Monday, 3 September 2007

Stats update

68.7 Kg
14 percent body fat
9 weeks out now - cause we are not doing Nationals - only the local show in November.

I'm having a bad food day today - didn't prep food last night - lazy - and so eating processed chicken, rice crackers, prot bar ... not so good. Double cardio today AM 30 and tonight 40 mins + Chest work out this morning.

I may have undone all my hard work - in one bad day with lack of planning Booooo!!!!

I'll get back on track though, it was just a suck day for it really, and work didn't help, and I'm tired and my left eye lid keeps twitching - so cardio and then bed I think, hopefully an early night.


Anonymous said...

Hay Eve. It's a shame you're not doing the Nationals, I know you would have been amazing, but I also know you will be amazing at the other show.

You have everything you need to be a winner at that show, and to blow the opposition away, and I know you feel a bit bummed about that one day, but for what it's worth, I'm still very proud of you misses, and I don't think any less of you for one moment.

To me you will always be an outstanding person / athletic talent, and nothing much will dampen my enthusiasm and support for your cause, so keep going, GOOD LUCK, chin up, walk tall, and big smiles yeah.

You made a slight mistake, so you learn from it and keep walking. You are going to be more than okay, and come the show you are going to look potentially even better, than you did last time, and you looked absolutely stunning last time round.

WELL DONE with everything. You should still be so proud of yourself, and in the bigger picture, you've still done fantastically well to be where you are now physically, and your achievements since that first day of your physical journey, have been nothing short of inspiring, breathtaking, and practically world-class, so there is so much to be proud of and nothing to be down about.

One little moment won't ruin your athletic achievements at all. You are a big success, a beautiful advertisement for weight loss, and a fantastic rolemodel to other women, of any age or size.

So you be strong and no worries. I know what you can do, and certainly any additional mental and emotional strength you need, to get you to the end, you can take from me anytime you need it, unconditionally :-).

Take care Eve, and WELL DONE again for all you've done. You deserve to feel incredible, and your long-term results are exactly that. Incredible.


:-) :-).

Your friend and big supporter.


Stef said...

Hi Eve!
I finally made it to your blog!!


Eve is going to Nationals said...

Glad you made it Steph - what blog are you currently using?