Friday, 28 September 2007

Not so bad

What a difference a day makes (and a visit to the nutritionist)!

Ok so it seems I'm run down, and need a rest, so I'm having a forced 2 days off training & cardio - which will be this weekend. I have been over-training and look tired and run down (his words).

The good news is I've lost more body fat, am down to 12.6%, not the goal drop but not a gain!

Along with the two days off he wants me to have 1 very high calorie dense meal at 6pm on Sunday to shock my metobolic rate up. The rest I can handle, but more food after being bad???!

So my mood is soooooo much better, I am happy that I can do this, esp. seeings as yesterdays diet was very very very clean! And so is today's! So on-wards and up-wards, one day at a time. I've come this far, can't stop now!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

My head is so far up my own a$#@ it's not funny!

You would think that I had it all under control, but I don't! I was in a really good place at the begining of the week, my scale weight was finally going down and I have been putting in so much effort! I felt like I looked like changes were happening and was getting complements at the gym and at work about looking leaner - why'd I go ruin it?

On Tuesday I had a proceedure done at the doctors (no need for details) but I've been in a dull pain kind of funk the last two days and along with some supplements and painkillers I've been taking I have been feeling hungry, so I had 1 1/2 cups of dry oats, an extra shake, a handfull of grapes, and a protien bar.

On Wednesday I had an extra chicken breast (smoked), 1 strip of beef jerky, crab meat (100gms) and handfull of grapes! I wouldn't really call it a major pig out or anything to panic about (just guilty) I followed both days with over an hour cardio in the evening before bed. But now that I look at it in text form, it is that bad, I can see why I need to keep a record of everything I eat!

AND my weight was up 2 kgs last night! FUCK!!!!! So I was in tears on the bike and Cross trainer at the gym. Why am I sabbotaging myself at every step of the way? Plus I'm still in pain from the proceedure I had so that is holding me back a little mentally, physically I just want to push harder.

To top it off, I am supposed to get my Body Fat and weight done tonight - normally it's on Saturday mornings so I haven't got a days worth of food in me to worry about... I told Jason I didn't want to go tonight, but I think I may go ... I know what I have to do, I'm not saying if I can pull it off or not, but I have put so much effort in and trained really hard, spent so much money and put so much pressure on myself.

The only reason this is even being bloged is because I want a record on how I'm feeling and at what stages... gotta learn from each experience or there is no point! No comments or anything needed. I may even pull my head out soon! WAKE UP CALL

Friday, 21 September 2007

TA DA, this is my new suit - I like it, I will add more crystals to it soon - I want more. Sharing the cost of a make up artisit / Hair stylist on the day with 3 other girls so will get some ideas together soon (should be fun). Feeling effects of Diet now! Tired, sore, grumpy (only a little), and hungry! All good. Body Fat was at 13% as of last saturday, so with 6 weeks to go and heaps of Cardio, things should go ok.
Bset wishes to April - you are going to rock your comp this weekend girl! My thoughts are with you! BIG HUGS! You look stunning.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Things that are getting me through...

Weight watchers Jelly
Diet Coke & Coke Zero
Sugar free chewing gum. Fruit flavoured Extra whitening

Ordered my new bikini today - bright pink
And I ordered new shoes - plain clear with removable straps - I figured that way I could dress em up however I wanted with rhiestones or what ever.

Had a great shoulder work our yesterday - esp rear delts, how so I know that, cause THEY HURT HEAPS!!!!

Out food been good, not really very hungery today - gotta love that. Ok off home to get changed and hit the gym for my evening cardio yeah rock on, I love this stuff! NO NO, not sarcastic, I really do love what it does for my body in terms of getting rid of the fat, if there was another way, I'd give it a go but for me and my goals this is the only way to go, DIET and Lifting and my beloved CARDIO!

April - you rock girl, 3 weeks to go, 3 weeks to go!!!!

Charlotte - I loved your Red suit, you would rock any colour! I'm getting Glenda from to make mine, she was so helpful and made my black one last time - if it ain't broke don't fix it I say - and I loved my black one so I'm going back to her. Who have you used in the past?

Matt - hey thanks for being so positive, I don' tknow how you manage to keep posting such wonderfull comments. Thanks.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Yip I'm NOT going to Nationals - I'm still competing - just 3 weeks later at the North Harbours.

We came up against a few hurdels, and have decided (compearing pros and cons) that it is best not to go to the South Island and compete in Nationals, it is sad, and it's giving up and opportunity but on the plus side it's cheaper, and we have 3 more weeks lead up time. Oh and more money means I can order a new pair of shoes from the States and have my new PINK Bikini made!!!

I have worked out that at this stage in Comp. Prep, if I 'Stuff up', or have a bad eating day like on Monday, it will take 3 days of full on focus with diet and training to get back to where I was! Hardly seems worth it, but I am ok with this, cause I still trained hard and am doing alot of cardio, I'm starting to feel tight again, and with a few more early nights in bed I should be all good.

I am certainly having my moments where the diet is getting to me in the evening, but I am yet to have a big old sulk! More than anything, I laugh at myself for having sh*ty thoughts about me, others and the boys who use the equipment and don't put it away.... ANNOYING!

Things to do this week:

  • Order new Bikini

  • Order new shoes

  • Type up new diet plans

  • Find new music for J and Couples

  • Posing practise

Monday, 3 September 2007

Stats update

68.7 Kg
14 percent body fat
9 weeks out now - cause we are not doing Nationals - only the local show in November.

I'm having a bad food day today - didn't prep food last night - lazy - and so eating processed chicken, rice crackers, prot bar ... not so good. Double cardio today AM 30 and tonight 40 mins + Chest work out this morning.

I may have undone all my hard work - in one bad day with lack of planning Booooo!!!!

I'll get back on track though, it was just a suck day for it really, and work didn't help, and I'm tired and my left eye lid keeps twitching - so cardio and then bed I think, hopefully an early night.