Friday, 18 January 2008

Stef & Amy, please invite me to read your blogs... PLEASE!!!! is my email address
Well it's a good day diet wise and training, Arms today and I'll hit shoulders and Abs tomorrow.
It's Friday, and I'm about ready for the weekend and some time to curl up and relax, although I'm not sure how much of a chance I'll get as we will not be alone this weekend and I have a bit of house work to do.

Just looking at some pictures to get re-inspired,
Me and the girls in my class! They are all stunning, you can see why I thought I haddn't placed, tough competition if you ask me.

Just after my win - 3rd / 1st (Me) / 2nd ... massive smile on my face! We had just come off stage.
And a big provider of inspiration, motivation and support, my wonderful guy - we're back stage in this shot during the evening show.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Can you call my boss, tell him there was an incident at the gym...

ME: "Can you call my boss, I can't go to work today!"

JASON: "What should I say?"

ME:"Tell him there was an incident at the gym and I won't be in today and maybe the rest of the week."

JASON:"Yeah sure thing babe, I'm sure he'll understand the 'incident' was an addtional Drop set of Squats and weighted walking lunges followed by 8 sets of seated calf press... Yeah."

That was me lying face down on my bed on Tuesday morning after my leg session, it's now Thursday afternoon and I really wish I had called in sick, I am walking like I'm about 50-60 years older than my 28 years.

What else have I been up too?
Nah just kidding, that's a pic of me last year on Comp day 'Carbing up' on a fatty Egg McMuffin ... that's what the trainer said to have for high carbs and quick fat boost as well as heaps of other 'junk'... lets just say that I was also told to go eat a big Mac about 2 hours later cause I could still use some more 'fillingout'... let me tell you, as soon as I got off stage I puked it all right back up, I think I'll stick with simple plain foods to carb up like my first comp, I can't handel the fast food load!

This pic is the very un-natual tanned up me, half way through make up, and about to get hair done, I look rather tired and gross, amazing how I looked on stage when I look almost skinny and shocking in person

Man I look like nothing in person, it just shows this sport is all about timing, diet, tanning, make-up and posing your butt off.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Training and Diet update 1 week down

Hey ya'll

Thing are going well, I had perfect diet last week and hit all training sessions.


I've been doing about 3-4 exercises per body part, 4 sets, high reps 15-20 in most cases (or personal max) with only 30 secs between sets.

Although the programme split is very basic (Chest/Back, Cardio + Abs, Legs, Cardio + Abs, Shoulders, Cardio & Arms) I have found that the 30 secs rest makes all the difference - it's a killer I'm used to 1 or 1 min 30 secs or more if I'm talking...

Diet components are:

Pre Work out (if lifting, but not on cardio days): Shake
M1:Oats, Shake
M2:Carbs (Brown Rice or Sweet Potato), Protein source (Chicken, Fish, Red Meat)
M3:Carbs, Protein, Green veg or salad
M4:Protein, Green veg or salad
M5:Protein, Green Veg or salad
M6: Shake

Pretty boring and standard, good fats are coming from Chicken, White fish, Salmon or supplement, and I'm taking a Multi vitamin. Will be starting back on a whole lot of supplements when the real muscle building starts in a few weeks YAY! But for now I'm going easy on the pills and potions.

Confession time: Today I 'subsituted' some of my planned food for slightly more enjoyable items... Meal 2 was a Low Carb protein bar, some cherries and some almonds. This is however only to 2nd protein bar I have eaten in 2008! The other one was on Sunday - and I had already decided that Sundays are going to be slightly more relaxed for the next few months as I am not competing for a while. I usually 'treat' or use Protein Bars as an easy option at least once a week, even until about 8 weeks out from a comp (not this time). So I'm doing well. It's going to be slow and steady wins the race this year.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

You have to grow thick skin if you want to grow muscles!

