Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This is the end... my friends

The end of 2008

I am thankful to friend and family and loved ones for support and encouragement 2008 has been a trip that's for sure. I'm ok with it coming to an end though. Really I have no regrets or sadness that it is time to move on to 2009!

So it is 31 December 2008 - the last day of the year, all week I have been trying to compose my last blog of the year, I wanted to have and overview of 2008 the good, bad and ugly! And I wanted to list my goals / resolutions etc ... oh how I tried to start but never got very far, so this time i'm 'FREE BLOGING' I'm just going to flit from topic to topic whatever pops into my mind.

I'm thankfull to everyone who has read my blog, posted supportive messages and developed friendships - it's amazing the impact people I have never met in 'real life' in the flesh have had on me! Words of thanks can't even explain. Gosh darn it I'm greatful I can even blog!

Lately it seems that if it's not 1 thing it's something else, I have been going through a few issues - well 2008 has had a few issues, soem I blog about others I don't, nothing major I guess, but things that hold me back, cause me worry, cost me money, cause self doubt or just aren't nice!

The bad and ugly

  • Had to have an operation earlier this year - but it all worked out

  • Had reservations about competing - but knew I always would

  • But I did it and won

  • Self doubt during competition prep

  • This pic was about 1 month before comp, I didn't think I was ready at all!

  • Money issues are always there, it's an expensive sport in an expensive world but we choose to do it.

  • Bad health (stomach upsets/bugs/food poisening)

  • Back pain just before 12 week dieting down phase - saw a great Chiropractor and she fixed me good as new

  • Shoulder pain - still working on that

  • Compartment syndrome in my quads meant I had to stop training for 2 + weeks and could barely walk.

  • This was depressing and I stopped diet and have put on more weight than I wanted, I have to face facts though that it's something I have to live with if I compete

  • I have not weighed myself in 4 weeks now and I know I won't be happy with the numbers as it was confirm I have relaxed too much, so I have decided not to cause myself depression by seeing a number I'm not happy with. Either way the mirror is showing how I am looking soft and there is more fat on me than I'mhappy with so no point in pouring salt in the wound eh?

  • Now I have very bad teeth and on the last day of the year @ 12 midday I'm off to the dentist for the first time in years - it's not going to be pretty and will cost sooooo much! But I'm hoping that once I've got this sorted I will feel more positive and healthier as I have heard poor teeth and infections can circulate toxins around the body and cause ill health and fatigue! So good to the dentist will be a good thing. The pain has been so bad it's keeping me awake at night I have put it off for about 8 months! I'm such a chicken I know

So that's the bad and ugly! Hey I never said I didn't have problems and issues... I have lots, but perfer to focus on the positive most of the time, and I know so many others who had had ot face many terible situations this year so I'm sorry if my worries are trivial to you but they are my worries afterall. But this is turning out to be a bit of an overview of 2008 so I'll continue... cause this ain't no pitty party - but please wish me luck with the dentist I'm worried - freaked out even .

How about some good?

  • Still happily in love, Jason puts up with a lot of things i go through - (see list above) and supports me fully, although I do frustrate him and we do have misunderstandings, mainly casue I'm a control/planning freak and he just goes along with things as they happen.
  • My rock of support

  • We moved, it was stressfull hard work, and we are still not fully settled or un-packed and the space is smaller, but it's a great place, like a holiday cabin in the bush or a tree house for adults. And we are on our own, you can't see another house and we wake to bird song every morning - it's beautiful.

  • I have made new friends and been given a lot of opportunties along the way - like this magazine shoot and we now belong to a great support gym, which was a great move to be around good people

  • I won nationals, I really wanted to do that and succeed and I did, I'm proud and happy!

  • I placed at the 1st qualifier for 2009 (North Harbours) in open figure class so I will be competing next year and will of course blog my ups and downs of competition prep for all the world to see if they so choose.

  • I'm happy most of the time

  • I have a pretty secure job, although at times I'm not challenged, and take it for granted. I work with good people and have many perks and it is good for my lifestyle and training.

Pic of work mate and I at a Christmas function early this month, I won best outfit and hat yay!

Goals/Resolutions/things I will achieve in 2009

  • will take better care of myself, heath checks etc

  • I will do more good deeds/random kind gestures to make the world a nicer place. Be it donating money, helping someone, giving random gifts to those who deserve it, writing and sending thank you cards etc. I will start with the goal of Once a week.

  • Blog at least once a week - really plan on more than that, especially as I prep for Competition

  • Remove all processed items from diet - excluding protein powder. No processed food like this burger until next carb up...

  • Eat 6-7 meals a day

  • Cardio in AM 5 times per week

  • Training 5 times per week

  • 3-4.5 +Lt water

  • Save $2,500 - $5,000

  • Pay off Credit card debit and run it in the positive

  • Pay off overdraft and run chequing acc in the positive

  • Service my car

  • Perfect 12 week comp prep - the ongoing challenge

  • Win Open Figure Tall at NZ NABBA NATIONALS 2009

  • Short term goal for Jan/Feb 2009, I have a wedding for Jasons friend to go to and I want to weight 66kg as this is a happy weight for me.

  • Think positive have positive thoughts - take time to celebrate me (if only for 1 mins meditations per day)

  • Plan to achieve! By putting in place my plans everyday - take 5-10mins at night to plan the next day (training, food, clothing etc) and 5-10 mins when I first come to work to plan the work day.

Blog topics/updates I will include at least once a week if not all 5 working days:

  1. My random act of kindness

  2. Thankfull list

  3. Feeling/Mood

  4. Sleep

  5. Body image

  6. Diet / Appetite

  7. Energy levels

  8. Activity/training

We're not doing anything special to ring in New years - but we may have a few red wines, chill out on the deck at home and talk about things, this seems to be what we do each year. May drop by a BBQ before hand quickly to say hi and wish everyone a Happy NYE

SO.... happy new years to those of you who have stumbled upon my blog.

It's been a good one, perhaps even a great one like I predicted "2008 was great"

but.... next year: "2009 I'm going to SHINE"

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Seasons greetings!

Not much to blog, not much time to blog.

I'm back in the gym again - have been for about 1 week now, but mainly cardio only. I do feel better and my legs are working again.

There is no diet - wouldn't want to imagin how much fat i'd have stacked on if it wasn't for doing cardio - believe me it's bad enough, but well I know better than anyone you can't expect your body to diet and train haard all year long - mentally it's tough enough.

Yummy Christmas food is going down well, opps bit too much chocolate though

The weather is really hot here, so there is a lack of energy

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Me - what else would I blog about? Hmmm?

Just to let you know I might not be updated my blog in the next few days as much as I would like - my work load is crazy - but should cool down in a week or so and I hope to give more attention to the site!

The other thing is that physically I have been going through a hard time. I may have mentioned a while ago getting 'cramps' in my thighs / Quads after competitions, everyone said they thought it was mineral or water dehydration issues, but it turns out my painful condition is called 'Compartment Syndrom' which means the sheath around my quads does not expand when the muscle grows or expands with swelling so it cuts off blood supply to the nerves - making it painful and I can bearly walk!

It just means rest and time off (which is depressing for me) and it will come right. Jason had been on about me taking some time off - but well I love training, I love what training does for my mind and body, I'm lost without it! But he was right and now I have to listen to my body.

So there we have it, lots of work and no training. But time off will do me some good and i will have heaps to blog about too.

I started getting the CS pains on Sunday 30 Nov - I was in the gym about to do my cardio on the bike and try as I might I could not do it, let alone walk, I tried stretching but in the end I had to struggle up the gym stairs to my car - and I sat there for about 15 mins waiting for the pain to subside (it took a lot of deep breathing). I finally struggled home.

Really bad timing for me and my maintainence diet etc as Saturday had been a big enjoyable cheat day with Jason! I let depression take over and I had a cheat Sunday too along with some not so on plan choices during the week just gone! Yummy but so bad when I can't get to the gym to use the cals as fule! It's turned to fat now! Yucky!!!!

