Friday, 14 December 2007

Tests for new beginings

Had a blood test this morning, hormons, thiroid, liver etc

The results will show how much damage I have done to my body while competing and also give my trainers an idea of what will work for me etc, so I'm excited to see the results, but hopeful that I've not done too much damage... who knows.

My focus was pretty bad in the gym over the last couple of weeks, and I was feeling pretty down, good old 'Post Comp Blues' eh? Well I finally realised after talking with a few people that I was BURNT OUT so am taking a few days off! Ahhhh feeling better already.

Friday, 7 December 2007


My story as told on the Go Figure Website in NZ: This is a website I got alot of inspiration from these past few years and will continue to do so -it was neat to be asked to feature, click on link below or read the text without pictures as pasted below.

All about Eve"At school I was over weight. Large Athletic build (always been told from an early age that I had a lot of muscle), I was very active in sport during school and so it wasn't much of a problem. Until I went travelling for nearly 3 years - Camp counsellor 3 times & living it up in Canada & England really took it's toll of my Bank balance & waist line. As always I kept meaning to 'loose the weight; but the partying took priority. I returned back home heavier than when I left, it took a while for me to settle back down in New Zealand and I kept socialising as if I was still a traveller. Basically drinking far to much and not having much more than social sports as a form of exercise. After finally putting down some roots: I got a stable job I loved, and stable home life, then things finally clicked, and I stopped drinking, started going to the gym and followed the Body For Life Principals. In a way my personality changed, I used to be the loud girl with a drink in her hand, but I became more focused, I lost some friends because my priorities changed, but that happens in life anyhow.

I got results & reached some goals, then plateaud after about 1 1/2 years training.Friends gave me the encouragement to consider competing, then I made it a reality! With the help my Partner Jason whom I met in the gym. Having just come out of a relationship with a non-gym person who I felt was actually jealous of the time I spent making myself better, Jason was a breath of fresh air and the most supportive person. left: Jason and EveWe found that we both shared many of the same life and training philosophies and we both had aspirations to one day compete so we got some guidance from Tony Martin, I had a friend from the gym ( Rachel) who had competed and help me with my training (and kept me sane), Nikki Harris taught me how to pose, I researched websites (Especially Go-Figure, and Jo Stewarts), brought any and all muscle & fitness magazines I could get my hands on and basically I picked everyone's brains, taking the advice I wanted to. It was a real team effort! I have made so many wonderful friends from Body Building - even speaking with Go-figures own Monty about competing through an introduction from a mutual friend, was inspirational! I think it's more the people and friendships that keep me positive, and help me through competing. I used to be the shy girl working out in the corner of the gym, trying not to get in anyone's way, but now I love talking with the members and staff at my gym, they really keep me going with words of encouragement as competition time comes close! "And now a few more delving questions ....

* How you felt winning in the shows you competed in - was it a surprise? To me both shows were an achievement, just to have got on stage! (everyone says that don't they? But it's true) Both competitions were enjoyable but very different: Auckland there were only 2 of us in Novice figure - so it was not as scary - still I was really happy to 'win' my first competition. But for North Harbours there were 8 of us! The girls all looked so good, I really didn't think I would even place - and no I'm not being modest, I only got 1 call out and just thought that I had not placed! left: Eve @ NABBA Akl
But I reminded myself that I had worked hard, made great improvements and was bringing to this competition a better package than the 1st time. So I just went out there and enjoyed every moment of 'showing off' my hard work, perhaps that attitude showed during the judging? Or just the fact that there was just no shifting the smile from my face. Therefore yes, winning was a surprise and just topped off the day for me, it was amazing to be able to show my friends and family all the hard work I had done and then to win in front of them made me so proud.
* Starting weight when first started dieting for first comp, and what were you on stage first show? I was around about 70kgs when I began the process to compete and I took it slowly, 'cleaning up' my diet about 6 months out, then focusing on droping body fat in the last 12 weeks lead up. I weighed in at 58.2 kgs for my first competition.
* Did you got by weight or how you looked during pre contest? In honesty both. You have to make a weight/height ratio for NABBA Figure, I'm in two minds regarding this as it does limit how much muscle you can have on your frame, but it is good to have an actual measureable guidline so all competitors are on a level playing field. It's about consistancy when measuring your progress so I had the same person measure my body fat and weight ever 2-3 weeks just to know it was fat I was loosing not hard earned muscle. Clothing and photos are the best way for me to gauge my progress, especially nearer to competition time because I loose my objectivity and can start to think I'm not progressing when in-fact I am.
4-5 weeks out this behaviour usually stops cause I'm too tired to do extra cardio to make up for a diet slip up, that close to a competition it's just not worth a cheat too me (wish I had that focus year round).