So as I blogged below I’m not overly happy with my ‘Normal’ body at the moment, I prefer being lean and the way I look when I’m about 3 or 4 weeks out from a comp! I relaxed over the holidays and it shows, I have a mirror and home and I don’t like what I see.

OK got that?

So here is my question, (in a round about way)

Why do people think that they can comment on my weight and or size? Just because I put myself up on stage (I’ve only done it twice) to be judged on my looks – which by the way is many womens worst nightmare! It is not an open invitation to every person I come into contact with to comment on how I look. Compliments are ok, but even then depending on my frame of mind I can still take it as a negative ie: yeah I look ok, but I still have XXX amount of Body fat to loose etc…

So where is this all coming from?

Well I went to the gym with my Mum about 2 or 3 weeks ago, it was meant to be a fun time together and she is interested in hitting the weights more as she comes from a running and triathlon background. When I arrived, a guy I know who is a friend of a friend asked “What happened to you?”
So I told him I’d been eating, to which he asked “What?”
I just told him “Lots!”
He then said “Wow, you’ve gotten big.”

Nice eh? (NOT) I’m not that bad I still fit my gym clothes cricky!

So that ruined the start of the work out, then towards the end, another guy who is a real ‘Know it all’ at my gym, looks over and is trying to be all nice and stuff and then says to me “I’ve spoken to you before haven’t I? Your sister is a body builder isn’t she?” Oh my goodness… I don’t have a sister and I don’t look that different from then to now, this guy is such a dick, and it shouldn’t effect me, but it really ruined my day. My self-esteem isn’t the best and I’m not as outgoing as I’d like to be but this really brought me down!

But – this is a good thing, I decided, once I’d had a cry, that it was the motivation (kick in the pants) I needed to get focused again. When I told Jason I didn’t dare tell him who said what cause being the guy he is he would have gone straight down there and had a few ‘words!!!’

So there is my sob story. It’s all good from here on in and anyhow it was last year!

Diet and training 100% this is some kind of record for me!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Yay! 2008 is going to be great.

Took lots of time off - still trained but only about 4 times a week, but we went on a few walks and did cardio at home on the bikes some mornings. Not happy with the weight I put on, but eating whatever whenever will do that. I decided that I would let go of all my silly food/diet thoughts and relax properly. The outcome of that for me was:

  • I put on 5 extra kilos in 4 weeks
  • I went up a clothing size (tight 11 but 12 still too big)
  • Skin brake outs
  • Tired, but slept alot
  • But I relaxed - I'm rather highly strung alot of the time around food, unless I'm full on dieting and focused.
  • Was lazy
  • I had fun being lazy, spent one day without even leaving the house : )
  • Spent time with Jason, no pressure to be anywhere or fit in training or next meal
  • I ate treats
  • I endded up missing the gym and training with intensity
  • I believe I got the 'bad' food out of my system for a while at least
  • I'm enjoying eating to plan now

I had my test results and everything is working well, so I am in a good place to train, grow etc.

Last friday Jason and I had meet with a trainer and got new training and diet plans, we started training on Monday - very basic programme, but for me only 30 sec rest between sets which is proving to be a killer, and will be good kick start as I wanted to loose some fat before trying to gain and grow muscle.

The new diet will come through on Thursday, but I am happy to report that I have had 2 perfect clean days. Which means every meal is evenly spaced 2.5 - 3 hours, had protein in every meal, last 2-3 only no carbs, all clean food and I've been drinking lots and lots of water. I have been recording everything I eat too. So all in all every time I have weighed myself I've been seeing good results. Speaking of weighing we got Body Fat / Hydration scales for Christmas from my wonderful Mum and Dad, so we can track how we are responding to training, diet, and water (that'll be interesting during the dehydration period leading up to a comp!). I believe photos and clothing are great indicators of progress, but if like me you need measurements to keep your mind at rest it's best to use the same scales each time and weigh in under the same conditions.

Well thats all for my 1st post of 2008 - it's been a while.