Finally today 1 week on, my legs are feeling mostly better, a bit of tightness but I think I will be ok to train chest tomorrow morning with Jason and then start up doing Cardio on Wednesday morning... wish me luck and happy healing - I'm also back to clean eating yay! Things should once again fall into place.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

May 2007, Nov 2007, Oct 2008, Nov 2008

Just wanted to do a side by side (of my side chest poses) comparision through my 4 comps. Judging from these I did peak muscle wise at Nationals (oct '08), but I think I looked nicers and smaller in Nov '08 North Harbours - perhaps I just prefer the image as it is better quality. I think I have made imporvements so I'm happy - onwards and up wards I say!

Friday, 28 November 2008

New Zealand Fitness Magazine

Well the magazine came out yesterday, my Mum called me at lunch time and came by to drop me off a copy so I could show it around the folks at work, she took home another copy to show my father - who was impressed according to my Mum. Quite fun being in a magazine and in 2 months time (fingers crossed) there will be a story about Jason and I in the magazine.
Well the last two days have been a bit of a drag - it's very muggy weather wise and it is draining and sapping my energy! But I'm still doing my moring cardio sessions and training 5 days a week at night with evening cardio to fill in the non lifting evenings. My diet has been good with the addition of nuts and dried fruit to keep energy levels a touch higher.
I am having to focus on drinking enough water - not normally a problem cause I love my water (you'd understand if you've ever been through a dehydration for a competition), but with the heat I really should increase fluids. Speaking of fluids, naughty old COKE ZERO has made it's way back into my life, yummy, but bloaty for my tummy. Will have to go cold turkey on this I think - it really is amazing the difference only drinking water / green tea (and a few morning coffees) makes. My skin is usually much clearer and no spots!
Competition Update: I am considering doing a comp early 2009 (March). I have been thinking about it for a week now and mentioned it to Jason - he of course is supportive no matter what I want to do, but I asked him to think about it for a day or two just to weigh up the impact of me doing a show on my own - I don't even know if I could do it on my own... watch this space I guess.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Been a while - woops

Sneak preview of the magazine layout of the photoshoot I did about 6 weeks ago:

The magazine should be out in a day or so - I will scan for better images! It's kinda exciting for me! I think it'll make my Mum and Dad really proud too. YAY! I'm the one in the YELLOW : )

Today is the 25 November - what's so special about that?

Well it's 1 month till Christmas... but that's not why I'm making a big deal.

It's been exactly 1 month (25 Oct) since I won my class at the New Zealand Nationals!

Yes that's a big deal to me, but the other thing is that I have not 'Blown up like a Balloon' I have continued with at least 1 hour cardio a day and I have trained at lease 4 times per week and for 5 out of 7 days I'm following my competition diet (Mon- Fri) and having cheat meals/days during the weekend.

This seems to be working for me, as at today I am 3 kilos heavier than I weighed in for comp day. Every Friday I weigh between 60 & 61 kg's have my cheat food and relax during the weekends and then each Monday I weigh about 63kgs and I go back on 'plan' and use up the extra fuel, and re-hydrate to ensure any water retention is fixed! I think the 're-feeds' ensures my metobolisum does not get to used to the low carb, high protein diet I am on during the week.

I took some 'Post Comp' pictures last weekend just to show that I have not put on a whole stack of weight like I did the last 2 times I competed. Will be sure to post 'em up sometime soon too.

Sample of diet Monday - Friday

M1: Oats/ 1 Egg white / Protein Shake
M2: White Fish or Chicken / Rice Cake or sweet potato / 1-2 c. brocolli
M3 - M4: as per meal 2
M5: White Fish or Chicken / 1-2 c. brocolli
M6: Post work out Protein Shake

*Calories are approx 1,500 -1,800 as there is alot of protein! I'm certainly not starving myself and it seems to be working + it's simple and easy to eat the same thing over again through the day and through the week. Boring maybe, but my food is nothing but boring in the weekend if I keep it clean during the week.

Gotta say that it is a bit harded to stay motivated without a competition coming up, but I have come to think that if I can keep this up and still have cheats in the weekends and make use of the extra carbs and calories by training hard and heavy following a cheat then I can only improve while not being too hard on myself mentally! I just need to keep a track of everything day to day to ensure I don't go overboard.
Something I'm proud of, is our Competion wall - the booty claimed by Jason and I, collected between May 2007 & November 2008 (4 comps total). As you can see there are some motivational images as well as pics of ourselves.

Training tonight will be Chest and Back with Jason - should be fun - but the gym is just so very busy now with Summer coming up and everyone has realised that they need to loose some fat! I hate that, the increase of people make it harded to navigate the gym floor. I can't help but think they should have been coming in winter like I was, then they wouldn't be panicing and putting in a last minute effort to look good at the beach. Oh well, whatever gets people moving and training, as long as they stick with it and don't get in my way too much : )

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Yet another pic of Jason and I, I'm wearing an 'Iron Angles' tank top. If you haven't seen this clothing website check it out this link will take you to my picture on the website as 'Friends' of IA clothing. They are updating their site, but check back to see when they are done as they have some simple but great and pretty workout clothes.

Friday, 14 November 2008


This is always a hot topic at the end of the Body Building Competition season - as it is here in New Zealand. Most competitors (unless they have an international comp) are now in the very important but often overlooked Post Comp part of their sport. Many competitors, especially females go through what is terms 'Post Comp Blues', the way I explain it to people who ask is that it is very much like New Years Eve & Your Wedding - there is so much build up an preparation and you have a great time... but then the next day... you are left with a 'What next' feeling. Couple that feeling with freedom to eat, and binge on whatever you want after beening on a strick diet, decreasing cardio & training, you have a large problem brewing!

It's hard!!! My first 2 comps left me following other peoples advice to eat what I wanted to 'get it out of my system' and to have at least 7 days off from training... well mentaly the freedom to eat what I wanted and how much I wanted really screwed with me if I'm honest. At first you think you are un-touchable, hey you trained and dieted you butt off and you look perhaps the best you've ever looked so you 'Deserve' a break, plus surley all the muscle you have and cardio you've been doing will mean that you have a really high metobolic rate... right??? Well thats what I thought and within a few weeks I had lost my abs, lost fitness & strength and lost my mind because I'd keep saying every day that I was going to stop eating bad and start training hard again. But it took a while to get truly back into the process.

I have found that yes you do need to relax a bit, but everyone is different and you do need to re-introduce the foods you have placed 'off limits' and fulfill cravings. But for my mind and bodys sake I need to have a plan in place. Have a few days rest (your body will be sore from posing if you did it properly on stage), have a few sleep ins if you were doing early morning cardio - Then get back into the gym, if you were doing 1 hour cardio sessions try to do 30-40 mins. If you were lifting 6 days a week try 1 day on, 1 day off etc ... Go back on an eating plan, look back to what your meal plan was 12-8 weeks out, this should be a reasonable plan still with a good amount of Protein, Carbs, Vegs and fats. Follow this for a few weeks while re-introducing other foods you have deemed on limits, and have cheat meals or snaks. Bodybuilders are creatures of habit, so we thrive on routine so put some back in place in your life.

Following a comp your body can produce some amazing lean mass gains, but it is not an excuse to let loose and go crazy! I should know. This is what I am calling my 'Back out gracefully' plan, instead of stoping the training and dieting I am backing out of Comp preparation gracefully... in the hopes of not blowing up like a balloon. Plus I worked hard to wear a bikini on stage and be judged by a panel - I want to be able to wear a bikini on the beach too... and perhaps not be judged on how I look. But hey who knows, Christmas is coming, lots of dinners and parties and office shouts, gift baskets with goodies... temptation can take over when I don't have the fear of a deadline to get back on stage until next year.

This is all pretty good advice - I should know because I am 2 weeks since competing and from my last competition as at todays weigh in I am 60.1Kg naked on my home scales (.1 more than I weighed in at for my competitions this year with clothes on). I am still lean, I still have abs, I still fit me pre-comp clothes all small sizes yay! As for diet, I carbed up before both comps with alot of carb / sugar foods and had to work it off between shows and last Saturday and Sunday had a cheat weekend (Flavoured ricecakes - 2 packs, dried fruit, banana chips, protein bar, candy), these were spread between normal meals (Oats, shakes, chicken, Fish, green veg), by Sunday 6.30pm I was so tired I had to go to bed the carbs had made me so sleepy! On Monday I weighed myself and had 3 kgs extra, this week I have been back on my very clean diet and drinking lots of water, doing AM cardio and training or doing cardio in the evenings - by Wednesday the 3kgs had gone and I am holding at 60kgs!

