Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Quick Up date = Boring post

It was a long holiday weekend, so it will be a short week YAY!

The weekend was nice and relaxing, Jason and I trained at Les Mills throughout the weekend:

Friday- Arms (Bi & Tri)
Saturday - Shoulders + Tris again (ouch - His idea not mine, diff exercises)
Sunday - Rest (Ah.... lazy winter days, watching DVD's and reading, diet still on track though)
Monday - Chest with Jason, finishing off is decline press ups to failure x 3sets (oh my boobies - I mean 'Pecs' he he)
Tuesday Back: Focus on Lats, gotta get some width before dieting down! And 20 mins Bike

Jason is leaving to work down the line in Taupo (about 3.5 hours away) for the rest of the week, I hate having to say good bye and as you will know from past posts I miss him a lot!

Food today:

M1 Oats + egg white & Shake
M2 Oats + egg white & Shake
M3 Steamed White fish (150gm), steamed veg, 1/3 cup mixed beans
M4 Chicken Breast - swapped out veg for Tomato sauce (WW Jelly)
M5 Chicken Breast and Steamed Broc

M6 Not sure... maybe some more Fat free Jello / Jelly, I had some as desert with my M4 today.

Ok, I'm leaving work early so Jason and I can have an early dinner before he drives down for work this evening.


Anonymous said...

What's boring about that. At least it's honest, instead of trying to funk it up with B.S. and phoney baloney stuff.

You can't be a sparkling, inspirational icon all the time, that's real life :-p :-p.

The main thing is you are putting in the effort, and making the fantastic journey continue, and the hard work IS paying off, and the fact you miss yout man is showing what effort you are making in all areas of life, and that's to be applauded.

So when you're standing on a stage in a few months, holding a trophy, and feeling like the most beautiful and successful person in the world, you'll realise that even what feel like dog days, are all part of an end process, and all count :-).

Keep up the hard work, and keep doing what you're doing okay, it's all paying off big time, and you should be very, very proud of yourself.

Take care :-) :-).


Jen said...

awww... sounds wonderful!