a few set backs - rather now than later. My Back injury is healing well now and my Chiropractor is working with me up to the Comp, which should improve my posing no end!

On Tuesday I was struck down with some kind of illness, I felt like it was TOM (due tomorrow), but I felt bloated, and cramped and had dizzy spells, could not get out of bed and finally vomited up stomach bile (tasted like poisen), then slept 1/2 the day! I recovered quickly after that, so I guess my system was cleaning it's self out of some bug or germ!

I am doing cardio every day now - sometimes split into morning and night. My diet is great (I had some prunes and cranberries to add some fibre on Tuesday), every meal on time and I have introduced a fiber drink into the mix, which due to my comp diet is lacking in fiber and I think it is helping. I'm taking multi's and my usual supplements after taking a break for a while.

I am excited about my comp prep and can't wait for my changes to begin. jason and I will be taking progress pics along the way, but in the early stages they will not be for the public to see!

I am keeping records of training, supplements, and diet all over the place and can't be bothered posting it all here right now, but I will at least give a break-down about 12 weeks out.

As for my bikini, I've been doing little bits here and there, it is a process and I'm enjoying it - by the time I'm done it will be covered in stones! YAY! Probably not too much different from last shot, but there are more smaller stones.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Eve, bikini looks good! Look forward to following your progress.

Anonymous said...

KEEP up the hard work misses, you are AMAZING, and you are going to look and be AMAZING.

I'm really, really proud of you :-) :-).