This weekend I plan on having a cheat meal of Sushi, and some more snack types foods (rice cakes and fruit) nothing over the top. But I feel that this is working for me now, of course the cardio may get slightly less, and treats over Christmas higher but I will monitor how I am doing. It's all about learning.

My best advice for anyone with 'Post Contest Blues' is to remember: Many dream of doing it but only a few following it through. Train hard. And don't be too hard on yourselves.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Photo shoot, Magazine story

These are pictures from a photo shoot J & I did on the Sunday after Nationals with my friend Sandie, we have known each other since we were 13! I think she is very talented. Both Jason and I were very tired on the day from the excitment of Comp day but she managed to get some good shots of us. The 3 below will feature in NZ Fitness Magazine in their FEB/MARCH 2009 issue - as a story on us as a Fit couple "Fit Attraction" or something along those lines.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Pictures back stage at NABBA Nationals 2008

Me & Mum, who did a fantastic job tanning up both Jason and I with Dream tan at the moring show (Pre-Judging) and night show.

Mum, Me & my Dad - man those shoes make me look like a giant!

Jason, mum and I back stage just after my win in Novice Figure Tall Class

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Nationals Update...

Only just got computer access, I have been without it the last 2 weeks in the lead up to my 2 competitions. New Zealand NABBA Nationals 2008 & North Harbour NABBA 2008 (qualifier for Nationals 2009).


Nationals: Novice Figure Tall Winner! Yay 1st place.

North Harbours: OPEN Figure 2nd place - yay qualified for Nationals in 2009 already!!!

So very happy.

Here are some images from Nationals

Friday, 17 October 2008

Things to do list, with 1 week 1 day

Book time off work - Done
Choose routine music - Done
Have music cut to 1 minute -
Order new bikini - Done
Finish stoning bikini - Nearly there
Finish strap alturations - to be done in last week
Posing lesson - Done
Posing routine - Done
Register for shows - Done
Buy make-up case - Done
Clean out and stock 'kit box' with all comp stuff ie makeup, tan, gloves
Buy False eyelashes
Buy new jewellery - Done, beautiful gold tear drop earing and necklace

Organise beauty appointments:
Book make up artist for the day - waiting for her to confirm
Hair colour - Done
Nails (Wednesday before) - Booked
Spray tan 1 (Thursday)
Spray tan 2 (Friday)
Hair cut and styled ready for show day - Done
Other stuff
Have money ready on comp day for show photos
Jasons sister for comp day photos
Organise Sandie for Sunday photos? Day after in a gym or on a beach?

Shopping for comp day food (Thursday) yummy!
Shopping for items we need on day: ie gloves,

So much to do, but as you can see the items in black mean that they are done or under control! YAY! I'm feeling good. Today is my last day at work as I like to take the week before off the prep properly and train and diet to the best I can with as little stress as I can. But last days of work are always a stress for me - so much to do!

Oh yeah no time to post about funny story ...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Legs to the death!

So after my explanation regarding splitting my leg training up it seems funny to tell you about my last leg training session (last night) which was dubbed "LEGS TO THE DEATH" and contrary to my last post involved Hammies, Quads, Butt, and calfs in one burn out session. Pretty much going against a lot of our normal training rules: It went for over two hours but we were instructed to destroy our legs... which in turn in the next week will leave them time to repair, heal, and get cut (we are still of course doing cardio).

  • Hamstring curls
  • Quad leg curls
  • Barbell deep squats
  • Single leg press with leg crossed over to opposite side
  • Lunges - crossing 1 leg in front of the other
  • Abductor
  • Adductor
  • Calf seat raise
  • Calf standing

This was high rep, low weight stuff, which left our legs like Jelly - Jelly with muscle spasms! But it was good. This mornings cardio on the bike was a killer through - but I got through it (1 hour + 5 mins). Still doing good - although I will post again soon with a very funny story... the result of low carb dieting at it's best!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All going well! Exciting times.

All going well - this feels like the best competition prep yet!

I was given some valuable advice about 1 month ago when I was stuck on a weight platue... cut down your food in-take! Ha who would have thought that cutting small amounts from meals would have such an impact (well I did) the real question is who would have thought I'd be able to do it? - But a girls gota do what a girls gota do!

The result is I am 800gms from my max competition weight for my height class, with 10 days to go this is very cool! I usually drop 2kgs of water weight from the dehydration process so I should be well within my weight range and not have to sacrifice any more hard earned muscle! I will be getting my Body Fat tested again this week, but with last weeks results showing a 1% drop I am very happy!

I am currently drinking as much water as I can take - although bathroom stops are nessessary whenever I go (bit anoying). But I need to increase my intake and water load so my body flushes out any toxins etc and to get it ready for the "Shock" dehydration process! YAY! Fun as always.

Next week both Jason and I will be carb depleting, so I'll be getting rid of what little carbs I have now! And pretty much the diet will be all about Chicken, Chicken and Chicken (maybe white fish to change things up)!

I played fitness model for a photo spread in NZ Fitness Magazine (it was a partners streching section) with a girl who competes in the other NZ Body Building Feduration in the same class as mine. It was a good simple quick shoot, and from what I could see the pics will look good. If the Magazine is happy with the results the pics will feature in the December issue! WOW quick! I will totally post pics up here on my blog!

It was good having someone in a different Feduration to talk to about competing - we are at the same level but cab talk about our routines and suits etc cause we aren't going up against each other.

  • Handed in Jason and I's entry forms yesterday, with music cut to disk - so it is now very real. No turning back!
  • Tried on my bikini and it fits well, not alturations needed, but will tidy up the straps so nothing hangs down. I am yet to finish the stoning, I have been saving the task, but perhaps I really should get on to it.
  • Finished my routine - I think it is good, and I pretty much have it down, now to just work on getting poses perfect.
  • My pre comp work pants are TOOOOOO big for my, I have to have a belt and other clothes I purchased this far out last time are all too big for me aswell.

Ok bathroom time... that's all for my update at the moment. (I think, goodness knows my memory is not at it's best).


Answer to Matts question: This may sound like a goofy question, but why Quads seperate from the other Leg Muscles and not all together? It depends on training splits I guess but Hamstrings (as well at glutes & Calfs) and Quads (+ Calfs) are large muscles groups and for me require a lot of work to refine - the size is always there! Ofcourse multi joint movements like squats or leg press work both front and back of leg but I like to focus on each separatly and to do both justice it would be a long training session which is not ideal and I wouldn't have the energy to complete it as we are now in high reps & low weights. I always allow at least 2 days for legs to recover before I train them again and spliting them up allows for a more focused session each time. Hope that make sense - in a round about kinda way. Thanks for your support and friendship Matt.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Down down and away....

Yip the scale is moving down nicely and the bodyfat is too! I'm pretty happy with my progress, but it has been hard work to say the least, but it is worth it and whats the point of doing something easy and being 'normal'?

Well like I said we went out of Saturday night and it was great fun. Our Friend is a professional wrestler (like WWF) but as with most things different or not a normal activity, there is only a small following in New Zealand. Never the less, there was a large group of us from the gym to support him and HE WON THE TITLE I was and am so proud, he is a real entertainer and although it's all stunts and tricks and the result is a set up - THESE GUYS WORKED HARD!!! I haven't laughed so much in such a long time either!

Training is going well - a guy I worked with asked if I increased my training in the lead up to a competition... duh um yeah, that's why I've made these changes in my body. I usually only go to the gym once a day in the off season and then only lift 4-5 days of the week - but yeah Cardio is at least an hour every morning with lifting sessions in the evening after work 6 out of 7 days (the other day is extra cardio).

Training breakdown this week:
Mon: *Cardio (Rest from lifting) & Abs
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs
Thursday: Hamstrings & calfs
Friday: Back
Saturday: Chest
Sunday: Quads & Calfs

*Cardio only or rest day moved around depending on work scheduals for Jason and I if needs be normally is Wednesday nights.

