Friday, 14 December 2007

Tests for new beginings

Had a blood test this morning, hormons, thiroid, liver etc

The results will show how much damage I have done to my body while competing and also give my trainers an idea of what will work for me etc, so I'm excited to see the results, but hopeful that I've not done too much damage... who knows.

My focus was pretty bad in the gym over the last couple of weeks, and I was feeling pretty down, good old 'Post Comp Blues' eh? Well I finally realised after talking with a few people that I was BURNT OUT so am taking a few days off! Ahhhh feeling better already.

Friday, 7 December 2007


My story as told on the Go Figure Website in NZ: This is a website I got alot of inspiration from these past few years and will continue to do so -it was neat to be asked to feature, click on link below or read the text without pictures as pasted below.

All about Eve"At school I was over weight. Large Athletic build (always been told from an early age that I had a lot of muscle), I was very active in sport during school and so it wasn't much of a problem. Until I went travelling for nearly 3 years - Camp counsellor 3 times & living it up in Canada & England really took it's toll of my Bank balance & waist line. As always I kept meaning to 'loose the weight; but the partying took priority. I returned back home heavier than when I left, it took a while for me to settle back down in New Zealand and I kept socialising as if I was still a traveller. Basically drinking far to much and not having much more than social sports as a form of exercise. After finally putting down some roots: I got a stable job I loved, and stable home life, then things finally clicked, and I stopped drinking, started going to the gym and followed the Body For Life Principals. In a way my personality changed, I used to be the loud girl with a drink in her hand, but I became more focused, I lost some friends because my priorities changed, but that happens in life anyhow.

I got results & reached some goals, then plateaud after about 1 1/2 years training.Friends gave me the encouragement to consider competing, then I made it a reality! With the help my Partner Jason whom I met in the gym. Having just come out of a relationship with a non-gym person who I felt was actually jealous of the time I spent making myself better, Jason was a breath of fresh air and the most supportive person. left: Jason and EveWe found that we both shared many of the same life and training philosophies and we both had aspirations to one day compete so we got some guidance from Tony Martin, I had a friend from the gym ( Rachel) who had competed and help me with my training (and kept me sane), Nikki Harris taught me how to pose, I researched websites (Especially Go-Figure, and Jo Stewarts), brought any and all muscle & fitness magazines I could get my hands on and basically I picked everyone's brains, taking the advice I wanted to. It was a real team effort! I have made so many wonderful friends from Body Building - even speaking with Go-figures own Monty about competing through an introduction from a mutual friend, was inspirational! I think it's more the people and friendships that keep me positive, and help me through competing. I used to be the shy girl working out in the corner of the gym, trying not to get in anyone's way, but now I love talking with the members and staff at my gym, they really keep me going with words of encouragement as competition time comes close! "And now a few more delving questions ....

* How you felt winning in the shows you competed in - was it a surprise? To me both shows were an achievement, just to have got on stage! (everyone says that don't they? But it's true) Both competitions were enjoyable but very different: Auckland there were only 2 of us in Novice figure - so it was not as scary - still I was really happy to 'win' my first competition. But for North Harbours there were 8 of us! The girls all looked so good, I really didn't think I would even place - and no I'm not being modest, I only got 1 call out and just thought that I had not placed! left: Eve @ NABBA Akl
But I reminded myself that I had worked hard, made great improvements and was bringing to this competition a better package than the 1st time. So I just went out there and enjoyed every moment of 'showing off' my hard work, perhaps that attitude showed during the judging? Or just the fact that there was just no shifting the smile from my face. Therefore yes, winning was a surprise and just topped off the day for me, it was amazing to be able to show my friends and family all the hard work I had done and then to win in front of them made me so proud.
* Starting weight when first started dieting for first comp, and what were you on stage first show? I was around about 70kgs when I began the process to compete and I took it slowly, 'cleaning up' my diet about 6 months out, then focusing on droping body fat in the last 12 weeks lead up. I weighed in at 58.2 kgs for my first competition.
* Did you got by weight or how you looked during pre contest? In honesty both. You have to make a weight/height ratio for NABBA Figure, I'm in two minds regarding this as it does limit how much muscle you can have on your frame, but it is good to have an actual measureable guidline so all competitors are on a level playing field. It's about consistancy when measuring your progress so I had the same person measure my body fat and weight ever 2-3 weeks just to know it was fat I was loosing not hard earned muscle. Clothing and photos are the best way for me to gauge my progress, especially nearer to competition time because I loose my objectivity and can start to think I'm not progressing when in-fact I am.
4-5 weeks out this behaviour usually stops cause I'm too tired to do extra cardio to make up for a diet slip up, that close to a competition it's just not worth a cheat too me (wish I had that focus year round).

* How did you overcome your hunger/cravings tiredness from training? did you have a mental strategy to push through them? I wish I could say that I didn't have any hunger or cravings (but I love my food), I just tried to find substitutes i.e. Weight watchers jelly for dessert, chewing on raw veggies instead of chips or crackers, oh and nasty sugar free chewing gum (not good for the insides to have too much of that stuff). But sometimes you do just give in, I got some great advice once that if you 'stuff up' just deal with it and continue on your plan for the rest of the day, the worst thing you can do is punish yourself and starve yourself to make up for it. And if necessary a little 'Guilt Cardio' to burn it off!
Tiredness from training is inevitable, and along with it I can become moody or vacant, I try to remind myself when I become unreasonable that I have chosen to compete so I shouldn't take it out on anyone. My work mates and pretty understanding, my boss is great he and another colleague sometimes give me a much needed 'Reality check' if my attitude is off! The other person who keeps me in check is my Boyfriend Jason, doing the same competitions mean we diet together and often train together so if one of us is down the other picks up the slack, weather it means cooking all the meals that day, doing the shopping or generally trying to inject some energy and focus into training.
* Will you compete again next year? YES! Watch this space.
* What would you like to work on to improve your figure? My answer changes weekly, but I am focusing on getting some width & depth in my back, growing my shoulders and just working my legs harder.

* Did you have a role model you looked at to base your figure on? Olympia 2006/2007 Figure Champ Jenny Lynn is a role model of mine, she has a great shape with her strong shoulders and from the DVD's I've watched and interviews I've seen and read about her, she just comes across as such a positive person, committed to doing her best in this sport! And from New Zealand I'd have to say Lisa Bellingham is just a fantastic competitor - her showmanship never fails to impress me and I've been lucky enough to have been able to have a couple of chats about competing in figure with her, which always gives me a motivational boost.
* What do you enjoy about competing? The feeling of achievement on the day when it all comes together it is such a rush! Plus the pageantry of the day is fun, love the whole hair, make up, heels, nails etc... I love training in the gym, changing my body and pushing myself mentally as well as physically - competing is the end result. I love the fact that it's all a bit of a science - playing around with training and diet methods to see what works and sometimes doesn't work, learning keeps me interested. Of course I love that I make my Mum & Dad proud - they are so supportive! I have made lots of new friends through this sport too, I am still amazed that so many people had faith in us and have been so willing to help Jason and I out. That makes me think I'll be involved for a while to come. The promise I have made to myself is to only compete as long as I enjoy it with all the ups & downs that come with it.

* Your ultimate goal in bodybuliding/figure comp? To always enjoy it and improve from competition to competition, which is what I think it's about. I would however love to represent NZ or just compete overseas, I have heard it is great to travel and compete (would add a whole new level of challenges I expect).
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