* How did you overcome your hunger/cravings tiredness from training? did you have a mental strategy to push through them? I wish I could say that I didn't have any hunger or cravings (but I love my food), I just tried to find substitutes i.e. Weight watchers jelly for dessert, chewing on raw veggies instead of chips or crackers, oh and nasty sugar free chewing gum (not good for the insides to have too much of that stuff). But sometimes you do just give in, I got some great advice once that if you 'stuff up' just deal with it and continue on your plan for the rest of the day, the worst thing you can do is punish yourself and starve yourself to make up for it. And if necessary a little 'Guilt Cardio' to burn it off!
Tiredness from training is inevitable, and along with it I can become moody or vacant, I try to remind myself when I become unreasonable that I have chosen to compete so I shouldn't take it out on anyone. My work mates and pretty understanding, my boss is great he and another colleague sometimes give me a much needed 'Reality check' if my attitude is off! The other person who keeps me in check is my Boyfriend Jason, doing the same competitions mean we diet together and often train together so if one of us is down the other picks up the slack, weather it means cooking all the meals that day, doing the shopping or generally trying to inject some energy and focus into training.
* Will you compete again next year? YES! Watch this space.
* What would you like to work on to improve your figure? My answer changes weekly, but I am focusing on getting some width & depth in my back, growing my shoulders and just working my legs harder.

* Did you have a role model you looked at to base your figure on? Olympia 2006/2007 Figure Champ Jenny Lynn is a role model of mine, she has a great shape with her strong shoulders and from the DVD's I've watched and interviews I've seen and read about her, she just comes across as such a positive person, committed to doing her best in this sport! And from New Zealand I'd have to say Lisa Bellingham is just a fantastic competitor - her showmanship never fails to impress me and I've been lucky enough to have been able to have a couple of chats about competing in figure with her, which always gives me a motivational boost.
* What do you enjoy about competing? The feeling of achievement on the day when it all comes together it is such a rush! Plus the pageantry of the day is fun, love the whole hair, make up, heels, nails etc... I love training in the gym, changing my body and pushing myself mentally as well as physically - competing is the end result. I love the fact that it's all a bit of a science - playing around with training and diet methods to see what works and sometimes doesn't work, learning keeps me interested. Of course I love that I make my Mum & Dad proud - they are so supportive! I have made lots of new friends through this sport too, I am still amazed that so many people had faith in us and have been so willing to help Jason and I out. That makes me think I'll be involved for a while to come. The promise I have made to myself is to only compete as long as I enjoy it with all the ups & downs that come with it.

* Your ultimate goal in bodybuliding/figure comp? To always enjoy it and improve from competition to competition, which is what I think it's about. I would however love to represent NZ or just compete overseas, I have heard it is great to travel and compete (would add a whole new level of challenges I expect).
Next >


Who reads - and has been invited to read Amy's blog?

I want to be invited, I miss reading it, I love how real she is!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Oh come on Cheer up!

Just for my own records more than anything... NO need to reply, comment or feel sorry or bad for me!

I have hit the 'Post Competition' sad stage... boo hoo I don't look as good as I did just a few short weeks ago, where have my abs gone, why can't i look like that all the time, sob sob, moan groan etc....

I have been eating what ever I want, yay! I am not following a diet and it shows boooooo!

I am not doing as much cardio, probably 1/3 of what I was doing yay! That make me look like I'm not doing any cardio or work outs booo!

I can enjoy Christmas eating etc if I want, I don't have to say NO thanks all the time, but if I eat I won't enjoy summer on the Beach cause I'll feel too fat to wear a Bikini....

Hmmmmm me thinks this could be my reality check.

Plan of action, I know what to do, so I think I'll just get to it.