Diet - sample of what most days are like

PC.Coffee, Fat burners
M1. Oats. Protein shake + 2 egg whites
Work 8.30am - 5pm
M2. Chick Breast (or tin of tuna) / Sweet potato v. small serve / 1 cup broc
M3. as per meal 2
M4. Chick Breast / 2 cups broc
M5. Shake
M6. Shake
(or on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays light meal of White fish or Egg Whites with Broc)

Pretty exciting stuff really, but less than I am used to, so the weight and body fat is falling!
Getting our Body fat done tomorrow - can't wait to see if I'm even lower than last week, this is as lean as I've ever been in the lead up to a competition.

Friday, 3 October 2008

It's going to be one of those days....

Well, you may think my title implies that things are not going well, but you'd be wrong, they are going to plan and I must say I am happy and feeling confident that I can and will do this! YAY! It's just that it will be one of 'THOSE' days because it's Friday and the end of the week and I am rather drained most of the time.

I cut my food down this week by about 300 cals which can seem like not much at times and others times can seem like alot. For example I have been having 1/3 cup of oats for the majority of my prep but I cut it down to only 1/4 cup, small changes like this are making a difference so it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

On the cardio side of things, this is the seems at times to be most cardio I have done in any of my comp preps that I have done to date: I am currently doing 1 hour in the morning with perhaps an extra 10-15 mins some mornings if I have the time. But in the evening I am now training so if I do any cardio at night it has only been 1-2 evenings a week when I have the energy and time. So basically it is probably only slightly more cardio as other comp preps, just not broken down in to 2 sessions a day.

I am consistantly loosing weight and body fat now, mentally I feel happy with the progress. I am getting positive comments from trainers in my gym and even people at work who are now used to what I do are passing good natured comments about my 'weight loss'.

I was very tired yesterday - I have been worse - but it was showing in my face and attitude towards the end of the day. So after training and my protein shake post work out I took myself to bed rather than try to stay up and make conversation with Jason (he too was having a bad day). As with so much of my life I am all or nothing... the same when it comes to being tired, once I hit the wall so to speak it is time to give up and go to sleep.

A friend of ours in wrestling on Saturday evening, it should be a good show, we have been looking forward to it for a while - Jason and I will actually be 'Going out' somewhere and socialising! It's also Jasons birthday, so it will be nice to do something other than stay in like we mostly do when dieting down.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Things to do list, with 3.5 weeks out

  • Book time off work - Done
  • Choose routine music - Done
  • Have music cut to 1 minute -
  • Order new bikini - Done
  • Finish stoning bikini - Nearly there
  • Finish strap alturations - to be done in last week
  • Posing lesson - Done
  • Posing routine - Half way through
  • Register for shows -
  • Buy make-up case - Done
  • Buy False eyelashes
  • Buy new jewellery - Done, beautiful gold tear drop earing and necklace
  • Organise beauty appointments:
  • Book make up artist for the day
  • Hair colour (Tuesday before)
  • Nails (Wednesday before)
  • Spray tan 1 (Thursday)
  • Shopping for comp day food (Thursday) thats a list of its own yummy!
  • Spray tan 2 (Friday)
  • Hair cut and styled ready for show day (Friday before)
  • Have money ready on comp day for show photos
  • Jasons sister for comp day photos
  • Organise Sandie for Sunday photos? Day after in a gym or on a beach?

I am...

Feeling pretty good really, motivated most of the time, my mind is a little slow and tired but that's to be expected. I have made some cuts in my diet and it is helping I am droping 100-200gms per day in weight and body is looking leaner every day. I'm wearing my pre-comp jeans at 3.5 weeks out (I brought them 2 weeks out last year), so I think this is a sign that I am on track which is a good motivator. I will be having my Body fat tested in about 2 hours time before my evening session at the gym - so I will know for sure where I stand.

I haven't posted a picture in a while, this is one taken on my phone, very poor quality, I just forget to download my progress pics from my camera, and lets face it I've been there and done that with progress pics and I don't like anything showing how bad I looked when I started! Oh well this pix shows 1 bicept... hey it's a start!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Today is a good day!

Well my 2 day conference was ok - but I did miss my leg work out! Only missed 1 training session and that was it! My meals were ok as I cooked and packed prior to leaving which was a good thing becuase my hotel room did not have anything to heat or cook with! My breakfast oats were softened with hot water and were luke warm when soft enough to eat but I just got on with it. Happy to report not binges (just extra large serve of steamed veg at night).

As always prep has been full of ups and downs. But today I feel up, and my body is showing it with positive changes. Things I want to make note of:

  • Stopped drinking diet soda, just to see what effect it has, and truth be told after only 1 day off the stuff (I used to have 2-6 glasses per day) I feel great. But that could be beacuse as the soda drinking stopped I increase my water intake!
  • Chewing less sugar free gum also
  • Diet is spot on
  • Increased cardio in the morning to 1hr 10min (every little bit helps)
  • about 30 seconds into posing routine
  • Will be waxing legs today if I can get appointment
  • Still sunbedding - slowing building up time: 8mins, 10mins, 15mins (max) as I get used to it. Must admit it's nice to just go and rest for a few mins in the middle of the day.
  • Fat Burners are working well to give me energy (new brand)
  • Had a great shoulder work out with Jason last night - killed it!
  • My upper body is getting lean, and lower body is shrinking slowly but by no means is it lean.

Off to have a strong coffee with vanilla in it - yay.

Yes Jim I meant 'UNHEALTHY' - I'm on a competition diet and my brain gets foggy. You will see there are a lot a spelling mistakes and missed out words all over this blog - but most folks realise what I mean and get my drift, and really I just can't be bothered with spelling mistakes.

So I realise that sunbeds are not viewed as healthy - but I am doing them and for future reference when I look back on my blog I like to know details such as that. I know I liked my tan my first comp and I used sunbeds as part of the process, so I'm going to do it again.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Only 5 weeks and 2 days

Had my final session with my chiropractor - I injured my back about 8 weeks ago. The final assessment shows great improvement, strength and flexibility. I am really pleased!

Had second sunbed session this afternoon (12mins) I know that sunbeds are (edit)UN-healthy but I've chosen to use them as I have heard they help with streach marks plus I want a really good deep base tan.

Feeling pretty tired alot of the time now and a little brain dead when it's been a while since eating. But I'm past the point of no return so am sticking to my diet and going for it!

Something I have been doing this week is adding a few drops of vanilla to my black coffees in the morning, it's like a treat, it almost seems like the coffee is sweet.

Work is going to be a nightmare this weekend as I have to run a meeting off site at a hotel, this time last year for the same event I fell off the wagon and went off my diet, this time I believe I am more focused and ready to succeed. Part of the plan is to have ALL meals cooked and packed in plastic containers for the entire 2 days! + Diet sodas and chewing gum.

NOTE TO SELF: Must come up with posing routine and practise posing!

Training & Diet Thursday 18 Sept

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine*
Cardio 5.30-6.40 am (70min T/Mill hill walk ) added an extra 10 mins
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (10.30am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (EAS)
M3: (2.00pm) 150gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato + 2 c Mix Veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M5: (4.30pm) 150gm Chicken Breast
*Training: Hamstrings and Calfs
M6:(8.00pm) Post-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Training & Diet Wednesday 17 Sept

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine
*Cardio 5.30-6.30am (20 min T/Mill hill walk + 25 min + 15 min bike)
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (10.00am) 100gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato
M3: (12.30 pm) 100gm Chicken, 1 c mixed veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M4: (3.00pm) 100gm Chicken + 2 c mixed veg
M5: (6.00pm) 200am Hoki Fish fillets + 2 c (Broc, cauli)
*Cardio Walking 40min outside in the rain with Jason
M6: Post-cardio shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Training & Diet

Wake up take fat burners & black coffee + L carnitine
*Cardio 5.30-6.30am (20 min T/Mill hill walk + 25 min + 15 min bike)
M1: (7.00am) 1/3 c oats, 1 egg white, protein shake (take vitamins)
M2: (9.00am) 100gms Chicken breast - Hungry
M3: (10.45am) 100gms Chicken breast + 100gm sweet potato
M4: (1.30 pm) 180gms tin tuna, 2 c mixed veg (broc, cauli, carrot, green beans)
M5: (4.00pm) EAS Shake (carb control), 2 c mixed veg
M6: (6.00pm) Pre-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)
*Training: Shoulders & Abs
M7: (8.00pm) Post-work out shake (0 carbs / 0 fat)(take 2nd serve of vitamins)

Patern of time between meals:

Perhaps this is something to take note of, mostly I eat between every 2 - 2.30hr. Lately I have found that I'm kinda likely to be hungry in the morning and want to pick at the rest of my food for the day... but in saying that, today like most days the calories and protein/carbs/fats are good.

