Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Meal 5 bring it on

Can't wait for Meal 5 (even if it's a pathetic protien wafer bar & a small 15gm pro shake...

Well I can wait and I am, this is why I'm blogging. I expect it will be a blog post of random thoughts.

I woke up this morning at 4.30am as normal, and slowly woke up but Jasons alarm didn't go off, Wednesday used to be 1 of 2 rest days, but we have been doing cardio on Wednesday for the last 2 weeks so I thought that was the plan, but as I rolled out of bed and put the jug on for a coffee Jason stayed in bed, I asked if he wanted to do cardio ... and then before he could answer I said he should use the rest days still, cause really it is only me who needs the extra cardio, he lost body fat at last weigh in! So off I went to slug it out on the first of many CARDIO mornings on an empty tummy - it's a way of life and it's the life I choose - although I was jealous that he was sleeping in! But I felt really good having done it.

I am pleased to say that I'm focused on my diet and I already (mentally) feel the difference in myself, it's easier to diet when you have a plan and you have stuck to it for a while as there is a sense of "Well I've come this far, no cheat is worth going backwards" I really want to walk in with confidence at our next weigh in / fat test / diet evaluation, not hang my head when Marc asks "Is there anything I should no, before we weigh and pinch you?".

I've had my car for about 5 years now and to tell you the truth, I've never really been fond of it, and the last few times I had to get a warrent of fittness, the car has cost me between 300-400 dollars, heck it's probably only worth 1000 now, so I'm looking for a new car now, a small SUV type (ie Rav4) . So that has been taking up some of my time, Jason and I will go drive around the car yards this weekend and look...

I'm hungry these days, truly hungry which is good, I like knowing that at each meal I ate the right amount of food becasue then about 3 hours later I'm hungery, so my body is using the food correctly!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a new Car Eve.

I don't drive anymore, it's cheaper to use buses, and I don't have to pay sneaky taxes to the government to run and maintain one, so I don't envy you.

Still as always you knuckled down to the Cardio and diet, so many little positives to be gleaned every day.

Keep pushing hard Eve, you are doing brilliantly, and it's always admired, and respected.

Have a brillaint day, and best wishes.

:-) :-)