Friday, 28 March 2008

Is this the longest day ever???

I have had a great week with all my training and 1 extra cardio session plus my diet is going really well too - no screw ups at all! I went hard this morning (Back day) and had some good lifts but towards the end I pulled something or hit a nerve or had a mild heart attack (not quite) but I hurt myself. I'll be fine, but everything is sore head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and Butt.

I texted J this afternoon and told him I am not up for going out or doing anything as I'm shattered... I got a a great text back saying not to worry, dinner is sorted and he'll pick up some DVD's and all I need to do is get my Butt home to him, YAY!

Today has dragged on and on, I am so uninspired and have done the bare minimum of work shhhh don't tell anyone - but hey everyone is aloud a slack day - aren't they?

Well life is good, I'm happy and focused, I hope all my Blogger friends are doing well too -

*TRAIN HARD* Girls and Guys

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Doing it!

I'm just busy doing my thing at the moment - off season is like that really. But it's not 'OFF' Season, everything is still on on on! And going well.

I had some starting measurements and blood tests done again last week, just to keep track of everything ie hormone levels etc really not in the place I want to be, but I havn't been putting in the hard yards where cardio and diet are concerned so it is to be expected. If I got a reports card for being a competitor mine would say:

I am trying a new training split, we shall see how it goes.

1. Back & Tri
2. Cardio & Abs
3. Chest & Shoulders
4. Cardio & Abs
5. Legs
6. Cardio & Abs

REPEAT ...... this will rotate in a 7 day week so that the weekend day that is cardio & abs will be a 'rest' day ie light cardio or no cardio. Either Saturday or Sunday just depending on how the week days fall into place.

I have had a painful shoulder 'tweak' going on for some time now, and I finally went to a sports massuse and she treated me, so far so good, but I will visit her a few more times as although not so bad when I lift there is a noticable nerve type pinch going on.

My diet is ok, I didn't have one Easter Egg or any chocolate and it didn't bother me so much really! I have totally cleaned up my eating and am making an effort, I'm trying to keep in mind that I'ma figure competitor and the foods I eat should be on plan and help me with my goals not hinder my goals.

Over the weekend J and I moved: not to far, just down to the flat below the house we were in we will be there for about 6 weeks till our final move into the new cottage J has been building for us. I'm really excited, but am so happy where we are now - we are surrounded by bush, and have a big deck and it's like being in a holiday home as everything is compact.

Moving this time gave us the opportunity to condense everything we have and throw out alot of stuff. The move was a 'swap' of sorts as the tenent of the flat moved up to the house we were in, along with 2 of his friends - and they wanted to move in on the Friday but it had been agreed it would be Saturday and we were still cleaning hard out - well it turns out that they had not been cleaning and were far from ready to swap over on the Saturday and held us up till about 4 pm - we were not happy , but managed to fit in our workouts etc but it was a drawn out 2 days!

Sunday and Monday were great as J and I didn't work due to public holiday so we enjoyed our new set up and relaxed (as well as trained) and had a great time cooking together lots of yummy meals .... (clean) things like Venision and Freash fish so good.

Motivation wise I just, and I mean just now - got some fabric samples for my new bikini, ohhhh I'm pretty excited about this - although I'm thinking I'll keep the colour under wraps for the time being, (safe to say it's not Black or Pink) I do however plan on decorating it alot, glitzy, glammor, and gold decorations yay! I will work on this through winter as my little project.

I have been taking 5HTP at night time before bed and I am sleeping really well, and I am really happy - so I'd recommend it as a pick me up for sure. I was taking a ZMA supplement and although I slept well, I woke up groggy so it wasn't for me.

I just had new boots delivered to work, yay! New tall brown boots. Although I'm not excited for winter I do love witner clothing like big boots!

So for now things are going well and I a happy girl.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Uninspired post, just a record of days happenings

Monday 10 March 2008

4.40am Wake up - coffee, take fat burners and L-Carnitine

5.30am Gym - Hamstrings, cardio on X/trainer 20 mins, 2 sets 24 reps swiss ball abs

Drive home Home 6.45am

7-00am Breakfast - Shake & Oats + egg white

8.45am Work at traffic a mess coming into work and I left home late

10.15am Morning tea - Oats & EAS shake

1.45pm Lunch - 4 Rice cakes, 1 Hoki fish fillet steamed, 1 packet seamed veg

3.45pm Afternoon tea - 4 Rice cakes, and Protein shake (Whey cooler 2 scoops 160 cal)
+ 1 serve WW Jelly through the afternoon

5.45pm leave work to drive 30-40mins to meet Nikki

6.30 pm Gym with Nikki - Shoulders & Bis. Killer, already feeling it when I got home.

Drive home at 7.45pm little later than normal, had to fill up car with petrol. Drink post work out shake not feeling hungry, still buzzy from energy drink Nikki gave me to try and i only had 3 scoops not the full 8-9, I will wait till leg day to try that! I love training with Nikki, she really knows her stuff and I'm glad I can talk competing with her! Next time I think we are going to hit legs - I'm a little scared to be honest, but I love the way she pushes me and I don't want to let her down!

Home at 8.15 pm

Bed by quarter to 9

Kept waking up about every hour through the night, slept ok, but still kinda had that excited 'buzz' from energy drink

Drank 3.5 lt water and 3 Coke zeros.