Feeling pretty good, really enjoyed cardio at my new gym, Jason came along for AM cardio which was cool. Had first sun bed session today - I only did 10 mins to get used to it, as it's been a while since I've been on a SB. Please do not comment on the health issues etc, this is my choice : )

Monday, 15 September 2008

Remember to take your vitamins!!!!

So I said I was tired and had been for a while, well it really got hard this weekend, so shattered but for some reason I had an idea that I should start taking my multi vitamins and magnisium (bad leg cramps). And you guessed it, I'm feeling much better already, must have been low in some vitamins and minerals. Sometimes it's the simple things.

Body fat still dropping, yay!

This morning was 1 hour cardio and tonight Jason and I are doing arms.

M1: Oats and Shake + 1 egg white
M2: Chicken Breast with 100g Sweet potato
M3: 1/3 c brown rice, Chicken Breast, 2 c mixed veg
M4: Chicken Breast, 1 c mixed veg
M5: Pre-wk out Shake
M6: Post-wk out Shake


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Black pants

Today is the first day I can fit into and wear my Pre-Comp black work pants.... yay! Things are changing! There is no question that my lower body (Ham strings, Butt & Quads, - in that order) are the last things to shrink down and loose body fat, but it must be happening if I can fit my BLACK TROUSERS.

Cardio was hard Monday and this morning (Tuesday) and I was super bloating last night for Arms (too much sugar free gum), but while working out I was really happy to see my arms taking shape - Jason was super pleased too. So even though I felt big and frumpy and bloated I knew my arms looked good!

It's double cardio today so back to gym for 45-60mins on the bikes with Jason.

I was going to put together a new routine, and I got my music today and now I'm not so keen on the music... so I'm back at square one with that.

Bring on pay day, I'm pretty stapped for cash, I get paid monthly and at the end of the month it gets a bit tight.

I am still listing down this to do on my 'Things to do list' and they mostly cost money!
  • But I will start tanning 1 month out from comp, so that's $80 gone!
  • Lucky I've paid for my suit and have my shoes from last time.
  • Must practise posing (that's free).
  • Our posing routines allow for us to use small props ie scarves, boa's etc... I am thinking of using some fabric and using it to form poses, something different.

Well I'm positive and up-beat, tired and always hungry, so same old same old really.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Melt down Saturday

On Friday I was feeling rather 'BLAH' to say the least. Went to bed about 10pm cause "It hurts to be awake!"

On Saturday I did NOT feel refreshed, everything seemed hard and was not happy. While doing cardio at the gym I was nearly in tears, usually I love doing my 7-8am cardio on Saturdays and Sundays with Jason! But I didn't want to talk to anyone or anything, and I was mean and rude to Jason (Thank goodness he understands).

After we got home and had breakfast Jason left me alone to go visit our trainer and I skinned and bagged up our Bulk Chicken breasts. And Jason being wonderful - he also did our grocery shopping cause he know I wouldn't be up for it!.

Had an afternoon nap and woke up better and ready to train.

Sunday I felt back on track.

So I guess the diet must be working eh? Just one of those things. I'm starting to see little changes so I am feeling motivated.

Congratulations goes to VisionQuest II- Cynthia she's officially the PRO I knew she could always be yay!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

7.5 weeks out

All is going well, my Body fat is droping which is great but the scale is taking it's time to drop. Currently I'm about 9kg from comp. weight, this is ok... as at least 2-3kg will be water and dropped during de-hydration.

I am having ups and downs mentally as to how I feel I look. This past weekend and Monday / Tuesday I felt great and was dropping 100gm weight per day. Yesterday and today I feel bloated so mentally not doing that great. I'm experiencing tummy pains today - much like TOM but it's not due so must be digestion.

Work is not fulfilling currently and I don't want to moan about it or complain but I feel for every 3 steps forward I take 2 backwards.

EXAMPLE: I book a function, invite people, not enough respond so I have to cancel function! It's a real waste of time.

  • Currently high reps 6 days per week. In the evenings between 6pm-8pm with only Wednesdays off lifting (cardio on Wednesday evenings instead).
  • I am doing an hour minimum cardio every morning before breakfast 7days per week. And any extra I can fit in


  • High Protein (no surprises)
  • Carbs in Meals 1,2,3 sometimes 4
  • Carbs usually 1/2c. oats or 100g sweet potato
  • Lots of Veg
  • 3-5lt water
  • 2-5 diet sodas
  • 1 green tea
  • 1-2 black coffees

Guilty pleasure:

  • Protein pancakes
  • Sugar free chewing gum

Things to do:

  • Make a pre-comp 'To Do' list with all the things I need to do over the next 7 weeks

Monday, 28 July 2008

12 weeks 5 days

Had a nice relaxing weekend with a Cheat meal thrown in for good measure - yummy sushi, some rice cakes, and dried fruit covered in yoghurt.

Monday 28 July:

TRAINIG: Chest day 40 min+ 30mins bike (steady state HR125-135)

FUEL: (Cals in 1550-1600)
M1 Oats + Shake 1.5 scoop
M2 Oats + Egg White + EAS Shake
M3 150g (5oz) Chicken + Broc + 1/2 tin Beans
M4 150g (5oz) Chicken + Broc

PM Cardio

M5 Chicken breast + Broc (no measure will eat to hunger)
M6 Protein Shake 1.5 scoop

Thursday, 24 July 2008


It was so nice to see those Birthday comments left on my blog - a bigggg thank you! It means a lot. And yes Matt I kept it pretty low key and quiet. Maybe next year I'll make a big deal about it.

OK so my LEGS are still hurting so bad!!!! It hurts to sit, stand and walk, but I still did cardio this morning 40 mins bike and it loosened things up a little.

Yesterday was Back day and today I felt like my lats are sticking out wide - Jason said I had made some good changes with them and the were looking 'Chunky' ummm yeah, that's not really what a girl wants to hear (even if I'm tryin to grown 'em) but I know what he means.

This afternoon will be arms, think I'll Split up Bi's & Tri's together. I'll be training on my own, which is cool, casue Jason is training with his old training partner tonight, and I don't mind training on my own from time to time esp. arms cause I don't need help or much equipment.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My Birthday

Yip YESTERDAY: July 21st was my birthday - I took the day off work - don' t believe in working on my birthday! It was nice. Not overly full of celebrations, but nice all the same.

  • Got up at 5am - did an hour run on the treadmill at the gym (felt great)
  • 7am Had breakfast with my honey, he's such a good man
  • Pottered around the house, cleaned till 10am had my second meal of the day
  • Went to the mall and looked around the shops
  • Had lovely grilled Salmon and salad for lunch
  • bit more shoping and buying (he he) 4pm shake and 1/2 protein bar + plus handfull of nuts
  • Got home just in time to get changed and hit the gym for Chest and Shoulders
  • Handfull of dried fruit post work out (hungry for carbs - esp. sweet)
  • Shower - hot hot hot mmmmm
  • Dinner at 7pm with my love (Chicken and Broc)
  • watched a bit of a DVD
  • Bed time about 9 - 9.30 ish

Birthday gifts: New Digital camera, shirt, cosmetics, handbag, camera bag, bookstore vouchers, black trousers (gift to myself - they were on sale), bead necklace - really nice for work, lottery ticket, scratch and win tickets.... it was a bit of a haul really, I am a lucky girl. All this from only Mum, Dad and Jason (oh and me).

TODAY - 22 July

I got up this morning and trained legs - full on hard out sweating legs!!! Yay it was simple and good.

Leg press - 6 sets high reps with drop set to end ouch

Lunges - 6 sets increasing weights and decreasing reps each set

Leg Extention - Single legs 6 sets got up pretty heavy

Finished off with Cross-trainer for 20 mins then a little Abs and streaching, do you think I could walk properly after that? Hmmp NOPE tight sore and cramping, I love a simple workout that kills!

