Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Yip I'm NOT going to Nationals - I'm still competing - just 3 weeks later at the North Harbours.

We came up against a few hurdels, and have decided (compearing pros and cons) that it is best not to go to the South Island and compete in Nationals, it is sad, and it's giving up and opportunity but on the plus side it's cheaper, and we have 3 more weeks lead up time. Oh and more money means I can order a new pair of shoes from the States and have my new PINK Bikini made!!!

I have worked out that at this stage in Comp. Prep, if I 'Stuff up', or have a bad eating day like on Monday, it will take 3 days of full on focus with diet and training to get back to where I was! Hardly seems worth it, but I am ok with this, cause I still trained hard and am doing alot of cardio, I'm starting to feel tight again, and with a few more early nights in bed I should be all good.

I am certainly having my moments where the diet is getting to me in the evening, but I am yet to have a big old sulk! More than anything, I laugh at myself for having sh*ty thoughts about me, others and the boys who use the equipment and don't put it away.... ANNOYING!

Things to do this week:

  • Order new Bikini

  • Order new shoes

  • Type up new diet plans

  • Find new music for J and Couples

  • Posing practise


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Eve, I liked doing the North Harbour show. Hope you will too. How exciting about your new bikini! I was thinking about getting pink but I decided on aqua instead. Maybe next year... Who is making it?

Anonymous said...

Hay Eve. I understand it must be a bit dissapointing to not be doing the Nationals, but I know you'll definitely be there next year. You are too good to be denied that opportunity next time round.

Whatever happens, I am behind you 1,000% yes 1,000% of the way, and I know you are going to absolutely spakle at your show.

Just wanted to tell you again, how proud I am of you, and that I'm thinking of you, and wishing you all the luck and success you can get.

You are amazing, and you WILL win your show, and be sensational. I'm supremely confident in that.

GOOD LUCK, chin up, be strong, and keep going yeah. You are doing fantastically, so no dwelling on that one day where food went slightly awry. You keep walking tall, and trusting your Heart to guide you, and you'll be fine misses.

You are beautiful, talented young lady with a fantastic future, and you should be so proud of yourself for who you are now.

You are an incredible and inspiring person.

Take care, and WELL DONE with everything.

:-) :-).


April said...

I love the picture! I am also excited to see your new pink bikini! You'll look like Barbie :)