Monday, 19 November 2007


Check it out - I'm on PINK IS THE NEW BLOG gossip site! I always thought if I had a PINK Bikini for a BB comp I'd send a pic to this site as it celebrates not only gossip but all things PINK! Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Competition Overview

This competition both Jason and I took the final week off from work as there was many things we needed to get done, and really we are not the best at work during this time! Our dehydration process was longer this time also, with water being cut back each day, the last time we just took strong tablets and did it over night.

Monday: 6-8 Lt water, AM Cardio, Protien only, PM Cardio, NO LEG TRAINING

Tuesday: 6 Lt water, AM Cardio, Protien only, PM Cardio, CHEST Training - high reps low weight. 9 am Hair appointment - was nice to be pampered! In the afternood I had Colonic irigation treatment, to really empty out, I found it great although uncomfortable I feel like I was floating on air once done. I'd recommend it just to empty out and make sure your system is working to full potential.

Wednesday: 4Lt water

Thursday: 2Lt water

Friday: 750ml for me & 1Lt for Jason

more to come...

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Photo shoot in 1 weeks time

Exciting news for Jason and I, we have been asked to do a photo shoot for some people starting up a personal training website - images to demonstrate the exercises. Should be a fun shoot in a gym!

But after some down time we have to hit the cardio hard 1 hour in the AM and 1 hour before bed, not to mention training again ... oh and the most fun bit... diet Low carbs, high protien again, hmmm

Oh well we have just had a big old binge (cheat) day filled with Nuts, Dried fruit, candy, chocolate, and flavoured rice wafers. I'm feeling like a pig, and feeling sick. That's what happens when you are so restricted and them let yoursel go wild. I'm pretty sure I can handle 1 week hard out if I can get through comp diet and training.
Well this piggy needs to go to bed, I'll leave with some shots of the comp a friend took. The one of me on my own is during my routine.
Train hard, eat well, and think of me once in a while as I Train and Eat to cut down... booo hoo
Who am I kidding, I love it! But I love sleep more than blogging right now!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Here are some more pictures...

I had a really fun time taking these pictures, I've only once before had professional photos taken and that was for film school but in '98, at the time I liked them, but I was over weight so now when I look back at them they are a reminder of how I used to be and don't want to be ever again.

As for these pictures... I just love them and am so happy of the ones with Jason. I'm proud of the 2 of us for taking the journey of Bodybuilding twice in 1 year, I know it has made us a stronger couple and capable of handling what life throws our way.

They say that travelling is a test of a strong relationship ... I say compete in a Body Building Competition to see what you are made of. In all honesty even with the training pressure and diet restrictions I think we dissagree less than most couples I know! And the best bit is that we have our little 'spit' and them move on. Even if I'm not 'over it' I always just say "I'm still a bit annoyed, but I'll get over it, for now I'd rather be in your arms than in the next room... wasting time on my own. "

Monday, 12 November 2007


Pictures from a photo shoot Jason and I did the Wednesday before the Comp, nice to have some fun photos of what we look like this close to comp time that aren't only on stage!

Friday, 9 November 2007

First pictures from North Harbour Nov 2007

Pictures... from the Competition last weekend.

3rd / 1st (Me) / 2nd
There were 8 girls in my class - which is big for a NZ competition

We were the only couple so we won!

2nd/ 1st (Jason) / 3rd
7 in Jasons Class - he had lots of call outs!
I think I was happier for Jason than myself, was a fantastic competition.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Ok ok -

I WON!!!!

Still waiting on Pictures etc hopefully I can recall the whole comp day and week leading up to it sometime soon! J won his class and we won couples! Oh my god crazy. 8 girls in my class (which is big here in NZ) and 7 in his. So very happy!!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

UPDATE - sorry slow in blogging

Update update update ... hmmm what to say, I'm so lazy with this blog, probably cause I'm so busy with training, preping food, eating, cardio(ing), etc that I just plain forget or keep putting it off. Oh and I'm so not good at taking photos either ... opps

I have 2 and 1/2 weeks to go, I'm not sure I'll be as ready as i want but I will make a go of it! Things are changing, veins, muscles etc are showing and clothing is fiting better.

