Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thought I'd answer some questions from Krissa here, as my blog entry today:

Figure comps are very much like a Wedding in terms of everything you do in preparation for just 1 day. Worth it? Months training and dieting, planing outfit, going to fittings, rehersal, being tired and grumpy, stressed, spending lots of money, planning the day (the last week really) down to the final details, hair, make-up, food... the list goes on and on...

WORTH IT? HECK YEAH! And I get to do it with my Partner, so for me it really is like planing a wedding in some ways.

I'm pretty keen to stone my own suit this year. Last year I purchased a 'Hot Fix' tool so I could apply extra stones to my pink suit - on the straps and around the back. It was time consuming, but very satisfing adding that extra touch. This year I plan on it being like my craft project (keep my hands busy when dieting and not to taxing on the brain). I won't to ensure that no-one else has a suit like mine, they may have the fabric or the style but I'm going to stone it so much that it looks like a Pro-show suit! As I'm not competing until November I plan on buying the stones as I go, so it won't dent the bank account in such a way that I freak out as much when I realise how much I spent on making my suit sparkly. - Yet another likeness to a Wedding: Expensive Bikini that I will probably only wear once.

I don't really want to say what colour my suit is (But perhaps you can guess?) Don't know why I'm playing coy, I will no doubt post more progress pictures of the Bikini than myself!

But I'm hoping it will look something like this:

I'm pretty bad with Protein Bars at the moment, which won't help me look like Jenny Lynn even if my suit does!

Carbless bars (esp. banana)

EAS Control Bars (Cream pie or Choc Brownie)

These have been my favourite, just because they are easy to get hold of as they are stocked at my local super market. I MUST STOP EATING THEM!

Today I did not follow my normal eating plan - I have dried fruit, protein bar(s) - oh well better out of the system before the comp diet eh?

Train hard y'all

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

It's Wednesday - Zzzzzzzz


I'm feeling tired. Really uninspired today. Really peckish - not hungry, but peckish... pick pick pick, that's what I've been doing with my Chicken breast, beans, salad and protein bar.

Life is great, don't get me wrong!

It was pretty hard to get out of bed this morning, easy to stay snuggled up to Jason as the alarm kept going off. He's training in the late afternoon/early evening at the moment and I'm trianing in the mornings still. He gets up, not like he lazes in bed, but I'm the one rushing about getting ready to go to the gym, and I much prefer when we go together.

Did legs on Tuesday morning, and I'm still having trouble walking up and down the stairs at work. Plus did 20 on the cross trainer.

This morning was Back - I think I hit it pretty good!

At work mate of mine is going on holiday for 3 weeks, and I can barely get 3 days ( I have heaps of time owing) but when ever I take a day or two off, my boss can't help but to call me), so I'm jealous!

But you know what, I'm still training well, and I will be kicking butt this time around (I won't even have time to take names!) YAY!

I ordered my bikini yesterday, which was cool, and when it arrives it will make this November seem even closer and a little more real. This time I am getting it made plan (sparkle velvet fabric) and I am going to stone it myself as my project over the winter, it's going to sparkel like nobodies business, and will be totally mine own. How cool is that?

Ok back to it. Train hard y'all!


Monday, 26 May 2008

Add on to morning post: Change to this morning's plan...

If i'm being honest, this morning I was not feeling like training tonight - I'm much more a morning person when it comes to training. I must have sent some 'I don't feel like it' vibes out into the world, cause this afternoon I got a text from Nikki telling me she couldn't make it to training. But, at that stage 2pm this afternoon, I had come around to wanting to train and was really looking forward to it! So I text jason and luckily he is going to wait for me to turn up to the gym after work and we will do Chest YAY! I love doing chest - esp. when Jason is there to spot me.

Long weekend, not long enough!

So I took Friday off work, man I needed it - lets just say my motivation is not up to scratch, which is a shame cause I do like my job. But I don't take very many holidays, actually it's been years since I've had more than two weeks in a row off and gone somewhere. It's just Jason is self employed (through the family business) so if we want money he has to work, holidays are not built in like they are for me. We have taken the week before a each competition off - which I recommend to any competitor as really your brain is mush alot of the time and there are a lot of things you need to do in the final week - final training, cardio, hair, nails tan, routine and posing practises... and remember your energy levels are really low! But I don't count these weeks as holidays! So lets just say when it comes to work currently, I'm a bit over it! People say why don't you just take time off, going away??? No way, not on my own without my love! So at the moment, I am stuck trying to take a day off here and there to extend my weekends.

So, Friday, I slept in, I read for a while and listened to the radio (which was a relaxing start to my day) then got up, did half hour cardio on the bike at home, had breakfast and cleaned the house, and did the laundry - I had meal breaks as you do and read outside for a while, this was luxury! Then the highlight of the day, I met Jason at the gym and we did Arms. He was pretty impressed with the house being so very clean. Not that it's a mess normally, just your usual, but all the laundry was done and everything 'spring cleaned'.

The week was filled with trips to the gym, watching DVD's and doing the weekly shopping. Plus quality time with the love of my life (I know gushy and mushy - but true). It's so fun, we can just hang out and talk, really talk, for hours, learning about each other and our pasts, nothing is a no go topic with is really great.

So I'm back at work, not really feeling like being here, but I'm hoping to perk up.

Ok so cardio this morning - 30 mins bike - training tonight with my friend Nikki after work is LEGS!!! Ouch.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Yeah, getting happy

Anyone who reads this blog from America must wonder why I do Body Building poses is my pics, but I'm competing in Figure - simple, thats what figure girls do here in NZ - we still do front, side and back stances (much like US figure), but we also do Body building poses, which I have to tell you is HARD in heels - Jason is so lucky he gets to pose in bare feet!

