Monday, 28 July 2008

12 weeks 5 days

Had a nice relaxing weekend with a Cheat meal thrown in for good measure - yummy sushi, some rice cakes, and dried fruit covered in yoghurt.

Monday 28 July:

TRAINIG: Chest day 40 min+ 30mins bike (steady state HR125-135)

FUEL: (Cals in 1550-1600)
M1 Oats + Shake 1.5 scoop
M2 Oats + Egg White + EAS Shake
M3 150g (5oz) Chicken + Broc + 1/2 tin Beans
M4 150g (5oz) Chicken + Broc

PM Cardio

M5 Chicken breast + Broc (no measure will eat to hunger)
M6 Protein Shake 1.5 scoop

Thursday, 24 July 2008


It was so nice to see those Birthday comments left on my blog - a bigggg thank you! It means a lot. And yes Matt I kept it pretty low key and quiet. Maybe next year I'll make a big deal about it.

OK so my LEGS are still hurting so bad!!!! It hurts to sit, stand and walk, but I still did cardio this morning 40 mins bike and it loosened things up a little.

Yesterday was Back day and today I felt like my lats are sticking out wide - Jason said I had made some good changes with them and the were looking 'Chunky' ummm yeah, that's not really what a girl wants to hear (even if I'm tryin to grown 'em) but I know what he means.

This afternoon will be arms, think I'll Split up Bi's & Tri's together. I'll be training on my own, which is cool, casue Jason is training with his old training partner tonight, and I don't mind training on my own from time to time esp. arms cause I don't need help or much equipment.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My Birthday

Yip YESTERDAY: July 21st was my birthday - I took the day off work - don' t believe in working on my birthday! It was nice. Not overly full of celebrations, but nice all the same.

  • Got up at 5am - did an hour run on the treadmill at the gym (felt great)
  • 7am Had breakfast with my honey, he's such a good man
  • Pottered around the house, cleaned till 10am had my second meal of the day
  • Went to the mall and looked around the shops
  • Had lovely grilled Salmon and salad for lunch
  • bit more shoping and buying (he he) 4pm shake and 1/2 protein bar + plus handfull of nuts
  • Got home just in time to get changed and hit the gym for Chest and Shoulders
  • Handfull of dried fruit post work out (hungry for carbs - esp. sweet)
  • Shower - hot hot hot mmmmm
  • Dinner at 7pm with my love (Chicken and Broc)
  • watched a bit of a DVD
  • Bed time about 9 - 9.30 ish

Birthday gifts: New Digital camera, shirt, cosmetics, handbag, camera bag, bookstore vouchers, black trousers (gift to myself - they were on sale), bead necklace - really nice for work, lottery ticket, scratch and win tickets.... it was a bit of a haul really, I am a lucky girl. All this from only Mum, Dad and Jason (oh and me).

TODAY - 22 July

I got up this morning and trained legs - full on hard out sweating legs!!! Yay it was simple and good.

Leg press - 6 sets high reps with drop set to end ouch

Lunges - 6 sets increasing weights and decreasing reps each set

Leg Extention - Single legs 6 sets got up pretty heavy

Finished off with Cross-trainer for 20 mins then a little Abs and streaching, do you think I could walk properly after that? Hmmp NOPE tight sore and cramping, I love a simple workout that kills!

So now I'm off to the gym for some post work cardio - Cross trainer and Bike I think - may 40-60mins maximum, while Jason does his leg work out. That's one session I let him do on his own, it' s heavy weight and for me to train with him we'd be loading and unloading weights more than actually doing the training.

Friday, 11 July 2008

1 week down and all going well!

This was week 16 in the countdown - as of Saturday I will be 15 weeks out from Nationals and I want it baaaaad I'm keen to put my best on stage and go for gold, my focus is here!

I have had a few set backs - rather now than later. My Back injury is healing well now and my Chiropractor is working with me up to the Comp, which should improve my posing no end!

On Tuesday I was struck down with some kind of illness, I felt like it was TOM (due tomorrow), but I felt bloated, and cramped and had dizzy spells, could not get out of bed and finally vomited up stomach bile (tasted like poisen), then slept 1/2 the day! I recovered quickly after that, so I guess my system was cleaning it's self out of some bug or germ!

I am doing cardio every day now - sometimes split into morning and night. My diet is great (I had some prunes and cranberries to add some fibre on Tuesday), every meal on time and I have introduced a fiber drink into the mix, which due to my comp diet is lacking in fiber and I think it is helping. I'm taking multi's and my usual supplements after taking a break for a while.

I am excited about my comp prep and can't wait for my changes to begin. jason and I will be taking progress pics along the way, but in the early stages they will not be for the public to see!

I am keeping records of training, supplements, and diet all over the place and can't be bothered posting it all here right now, but I will at least give a break-down about 12 weeks out.

As for my bikini, I've been doing little bits here and there, it is a process and I'm enjoying it - by the time I'm done it will be covered in stones! YAY! Probably not too much different from last shot, but there are more smaller stones.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oh my, it's been a while!

Well since my last post I've been dealing with a Head cold, not pleasent for anyone, cause I'm all snotty and stuffed up and phlemy YUCK! And I just cannot seem to fully shake it, but I'm much much better - about 80%

Last Friday I hurt my back - bending over to pick up a water bottle - and tweaked a nerve, it's been really painful (I trained throught it on Friday night, saturday and Sunday) but I need to get better and so I've been resting up these last 3 days and every day I felt a bit more movement coming back and I'm seeing a great new Chiropractor: -

I took in some pics of my last comp as she was fascinated, and she's looking forward to actually seeing if all the work she dose on me improved my posing as well. Seems I have a few 'issues' nothing major, but it all adds up in terms of injuries and how well I can train.

1.My left shoulder is lower,
2.I have a very flat back at the top
3.My pelvis is 'out'
4.Not to mention the lower back vertebra that is actually causing the pain in rubbing on a nerve and is tight and compressed.

Ha sounds bad eh? Not too major, just little things making my back just not as good as it could be especially with the work load I place on it. She is very keen to work with me in the lead up to my competition - to see what postural improvements I can make in my posing and in training.

So on Saturday the big 16 week count down begins - Jason and I will be dieting, training and doing cardio with the full focus of Competing at Nationals in October! Yay!

We have had big money talks regarding competing there is a financial impact to consider - as most people are aware! Glad we are a strong couple, and can talk these things through before there are any problems.

I am in a very bust period at Work currently so although I read most peoples blogs, I'm not commenting and not as you can see posting on my own, but with the countdown begining I aim to increase my posts again.

As Bon Jovi said on the radio this morning as I was driving to work "it's my life, it's now or never!"