So now I'm off to the gym for some post work cardio - Cross trainer and Bike I think - may 40-60mins maximum, while Jason does his leg work out. That's one session I let him do on his own, it' s heavy weight and for me to train with him we'd be loading and unloading weights more than actually doing the training.

Friday, 11 July 2008

1 week down and all going well!

This was week 16 in the countdown - as of Saturday I will be 15 weeks out from Nationals and I want it baaaaad I'm keen to put my best on stage and go for gold, my focus is here!

I have had a few set backs - rather now than later. My Back injury is healing well now and my Chiropractor is working with me up to the Comp, which should improve my posing no end!

On Tuesday I was struck down with some kind of illness, I felt like it was TOM (due tomorrow), but I felt bloated, and cramped and had dizzy spells, could not get out of bed and finally vomited up stomach bile (tasted like poisen), then slept 1/2 the day! I recovered quickly after that, so I guess my system was cleaning it's self out of some bug or germ!

I am doing cardio every day now - sometimes split into morning and night. My diet is great (I had some prunes and cranberries to add some fibre on Tuesday), every meal on time and I have introduced a fiber drink into the mix, which due to my comp diet is lacking in fiber and I think it is helping. I'm taking multi's and my usual supplements after taking a break for a while.

I am excited about my comp prep and can't wait for my changes to begin. jason and I will be taking progress pics along the way, but in the early stages they will not be for the public to see!

I am keeping records of training, supplements, and diet all over the place and can't be bothered posting it all here right now, but I will at least give a break-down about 12 weeks out.

As for my bikini, I've been doing little bits here and there, it is a process and I'm enjoying it - by the time I'm done it will be covered in stones! YAY! Probably not too much different from last shot, but there are more smaller stones.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oh my, it's been a while!

Well since my last post I've been dealing with a Head cold, not pleasent for anyone, cause I'm all snotty and stuffed up and phlemy YUCK! And I just cannot seem to fully shake it, but I'm much much better - about 80%

Last Friday I hurt my back - bending over to pick up a water bottle - and tweaked a nerve, it's been really painful (I trained throught it on Friday night, saturday and Sunday) but I need to get better and so I've been resting up these last 3 days and every day I felt a bit more movement coming back and I'm seeing a great new Chiropractor: -

I took in some pics of my last comp as she was fascinated, and she's looking forward to actually seeing if all the work she dose on me improved my posing as well. Seems I have a few 'issues' nothing major, but it all adds up in terms of injuries and how well I can train.

1.My left shoulder is lower,
2.I have a very flat back at the top
3.My pelvis is 'out'
4.Not to mention the lower back vertebra that is actually causing the pain in rubbing on a nerve and is tight and compressed.

Ha sounds bad eh? Not too major, just little things making my back just not as good as it could be especially with the work load I place on it. She is very keen to work with me in the lead up to my competition - to see what postural improvements I can make in my posing and in training.

So on Saturday the big 16 week count down begins - Jason and I will be dieting, training and doing cardio with the full focus of Competing at Nationals in October! Yay!

We have had big money talks regarding competing there is a financial impact to consider - as most people are aware! Glad we are a strong couple, and can talk these things through before there are any problems.

I am in a very bust period at Work currently so although I read most peoples blogs, I'm not commenting and not as you can see posting on my own, but with the countdown begining I aim to increase my posts again.

As Bon Jovi said on the radio this morning as I was driving to work "it's my life, it's now or never!"

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bikini Watch update

My Stones finally arrived on Monday, so even though I took Monday and Tuesday off work, I popped by after a work out topick them up. I have only had about 2-3 hours (with DVD playing in background) to work on it so far but the pics below show some progress

(1) The outline: Big stones, with smaller inside

(2) Outline and flowers - made up of small light blue in center with clear tear drop for the petals

I'm enjoying the process and all is going well so far, no major stuff ups and everything seems in line and even. It's going to be sooooo pretty.
My weekend was ok, trained both Saturday and Sunday - but Jason and I have a great time with cheat food on Sunday: Finally tried the dark Choc MMs, had sushi, rice crackers and Red wine.... ahhhh relaxing. I don't miss drinking regularly at all, so with was an enjoyable experience, but I'm pretty much over it for another 6 months or so now!
Foods been pretty much on track - not dieting as such, just getting in 6 meals per day (4 with Carbs) all with Protein.
My training now includes 20 mins (min) cardio post workout in the mornings or on Monday and Friday when I lift at night I am doing 40mins-60mins cardio.
It will be 18 weeks out for Nationals on Saturday YAY!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tired ....

Oh well, just being honest here, I'm feeling tired, don't have too much energy to give out to anyone today (I'm going to be greedy) it's all mine!

Hmmmm I want my stones to arrive so I can begin my bikini! I even dreamed about them last night.

Training today: Chest

Flat Bench press
High Cable cross overs
Low Cable cross overs / Split with Incline press ups
Over head DB / Split with Declinw press ups (OUCH!!!)

20 mins cardio Cross Trainer

Training comments: I have been focused this week and really enjoyed my workouts, and a day or so later I am certainly feeling each body part I work, so I know I'm killing it. I'm starting off pretty simple and will work my cardio times and sessions up as the Comp count down continues.

*Thank you Matt, your comments always brighten my day!*

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Support and help!

As many of you reading know my sport and staying fit and healthy is far from cheap! And while competing with my wonderful boyfriend (partner in crime) is fulfilling and wondering, the food bills and supplement bills really add up, not that I'm adding them up any more, it's easier to just chalk the costs up to our sport and lifestyle and be done with it.

As you can imagin we go through bulk chicken breasts, and have been lucky enough to find a partial sponsor - discounted rate if we buy 10kgs a week - this works out about $5 per kg cheaper than other places, even more if you look at supermarket prices (sometimes $20-23 kg). The store is called GR8 Meat World, and they arein Northcote which is local to home about 5 mins drive.

Our latest support has come from Xtreme Supplements Takapuna. We have been given $1000 worth of supplements to help in our lead up to the Nationals. xtreme

Both Jason and I wear the stores t/shirts to the gym (pretty much most days), and my car has the logo on the wheel cover.

I'm really excited and can't wait to make everyone proud. It's not a cheap sport, but we love it and are happy for any and all supprt and help we get along the way. Jason and I often joke with people that we are lucky, we have each other and have turned the individual sport of Bodybuilding into a team sport: By competing in couples events + training and dieting together. But with help and support from companies like this and friends and faily there is a feeling a 'team' within such a personal competition.

Monday, 9 June 2008

New stuff makes me happy!

Jason and I are joining a new gym: Les Mills - Takapuna.

It's a bit further away from our current gym, but it has great equipment and alot more cardio gear which runs smoothly and there is projector screen and good music (well sometimes the music is a bit old school and strange). Plus we know quite a few people who go there already. We have trained there a few times and it's still taking me a little to fully settle and feel comfortable, but it will come - I'm not good with 'New things' or Changes.

I got my bikini last Friday - I let out a little scream, when our receptionist gave it to me. It's plan but pretty and it the perfect 'blank canvas'. I ordered my stones online so hopefully they will be here by the end of the week, I can't wait to get started 'blinging it out'

This pic taken in my office, poor quality- taken with phone.

This pic at home - if you look closely, I have placed pins where I will begin to stone flowers made up of light blue stone in the middle & 5 or 6 tear drop shapes to make the petals.
My plan is to take progress images as I go, step by painstaking step. The Necklace and earings are both tear drop shape - I got them in a sale in January for $5 each - bargin.
Training over the weekend was good:
Saturday: Legs with Jason (ouch)
Sunday: Arms with Jason, followed by 20min cardio on the cross trainer
Today (Monday): Cardio 40mins (20min T/Mill, 20min X/trainer)
Tonight: Back training with Nikki - ohhh dear, I expect this will hurt, it's been two weeks since we trained together.
It's really great to have Jason home now, pretty much for good for the rest of the year he thinks.
The date for the NABBA Nationals have been moved forward 1 week (so a little birdy told us) to the 25th October, so we were 20 weeks out on Saturday - YAY!
Train hard!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Quick Up date = Boring post

It was a long holiday weekend, so it will be a short week YAY!

