Friday, 18 January 2008

Well it's a good day diet wise and training, Arms today and I'll hit shoulders and Abs tomorrow.
It's Friday, and I'm about ready for the weekend and some time to curl up and relax, although I'm not sure how much of a chance I'll get as we will not be alone this weekend and I have a bit of house work to do.

Just looking at some pictures to get re-inspired,
Me and the girls in my class! They are all stunning, you can see why I thought I haddn't placed, tough competition if you ask me.

Just after my win - 3rd / 1st (Me) / 2nd ... massive smile on my face! We had just come off stage.
And a big provider of inspiration, motivation and support, my wonderful guy - we're back stage in this shot during the evening show.

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Spartze said...

hey EVE just found your blog - congrats on the success of your first year, how awesome was that! Are you competing again this year and did all the testing come back all ok? I'll send you an invite to my blog - I am competing again this year in July.

Katie (kiwi living in Melbourne)