Monday, 26 May 2008

Long weekend, not long enough!

So I took Friday off work, man I needed it - lets just say my motivation is not up to scratch, which is a shame cause I do like my job. But I don't take very many holidays, actually it's been years since I've had more than two weeks in a row off and gone somewhere. It's just Jason is self employed (through the family business) so if we want money he has to work, holidays are not built in like they are for me. We have taken the week before a each competition off - which I recommend to any competitor as really your brain is mush alot of the time and there are a lot of things you need to do in the final week - final training, cardio, hair, nails tan, routine and posing practises... and remember your energy levels are really low! But I don't count these weeks as holidays! So lets just say when it comes to work currently, I'm a bit over it! People say why don't you just take time off, going away??? No way, not on my own without my love! So at the moment, I am stuck trying to take a day off here and there to extend my weekends.

So, Friday, I slept in, I read for a while and listened to the radio (which was a relaxing start to my day) then got up, did half hour cardio on the bike at home, had breakfast and cleaned the house, and did the laundry - I had meal breaks as you do and read outside for a while, this was luxury! Then the highlight of the day, I met Jason at the gym and we did Arms. He was pretty impressed with the house being so very clean. Not that it's a mess normally, just your usual, but all the laundry was done and everything 'spring cleaned'.

The week was filled with trips to the gym, watching DVD's and doing the weekly shopping. Plus quality time with the love of my life (I know gushy and mushy - but true). It's so fun, we can just hang out and talk, really talk, for hours, learning about each other and our pasts, nothing is a no go topic with is really great.

So I'm back at work, not really feeling like being here, but I'm hoping to perk up.

Ok so cardio this morning - 30 mins bike - training tonight with my friend Nikki after work is LEGS!!! Ouch.

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