The weekend was nice and relaxing, Jason and I trained at Les Mills throughout the weekend:

Friday- Arms (Bi & Tri)
Saturday - Shoulders + Tris again (ouch - His idea not mine, diff exercises)
Sunday - Rest (Ah.... lazy winter days, watching DVD's and reading, diet still on track though)
Monday - Chest with Jason, finishing off is decline press ups to failure x 3sets (oh my boobies - I mean 'Pecs' he he)
Tuesday Back: Focus on Lats, gotta get some width before dieting down! And 20 mins Bike

Jason is leaving to work down the line in Taupo (about 3.5 hours away) for the rest of the week, I hate having to say good bye and as you will know from past posts I miss him a lot!

Food today:

M1 Oats + egg white & Shake
M2 Oats + egg white & Shake
M3 Steamed White fish (150gm), steamed veg, 1/3 cup mixed beans
M4 Chicken Breast - swapped out veg for Tomato sauce (WW Jelly)
M5 Chicken Breast and Steamed Broc

M6 Not sure... maybe some more Fat free Jello / Jelly, I had some as desert with my M4 today.

Ok, I'm leaving work early so Jason and I can have an early dinner before he drives down for work this evening.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thought I'd answer some questions from Krissa here, as my blog entry today:

Figure comps are very much like a Wedding in terms of everything you do in preparation for just 1 day. Worth it? Months training and dieting, planing outfit, going to fittings, rehersal, being tired and grumpy, stressed, spending lots of money, planning the day (the last week really) down to the final details, hair, make-up, food... the list goes on and on...

WORTH IT? HECK YEAH! And I get to do it with my Partner, so for me it really is like planing a wedding in some ways.

I'm pretty keen to stone my own suit this year. Last year I purchased a 'Hot Fix' tool so I could apply extra stones to my pink suit - on the straps and around the back. It was time consuming, but very satisfing adding that extra touch. This year I plan on it being like my craft project (keep my hands busy when dieting and not to taxing on the brain). I won't to ensure that no-one else has a suit like mine, they may have the fabric or the style but I'm going to stone it so much that it looks like a Pro-show suit! As I'm not competing until November I plan on buying the stones as I go, so it won't dent the bank account in such a way that I freak out as much when I realise how much I spent on making my suit sparkly. - Yet another likeness to a Wedding: Expensive Bikini that I will probably only wear once.

I don't really want to say what colour my suit is (But perhaps you can guess?) Don't know why I'm playing coy, I will no doubt post more progress pictures of the Bikini than myself!

But I'm hoping it will look something like this:

I'm pretty bad with Protein Bars at the moment, which won't help me look like Jenny Lynn even if my suit does!

Carbless bars (esp. banana)

EAS Control Bars (Cream pie or Choc Brownie)

These have been my favourite, just because they are easy to get hold of as they are stocked at my local super market. I MUST STOP EATING THEM!

Today I did not follow my normal eating plan - I have dried fruit, protein bar(s) - oh well better out of the system before the comp diet eh?

Train hard y'all

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

It's Wednesday - Zzzzzzzz


I'm feeling tired. Really uninspired today. Really peckish - not hungry, but peckish... pick pick pick, that's what I've been doing with my Chicken breast, beans, salad and protein bar.

Life is great, don't get me wrong!

It was pretty hard to get out of bed this morning, easy to stay snuggled up to Jason as the alarm kept going off. He's training in the late afternoon/early evening at the moment and I'm trianing in the mornings still. He gets up, not like he lazes in bed, but I'm the one rushing about getting ready to go to the gym, and I much prefer when we go together.

Did legs on Tuesday morning, and I'm still having trouble walking up and down the stairs at work. Plus did 20 on the cross trainer.

This morning was Back - I think I hit it pretty good!

At work mate of mine is going on holiday for 3 weeks, and I can barely get 3 days ( I have heaps of time owing) but when ever I take a day or two off, my boss can't help but to call me), so I'm jealous!

But you know what, I'm still training well, and I will be kicking butt this time around (I won't even have time to take names!) YAY!

I ordered my bikini yesterday, which was cool, and when it arrives it will make this November seem even closer and a little more real. This time I am getting it made plan (sparkle velvet fabric) and I am going to stone it myself as my project over the winter, it's going to sparkel like nobodies business, and will be totally mine own. How cool is that?

Ok back to it. Train hard y'all!


Monday, 26 May 2008

Add on to morning post: Change to this morning's plan...

If i'm being honest, this morning I was not feeling like training tonight - I'm much more a morning person when it comes to training. I must have sent some 'I don't feel like it' vibes out into the world, cause this afternoon I got a text from Nikki telling me she couldn't make it to training. But, at that stage 2pm this afternoon, I had come around to wanting to train and was really looking forward to it! So I text jason and luckily he is going to wait for me to turn up to the gym after work and we will do Chest YAY! I love doing chest - esp. when Jason is there to spot me.

Long weekend, not long enough!

So I took Friday off work, man I needed it - lets just say my motivation is not up to scratch, which is a shame cause I do like my job. But I don't take very many holidays, actually it's been years since I've had more than two weeks in a row off and gone somewhere. It's just Jason is self employed (through the family business) so if we want money he has to work, holidays are not built in like they are for me. We have taken the week before a each competition off - which I recommend to any competitor as really your brain is mush alot of the time and there are a lot of things you need to do in the final week - final training, cardio, hair, nails tan, routine and posing practises... and remember your energy levels are really low! But I don't count these weeks as holidays! So lets just say when it comes to work currently, I'm a bit over it! People say why don't you just take time off, going away??? No way, not on my own without my love! So at the moment, I am stuck trying to take a day off here and there to extend my weekends.

So, Friday, I slept in, I read for a while and listened to the radio (which was a relaxing start to my day) then got up, did half hour cardio on the bike at home, had breakfast and cleaned the house, and did the laundry - I had meal breaks as you do and read outside for a while, this was luxury! Then the highlight of the day, I met Jason at the gym and we did Arms. He was pretty impressed with the house being so very clean. Not that it's a mess normally, just your usual, but all the laundry was done and everything 'spring cleaned'.

The week was filled with trips to the gym, watching DVD's and doing the weekly shopping. Plus quality time with the love of my life (I know gushy and mushy - but true). It's so fun, we can just hang out and talk, really talk, for hours, learning about each other and our pasts, nothing is a no go topic with is really great.

So I'm back at work, not really feeling like being here, but I'm hoping to perk up.

Ok so cardio this morning - 30 mins bike - training tonight with my friend Nikki after work is LEGS!!! Ouch.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Yeah, getting happy

Anyone who reads this blog from America must wonder why I do Body Building poses is my pics, but I'm competing in Figure - simple, thats what figure girls do here in NZ - we still do front, side and back stances (much like US figure), but we also do Body building poses, which I have to tell you is HARD in heels - Jason is so lucky he gets to pose in bare feet!

My next Competition is the Nationals which will be held on the 1 November 2008 - seems like ages away, but time will speed by! This time I will begin my dieting and cardio 16 weeks out in the hopes of:
  • Having a relaxed preparation
  • Being ready before the last week
  • Being able to 'eat up' to the comp, not 'diet down'
  • I want to keep as much muscle and posible
  • I want a bigger back
  • I want bigger shoulders
  • I want a smaller butt
  • I want smaller legs

No training today - which was nice - still need one day off a week, while I can, but at the moment I am training Saturday and Sunday, which I love so when I need it I take a week day off!

I have been eating too many protien bars in the last few weeks, better than choc but still not whole foods! It's cool really, I just have to be awear of what I'm eating and I figure like last time I will get it out of my system.

Life is good, I'm taking tomorrow off work so I can do cardio in the morning, clean the house nice and pretty for Jason when he gets home and then meet him at the gym for a work out in the early evening, YAY! 1 more sleep till he gets back, its like Christmas.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's my Blog-aniversary!!! Happy 1 year

As some of you who read this know, this is my 2nd blog, the first one tracked my weight loss while doing BFL, which was great, but I after my first Figure Competition I started this blog, as I had qualified for Nationals - long story short I didn't prep hard enough and didn't focus so pulled out of National and did a competition a few weeks further out (North Harbours), which jason and I both won our classes and we are now training towards Nationals in 2008.

