Monday, 27 August 2007

Monday 27 August 2007

The first day that someone said 'Oh, Eve it looks like you're loosing weight'.

I hope that this is a good sign, must remember these moments...
7 weeks till Nationals (not sure if we are doing this one)
10 week till North Harbour

Weight: 69.5 (I really need the scale to drop, I look on track, but still need to make scale weight on comp day, and feel too heavy right now, I'm looking down the barrel of alot of cardio)
Body Fat: 15.9 (2weeks ago, apparently this is on track for me)
Clothing: Jean loose, competition black pants fit
Body changes: Notice veins in my side (nest to ribs), have visible abs when posing (but covered in fat)

On Wednesday last week I started to get a sore throat, and tried fighting it, but on Thursday I got the full on effects of a head cold - yucky and as luck would have it, it was my 'time of the month' also! So I had blocked airways, sneezes, and cramps... not a happy Evie does that make! But I keep up my training.

On Friday I trained legs and did cardio (but not to the extent I normally would as my breathing was not comfortable) I went home early on Friday afternoon from work which was a great thing to do! I just rested and was J got home we were able to do the weekly super market shopping and get cold medicine.

I trained on Saturday (Arms and Cardio) although it was a struggle to get out of bed, but I knew I'd not be happy if I didn't train, and felt much better for it. Later that afternoon we went to the 'Erotica Expo', it was a fun way to spend the afternoon, lots of sex toys everywhere and lots of half naked people. On Sunday we didn't go to the gym or do cardio at all, it was a very restful REST DAY, which I believe we both needed, although it seems that I will be needing to do alot of cardio to burn the fat before I hit the stage.

I think I need to record details of the changes in my body as they happen for a record for the future so I have guidlines, not just scale weight. Thats why I've listed some stuff up the top of this post.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

So after posing on Sunday afternoon, I felt BIG!!! I was there to show some new girls how to pose as it was their first time, and they didn't have much muscle on them at all, so I felt big to start with, plus I'm way taller, and the last time I posed I was down to minimal body fat, either way it was a good boost to get me focused even more. I think I am making good changes this week, and am feeling better, I have not stepped on the scales yet, I will wait it out longer so that it is a real drop (not just water weight or 1 day of good eating etc). Although I am playing 'Pull up's' with my jeans now (always a good sign). Food going well, I find it easier with low carbs.

Thanks as always for your support and friendship Matt, and to answer your question, I use a very low Carb. Pro. Shake - I play around with brands from time to time, but only low Carb options (no more than 5g per serve). But a favourite is Brand of mine is Bioplex.

Thanks Jen for your comment

Monday, 20 August 2007

More of the same

First posing classes on Sunday - it's been a while and it showed! More motivation!

We have hired 2 stationary bikes to use in the evenings for extra cardio, which will make it easier as we won't have to get changed, drive to gym, do cardio, talk to people, drive home, have shower, shake and then bed. BUT as good as that is, I hate the bikes, they are not as comfortable as the ones at the gym! OH well you've gotta make do with what you have! I'm doing lower carbs, higher protien as this worked well for me last time.

Todays Food & Training:

Training Chest (45mins) / Cardio 10mins Cross trainer / 20mins Treadmill

1/3 Cup Oats
1.5 scoops Pro powder in water

100gms Roast Turkey
1 Cup mixed raw veg (carrots, broc, cauli, celery)

200gms Chicken breast
2 Cups mixed raw veg

Weight watchers jelly with 1 cup rhubarb
Protien Pancake (4 egg whites & 1 Scoop Pro powder)

Mixed veg stir fry


Protien Shake (made with water & ice)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Quick one - I'm still here

I'm still here, still training and still loving my new car. Been working away from the office, which stuffs up my routine, but all is going well. I'm down in weight and BF, while gaining 400gms more muscle - happy about that.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Say goodbye to little blue

I finally got my new car today, so I am happy and said good bye to my old little blue mazda! It was a good car, but this year had began to cause me problems and fixing it was costing more than it was worth!

I'm happy - new car, and tonight after work I'm getting new fur.... well going to hairdresser to get my highlights re-done, so I will look a bit better, then spray tan tomorrow at lunch time.


Training going well, am double training again (painful), but I'm feeling really good about it all.