Friday, 18 April 2008

I love Blogs

Todays picture is in honor of my up coming 2nd anniversary

Yes that's right, I read alot of Blogs, mainly fitness, health, sport and diet focused esp women training for competitions (BBding and figure), it doesn't matter if it's your first or your 20th comp, I love reading about your struggles and success - you are all inspirational.

I wish my blog was more like that, I don't feel like I ever do anything to exciting or interesting, so although I intend to update more than I do, I can never think of much to say... and the worst part is when others don't update as much as I want, I'm dissapointed (DOUBLE STANDARDS I KNOW!!!!) Ha

So this is today...

Wake up early

Trained hard

squeezed in cardio


Went to work, was late cause I was having yummy oats and icy shake (my fav) while watching Sex and City DVD's ...

At work I was busy, bored, busy, hungry, full, happy, excited, tired hungry, happy, busy, tired

Tonight I will be excited on the drive home, cause it's friday and I an planning on some quality time with the love of my life and a nice relaxing dinner - Probably Chicken and green beans. Then we have the whole weekend to ourselves to train & relax yay!!!!

Next week I will be on my own for the whole week - sadly J is working about 4 hours away building - oh well work is work. He will be up over the weekend so that's ok an then the week after I will probably drive down and visit on the Thursday and drive back home with him on the Friday night when he finishes work.

It will be our 2nd anniversay on Monday 21 April and we won't even be able to spend it together!!!! We have only ever spent 1 night apart since moving in together, so the next few weeks won't be nice, but we are a strong couple and it's only time apart for a short period of time, but I'll miss him all the same.

Oh by the way, diet is good (could be better if I didn't use salad dressing and other condiments so much, but oh well, I'm still not in the dieting down phase) and training rocks

M. Legs (heavy)

T. Chest

W. Back (wide grip focus)

T. Legs (High rep, low weight)

F. Back (row & close grip moves)

S. Shoulders & Arms

YAY! - Pretty good week for me, lots of cardio slotted in after lifting too.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Nutrition, Bloods, Loss YAY!

We had our nutrition appointment yesterday evening, everything is working with my eating so we are sticking with the plan (stock standard really) and I've lost 2 kgs fat and gained .8g muscle yay! Fat down Lean mass up is good good good! J has been working real hard, so his results were not as he had hoped, he needs to get more food in - esp when he has such a physical job!

We also went over my blood tests and everything is really good! I'm 100% healthy.

So since being back and training this is what my split has been like - I'm training intuitivly alot, so if a body part is sore I won't train it, and double Back days will happen for a while so I can bring it up. I'm liking the 'freedom' and I think I really train with intencity like this. When I'm on strick diet, I need my training strict, but this is really working for me well.

5-Apr Saturday
Chest & Shoulders (with Jason)


7-Apr Monday
Back (Lats)(with Nikki)PM
40 min Bike AM

8-Apr Tuesday
Legs (High reps)AM

9-Apr Wednesday
Bi & Tri AM
20 Min Bike AM

10-Apr Thursday
Abs / Streching AM
50 Min (XT20/Bike30)AM

11-Apr Friday
Back (Mid/Lower)AM
30 min Bike AM

12-Apr Saturday
Shoulders AM
40 min Bike AM

13-Apr Sunday