Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bikini Watch update

My Stones finally arrived on Monday, so even though I took Monday and Tuesday off work, I popped by after a work out topick them up. I have only had about 2-3 hours (with DVD playing in background) to work on it so far but the pics below show some progress

(1) The outline: Big stones, with smaller inside

(2) Outline and flowers - made up of small light blue in center with clear tear drop for the petals

I'm enjoying the process and all is going well so far, no major stuff ups and everything seems in line and even. It's going to be sooooo pretty.
My weekend was ok, trained both Saturday and Sunday - but Jason and I have a great time with cheat food on Sunday: Finally tried the dark Choc MMs, had sushi, rice crackers and Red wine.... ahhhh relaxing. I don't miss drinking regularly at all, so with was an enjoyable experience, but I'm pretty much over it for another 6 months or so now!
Foods been pretty much on track - not dieting as such, just getting in 6 meals per day (4 with Carbs) all with Protein.
My training now includes 20 mins (min) cardio post workout in the mornings or on Monday and Friday when I lift at night I am doing 40mins-60mins cardio.
It will be 18 weeks out for Nationals on Saturday YAY!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tired ....

Oh well, just being honest here, I'm feeling tired, don't have too much energy to give out to anyone today (I'm going to be greedy) it's all mine!

Hmmmm I want my stones to arrive so I can begin my bikini! I even dreamed about them last night.

Training today: Chest

Flat Bench press
High Cable cross overs
Low Cable cross overs / Split with Incline press ups
Over head DB / Split with Declinw press ups (OUCH!!!)

20 mins cardio Cross Trainer

Training comments: I have been focused this week and really enjoyed my workouts, and a day or so later I am certainly feeling each body part I work, so I know I'm killing it. I'm starting off pretty simple and will work my cardio times and sessions up as the Comp count down continues.

*Thank you Matt, your comments always brighten my day!*

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Support and help!

As many of you reading know my sport and staying fit and healthy is far from cheap! And while competing with my wonderful boyfriend (partner in crime) is fulfilling and wondering, the food bills and supplement bills really add up, not that I'm adding them up any more, it's easier to just chalk the costs up to our sport and lifestyle and be done with it.

As you can imagin we go through bulk chicken breasts, and have been lucky enough to find a partial sponsor - discounted rate if we buy 10kgs a week - this works out about $5 per kg cheaper than other places, even more if you look at supermarket prices (sometimes $20-23 kg). The store is called GR8 Meat World, and they arein Northcote which is local to home about 5 mins drive.

Our latest support has come from Xtreme Supplements Takapuna. We have been given $1000 worth of supplements to help in our lead up to the Nationals. xtreme

Both Jason and I wear the stores t/shirts to the gym (pretty much most days), and my car has the logo on the wheel cover.

I'm really excited and can't wait to make everyone proud. It's not a cheap sport, but we love it and are happy for any and all supprt and help we get along the way. Jason and I often joke with people that we are lucky, we have each other and have turned the individual sport of Bodybuilding into a team sport: By competing in couples events + training and dieting together. But with help and support from companies like this and friends and faily there is a feeling a 'team' within such a personal competition.

Monday, 9 June 2008

New stuff makes me happy!

Jason and I are joining a new gym: Les Mills - Takapuna.

It's a bit further away from our current gym, but it has great equipment and alot more cardio gear which runs smoothly and there is projector screen and good music (well sometimes the music is a bit old school and strange). Plus we know quite a few people who go there already. We have trained there a few times and it's still taking me a little to fully settle and feel comfortable, but it will come - I'm not good with 'New things' or Changes.

I got my bikini last Friday - I let out a little scream, when our receptionist gave it to me. It's plan but pretty and it the perfect 'blank canvas'. I ordered my stones online so hopefully they will be here by the end of the week, I can't wait to get started 'blinging it out'

This pic taken in my office, poor quality- taken with phone.

This pic at home - if you look closely, I have placed pins where I will begin to stone flowers made up of light blue stone in the middle & 5 or 6 tear drop shapes to make the petals.
My plan is to take progress images as I go, step by painstaking step. The Necklace and earings are both tear drop shape - I got them in a sale in January for $5 each - bargin.
Training over the weekend was good:
Saturday: Legs with Jason (ouch)
Sunday: Arms with Jason, followed by 20min cardio on the cross trainer
Today (Monday): Cardio 40mins (20min T/Mill, 20min X/trainer)
Tonight: Back training with Nikki - ohhh dear, I expect this will hurt, it's been two weeks since we trained together.
It's really great to have Jason home now, pretty much for good for the rest of the year he thinks.
The date for the NABBA Nationals have been moved forward 1 week (so a little birdy told us) to the 25th October, so we were 20 weeks out on Saturday - YAY!
Train hard!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Quick Up date = Boring post

It was a long holiday weekend, so it will be a short week YAY!

The weekend was nice and relaxing, Jason and I trained at Les Mills throughout the weekend:

Friday- Arms (Bi & Tri)
Saturday - Shoulders + Tris again (ouch - His idea not mine, diff exercises)
Sunday - Rest (Ah.... lazy winter days, watching DVD's and reading, diet still on track though)
Monday - Chest with Jason, finishing off is decline press ups to failure x 3sets (oh my boobies - I mean 'Pecs' he he)
Tuesday Back: Focus on Lats, gotta get some width before dieting down! And 20 mins Bike

Jason is leaving to work down the line in Taupo (about 3.5 hours away) for the rest of the week, I hate having to say good bye and as you will know from past posts I miss him a lot!

Food today:

M1 Oats + egg white & Shake
M2 Oats + egg white & Shake
M3 Steamed White fish (150gm), steamed veg, 1/3 cup mixed beans
M4 Chicken Breast - swapped out veg for Tomato sauce (WW Jelly)
M5 Chicken Breast and Steamed Broc

M6 Not sure... maybe some more Fat free Jello / Jelly, I had some as desert with my M4 today.

Ok, I'm leaving work early so Jason and I can have an early dinner before he drives down for work this evening.