My next Competition is the Nationals which will be held on the 1 November 2008 - seems like ages away, but time will speed by! This time I will begin my dieting and cardio 16 weeks out in the hopes of:
  • Having a relaxed preparation
  • Being ready before the last week
  • Being able to 'eat up' to the comp, not 'diet down'
  • I want to keep as much muscle and posible
  • I want a bigger back
  • I want bigger shoulders
  • I want a smaller butt
  • I want smaller legs

No training today - which was nice - still need one day off a week, while I can, but at the moment I am training Saturday and Sunday, which I love so when I need it I take a week day off!

I have been eating too many protien bars in the last few weeks, better than choc but still not whole foods! It's cool really, I just have to be awear of what I'm eating and I figure like last time I will get it out of my system.

Life is good, I'm taking tomorrow off work so I can do cardio in the morning, clean the house nice and pretty for Jason when he gets home and then meet him at the gym for a work out in the early evening, YAY! 1 more sleep till he gets back, its like Christmas.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's my Blog-aniversary!!! Happy 1 year

As some of you who read this know, this is my 2nd blog, the first one tracked my weight loss while doing BFL, which was great, but I after my first Figure Competition I started this blog, as I had qualified for Nationals - long story short I didn't prep hard enough and didn't focus so pulled out of National and did a competition a few weeks further out (North Harbours), which jason and I both won our classes and we are now training towards Nationals in 2008.

So in about 23.5 weeks I will be stepping on stage in the best condition of my life, I will have bigger shoulders, a wider back, cut to shreds abs and a tight butt & thighs, I will rock!

I was looking back over the posts and saw that I began this blog on 21 May 2007, wow, what a great year - although I just know that 2008 I am really going to hit the stage how I want to look.

The plan for both Jason and I is to start Diet and cardio programme to cut @ 16 weeks out this time, gradually increase cardio as the weeks go by, have a training plan, follow my diet. I'd really like to do all planned cardio and training, plus only eat what is on the plan. It's exciting times coming up soon.

So happy Blogger-versary to me! Lets see what I'm writing this time next year!

Post number 2 for the day....

New pictures, scanned from the North Harbour 2007 Competition in November, never before posted on my BLOG:

Scanned some pictures as we have a few businesses who will be sponsoring us (Butcher for Chicken Breast, and a supplements company) not full sponsorship but good deals and they want some pics of us in the stores. Not sure when we will use, I am also scanning the colour photos too.

<-Me and Jason doing our Ab poses in the Pre-judging->

During our couples class, with our trophies

Hump day already YAY!!!!

Wednesday day morning Training:


DB Flat Bench Press

DB Flys Incline

Cable Flys

Over head DB

Cardio: 20min Bike

Didn't sleep so well last night again, I read till I go sleepy and listened to 'Talk Back' radio (little guilty pleasure) and didn't turn out the light until 9.30 pm which is not enough sleep for me to wake up at 4.30 am, so when I did get up I was running late as I lazed until 5am. Got to the gym at 5.50am not 5.30 on opening as I like to do, but still blasted out my work out. My shoulder on the left side is a little weak and I have a 'sticking point' feels like a nerve or something.

Spoke with Jason yesterday afternoon, he was pretty apologetic about losing his phone (gosh I must scare him a little to be that worried), so it was nice to hear his voice. I got home and tried calling his phone and sure enough it was under a cushion on the couch, so at least he dosen't need to buy a new phone or anything : )

I'm in need of a few mental health days off from work I think, I'm just not myself, I'm bored and uninspired - we all have times like this, I just need to relax and chill out for me, and maybe clean the house from top to bottom, that always makes me feel better when I can be 'House proud', probably have this Friday off so the place is all nice and clean for when Jason gets home - we are planning an evening training session when he arrives so that will be a treat, then back home (yay, clean home) for a nice dinner and relax together.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

If nothing else, I should at least blog my training...

I don't know why, but I'm not so good at being consistant with my blogging, I am happy and busy and training well, so I must be living my life, not just blogging it?

Monday 19 May

Cardio only - 20 Mins Cross trainer and 10Mins bike

Cancelled night training with Nikki, as Jason was going away for work and I wanted to have dinner with him and drop him off. Missing him already so so very much. Sometimes I feel like I love him more and more, just when I think I couldnt possibly love him more, I do! SO this kind of love is what I've been missing out on in my other relationship?

Tuesday 20 May

Training Back:

Lat Pull downs (6 sets)

Lat Machine push downs (3 sets)

Cable row (4 sets)

Dumbell 1 arm row (17kg, 20 kg, 22.5kg, 25kg)

Cardio: 20min Bike

I didn't sleep so well last night, I stayed up later than normal to read while I waited for Jason to text me and let me know he had arrived safley, but the text never came. I tried not to think bad things and found a message on my voice mail saying he thought he had lost his phone or left it at home... : ) funny! But how many times did I ask "Have you got your phone baby? Because you need to text me when you arrive safley." I must have said it so many times that he thought he had it, I'm such a nag but he never complains, I guess it would be more of a worry if I didn't care!

So after not sleeping so well and late bed time by my standards, I did entertain the idea of sleeping in and not training, but I know there will be a time when my body really needs the rest and I will HAVE to take a day off... but it is not now.

I am just under 24 weeks out from Nationals and all is going well, relaxed and growing some great shoulders and width in my back, my leg training is way less, as they are pretty developed, so it the lead up the goal will be to cut them way down. Picture is from my first comp, I must cut these babies waaaaaay down to size!