Thursday, 31 May 2007

Strange Relationship ....

MMMM... I like not being on a diet! Mentally I'm happier - cause well carbs (rice crackers & fruit rock), but as for my body image hmmmm not so good.

What a strange relationship I have with my heart, mind, body soul & FOOOOOD!!! ha ha ha

Oh well - got through alot at work today.

Wednesday (Cardio Poly work rocked - killed my legs still feeling it)

Today Shoulders (yip killed em too, gotta love it)

Working with my trainer on Saturday - going thru Chest work out and will be starting new Suppliments to build muscles while trying to cut fat ... the imposible dream!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Monday 19 weeks 5 days ...

Monday 28 May Stats:
Mood: Hungy, bored with work / Weight: 66.8kg (not happy wanted to maintain at 65 at the most) / Training: 30 mins Cardio Bike

Tuesday 29 May Stats:
Mood: Tired not happy with body (period due)/ Training: Back & Bi - heavy and good

For about the next 3 weeks I will be doing 4 lifting sessions (Legs: Heavy / Back & Bi / Shoulders & Tri / Chest) and 3 cardio (1 of which will be poly work for my legs : sprints, box steps, stairs, lunges etc) in the morning, probably some cardio in the evening if I feel like it.

This week the focus is cleaning up my 'Post Comp' Diet, which has been still high in protein and mostly 6 meals per day, but have included lots of extra carbs (rice crackers, sushi, dried fruit, protien bars) and this has been snacking not monitored planned eating. But this has come to a much needed stop this week.

Stuff / Thoughts etc ...

I'm mostly excited about the coming weeks, although I know it's all or nothing with me, so I think I will need to be strick or I will easily just give myself permission to go off task "It's fine to eat this ... cause the comp is 19 weeks away, I have ages .." etc.

To combat my urge for sushi I have developed a great new meal for myself (usually m2 or m3 or both) and it fulfills my diet requirements fully and makes me feel full!

May I present to you SUSHI SALAD:

1 tin of tuna
50 gms brown rice
3 sheets of nori (seaweed) shreaded
1-2 Tsp of pickled ginger

Mix up together, the seaweed has near no calories and the ginger minimal also! Dosen't look that nice but sushi fans will like it! You could also ad some sweet chilli sauce or soya sauce for taste.

Works out approx:
198 - 200 Cal / 34 Pro / 11 Carb / 1 Fat (give or take for the nori and ginger component).

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Putting things in place

Everything in it's place...
So this is the week where I'm planning and writing up training plans and my diet. It's good to get back into it and have a sense of focus once again. It really is the week where I re-group and 'get it together'.

I have been having 'POST COMP BLUES' moments over the last few weeks, and although I havn't hit on full depression, it has been a challenge to stay positive. You train so hard for months to pack on muscle then diet so hard for weeks to loose that fat to finally get on stage for one day.

THEN... it's all gone, over, done!

WHAT NOW???? For me, I thought about getting right back into it and training for a competition 10 weeks away, I thought I could do it, but my body and enevitabliy my mind had different ideas.
My trainer had told both Jason and I to take 1 full week off, we thought 'That's cool' but we'll stick to our early morning routine and get up at 4.30am and go for hour walks. Unfortunatly for me, due to the dehydration process I put my body through I lost most of my vitamins and minerals, which left me with painful cramping in both Quads, 1 morning while trying to go for a walk I was doubled over in pain crying cause I just could not walk! Finally I took the time off and replaced all vitamins and minerals with supplements and eating fruit and veg, and drinking a lot of water.

The down side was that with all this eating I wasn't able to do cardio, so I instantly felt down about the weight that was coming back on. I wasn't being a pig, I had rice crackers and shushi, and dried fruit and protien bars - but I snacked when ever I wanted and wasn't on plan.

I am however happy to report that I'm not weighing in to badly and the extra energy is going towards my training now that I can lift and do cardio again!
Lesson learnt? Rest, recover, replace - next time I may even listen to myself and trainer.
Not to dwel on the bad aspects, I loved competing and am in it for as long as my body will let me! I will cover my competition experience in a future blog post along with 'THE PLAN'.
Right now I look at this picture and think - 'I wish I still looked like this...' then I remember in about 20 weeks time I will look like this - even better is what I'm aiming for!

Monday, 21 May 2007


New Zealand NABBA Body Building Nationals: October 2007
20 weeks of preparation coming