So in about 23.5 weeks I will be stepping on stage in the best condition of my life, I will have bigger shoulders, a wider back, cut to shreds abs and a tight butt & thighs, I will rock!

I was looking back over the posts and saw that I began this blog on 21 May 2007, wow, what a great year - although I just know that 2008 I am really going to hit the stage how I want to look.

The plan for both Jason and I is to start Diet and cardio programme to cut @ 16 weeks out this time, gradually increase cardio as the weeks go by, have a training plan, follow my diet. I'd really like to do all planned cardio and training, plus only eat what is on the plan. It's exciting times coming up soon.

So happy Blogger-versary to me! Lets see what I'm writing this time next year!

Post number 2 for the day....

New pictures, scanned from the North Harbour 2007 Competition in November, never before posted on my BLOG:

Scanned some pictures as we have a few businesses who will be sponsoring us (Butcher for Chicken Breast, and a supplements company) not full sponsorship but good deals and they want some pics of us in the stores. Not sure when we will use, I am also scanning the colour photos too.

<-Me and Jason doing our Ab poses in the Pre-judging->

During our couples class, with our trophies

Hump day already YAY!!!!

Wednesday day morning Training:


DB Flat Bench Press

DB Flys Incline

Cable Flys

Over head DB

Cardio: 20min Bike

Didn't sleep so well last night again, I read till I go sleepy and listened to 'Talk Back' radio (little guilty pleasure) and didn't turn out the light until 9.30 pm which is not enough sleep for me to wake up at 4.30 am, so when I did get up I was running late as I lazed until 5am. Got to the gym at 5.50am not 5.30 on opening as I like to do, but still blasted out my work out. My shoulder on the left side is a little weak and I have a 'sticking point' feels like a nerve or something.

Spoke with Jason yesterday afternoon, he was pretty apologetic about losing his phone (gosh I must scare him a little to be that worried), so it was nice to hear his voice. I got home and tried calling his phone and sure enough it was under a cushion on the couch, so at least he dosen't need to buy a new phone or anything : )

I'm in need of a few mental health days off from work I think, I'm just not myself, I'm bored and uninspired - we all have times like this, I just need to relax and chill out for me, and maybe clean the house from top to bottom, that always makes me feel better when I can be 'House proud', probably have this Friday off so the place is all nice and clean for when Jason gets home - we are planning an evening training session when he arrives so that will be a treat, then back home (yay, clean home) for a nice dinner and relax together.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

If nothing else, I should at least blog my training...

I don't know why, but I'm not so good at being consistant with my blogging, I am happy and busy and training well, so I must be living my life, not just blogging it?

Monday 19 May

Cardio only - 20 Mins Cross trainer and 10Mins bike

Cancelled night training with Nikki, as Jason was going away for work and I wanted to have dinner with him and drop him off. Missing him already so so very much. Sometimes I feel like I love him more and more, just when I think I couldnt possibly love him more, I do! SO this kind of love is what I've been missing out on in my other relationship?

Tuesday 20 May

Training Back:

Lat Pull downs (6 sets)

Lat Machine push downs (3 sets)

Cable row (4 sets)

Dumbell 1 arm row (17kg, 20 kg, 22.5kg, 25kg)

Cardio: 20min Bike

I didn't sleep so well last night, I stayed up later than normal to read while I waited for Jason to text me and let me know he had arrived safley, but the text never came. I tried not to think bad things and found a message on my voice mail saying he thought he had lost his phone or left it at home... : ) funny! But how many times did I ask "Have you got your phone baby? Because you need to text me when you arrive safley." I must have said it so many times that he thought he had it, I'm such a nag but he never complains, I guess it would be more of a worry if I didn't care!

So after not sleeping so well and late bed time by my standards, I did entertain the idea of sleeping in and not training, but I know there will be a time when my body really needs the rest and I will HAVE to take a day off... but it is not now.

I am just under 24 weeks out from Nationals and all is going well, relaxed and growing some great shoulders and width in my back, my leg training is way less, as they are pretty developed, so it the lead up the goal will be to cut them way down. Picture is from my first comp, I must cut these babies waaaaaay down to size!

Friday, 18 April 2008

I love Blogs

Todays picture is in honor of my up coming 2nd anniversary

Yes that's right, I read alot of Blogs, mainly fitness, health, sport and diet focused esp women training for competitions (BBding and figure), it doesn't matter if it's your first or your 20th comp, I love reading about your struggles and success - you are all inspirational.

I wish my blog was more like that, I don't feel like I ever do anything to exciting or interesting, so although I intend to update more than I do, I can never think of much to say... and the worst part is when others don't update as much as I want, I'm dissapointed (DOUBLE STANDARDS I KNOW!!!!) Ha

So this is today...

Wake up early

Trained hard

squeezed in cardio


Went to work, was late cause I was having yummy oats and icy shake (my fav) while watching Sex and City DVD's ...

At work I was busy, bored, busy, hungry, full, happy, excited, tired hungry, happy, busy, tired

Tonight I will be excited on the drive home, cause it's friday and I an planning on some quality time with the love of my life and a nice relaxing dinner - Probably Chicken and green beans. Then we have the whole weekend to ourselves to train & relax yay!!!!

Next week I will be on my own for the whole week - sadly J is working about 4 hours away building - oh well work is work. He will be up over the weekend so that's ok an then the week after I will probably drive down and visit on the Thursday and drive back home with him on the Friday night when he finishes work.

It will be our 2nd anniversay on Monday 21 April and we won't even be able to spend it together!!!! We have only ever spent 1 night apart since moving in together, so the next few weeks won't be nice, but we are a strong couple and it's only time apart for a short period of time, but I'll miss him all the same.

Oh by the way, diet is good (could be better if I didn't use salad dressing and other condiments so much, but oh well, I'm still not in the dieting down phase) and training rocks

M. Legs (heavy)

T. Chest

W. Back (wide grip focus)

T. Legs (High rep, low weight)

F. Back (row & close grip moves)

S. Shoulders & Arms

YAY! - Pretty good week for me, lots of cardio slotted in after lifting too.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Nutrition, Bloods, Loss YAY!

We had our nutrition appointment yesterday evening, everything is working with my eating so we are sticking with the plan (stock standard really) and I've lost 2 kgs fat and gained .8g muscle yay! Fat down Lean mass up is good good good! J has been working real hard, so his results were not as he had hoped, he needs to get more food in - esp when he has such a physical job!

We also went over my blood tests and everything is really good! I'm 100% healthy.

So since being back and training this is what my split has been like - I'm training intuitivly alot, so if a body part is sore I won't train it, and double Back days will happen for a while so I can bring it up. I'm liking the 'freedom' and I think I really train with intencity like this. When I'm on strick diet, I need my training strict, but this is really working for me well.

5-Apr Saturday
Chest & Shoulders (with Jason)


7-Apr Monday
Back (Lats)(with Nikki)PM
40 min Bike AM

8-Apr Tuesday
Legs (High reps)AM

9-Apr Wednesday
Bi & Tri AM
20 Min Bike AM

10-Apr Thursday
Abs / Streching AM
50 Min (XT20/Bike30)AM

11-Apr Friday
Back (Mid/Lower)AM
30 min Bike AM

12-Apr Saturday
Shoulders AM
40 min Bike AM

13-Apr Sunday

Friday, 28 March 2008

Is this the longest day ever???

I have had a great week with all my training and 1 extra cardio session plus my diet is going really well too - no screw ups at all! I went hard this morning (Back day) and had some good lifts but towards the end I pulled something or hit a nerve or had a mild heart attack (not quite) but I hurt myself. I'll be fine, but everything is sore head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and Butt.

I texted J this afternoon and told him I am not up for going out or doing anything as I'm shattered... I got a a great text back saying not to worry, dinner is sorted and he'll pick up some DVD's and all I need to do is get my Butt home to him, YAY!

Today has dragged on and on, I am so uninspired and have done the bare minimum of work shhhh don't tell anyone - but hey everyone is aloud a slack day - aren't they?

Well life is good, I'm happy and focused, I hope all my Blogger friends are doing well too -

*TRAIN HARD* Girls and Guys