Diet: Good not great but I am sticking in there - cycle this week is
Day1: No Carbs
Day2: Low Carb (mainly green veg etc)
Day3: Moderate Carbs (green veg, oats, rice)

and repeat to Sunday - which will be No Carb day ... and revaluate as to how the next week will work, depending on fat and weight levels.

Training: Is really good - sore all the time now. High Set range: 4-8 with High Reps:15-30 with alot of drop sets!!! ouch

Sat: Legs & Calves
Sun: Chest & Posing practise in the afternoons with coach
Mon: Arms
Tues: Shoulders & Abs
Wed: Hamstring
Thu: Back & Calves
Fri: Cardio & Posing & Routine

We do 30mins cardio at home at 4.30am on empty tummy, have shake train as above, finish off with Abs most days. In the evening we do 40 mins cardio after last meal before bed. I also try to fit in 3-4 extra cardio sessions during the week, ranging from 30 mins - 1 hour

Recieved Jenny Lynns DVD in the post on Monday, so will watch in segments while doing cardio at home.

I'm off to do the grocery shopping in my lunch break - cause, will we were not in the mood to do it on the weekend (too busy). Not that I'm in the mood to do it now either! Oh well.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Jenny Lynn Wins! My inspiration!

Jenny Lynn wins the O for 2007 figure! Love her so much, I've been a fan for a few years now and last week ordered a DVD of hers and a t/shirt from her website ... yeah I'm a fan. So glad she won.

As for me, I took the 2 days off training and feel better for it. I was recommended in increase my Cals to 1000 -2000 in 1 meal on Sunday to boost my metabolisum, but over the weekend I had a weight drop, so decided not to do this increase as I may have caused the meabolisum boost myself when I had the bad period of time last week.

All in all, I'm happy with things, and I'm starting to look better, had a fitting of my bikini (just to fix the staps) with my Mum on Saturday and I felt good about how I looked.

Positive positive, and cardio cardio cardio!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Not so bad

What a difference a day makes (and a visit to the nutritionist)!

Ok so it seems I'm run down, and need a rest, so I'm having a forced 2 days off training & cardio - which will be this weekend. I have been over-training and look tired and run down (his words).

The good news is I've lost more body fat, am down to 12.6%, not the goal drop but not a gain!

Along with the two days off he wants me to have 1 very high calorie dense meal at 6pm on Sunday to shock my metobolic rate up. The rest I can handle, but more food after being bad???!

So my mood is soooooo much better, I am happy that I can do this, esp. seeings as yesterdays diet was very very very clean! And so is today's! So on-wards and up-wards, one day at a time. I've come this far, can't stop now!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

My head is so far up my own a$#@ it's not funny!

You would think that I had it all under control, but I don't! I was in a really good place at the begining of the week, my scale weight was finally going down and I have been putting in so much effort! I felt like I looked like changes were happening and was getting complements at the gym and at work about looking leaner - why'd I go ruin it?

On Tuesday I had a proceedure done at the doctors (no need for details) but I've been in a dull pain kind of funk the last two days and along with some supplements and painkillers I've been taking I have been feeling hungry, so I had 1 1/2 cups of dry oats, an extra shake, a handfull of grapes, and a protien bar.

On Wednesday I had an extra chicken breast (smoked), 1 strip of beef jerky, crab meat (100gms) and handfull of grapes! I wouldn't really call it a major pig out or anything to panic about (just guilty) I followed both days with over an hour cardio in the evening before bed. But now that I look at it in text form, it is that bad, I can see why I need to keep a record of everything I eat!

AND my weight was up 2 kgs last night! FUCK!!!!! So I was in tears on the bike and Cross trainer at the gym. Why am I sabbotaging myself at every step of the way? Plus I'm still in pain from the proceedure I had so that is holding me back a little mentally, physically I just want to push harder.

To top it off, I am supposed to get my Body Fat and weight done tonight - normally it's on Saturday mornings so I haven't got a days worth of food in me to worry about... I told Jason I didn't want to go tonight, but I think I may go ... I know what I have to do, I'm not saying if I can pull it off or not, but I have put so much effort in and trained really hard, spent so much money and put so much pressure on myself.

The only reason this is even being bloged is because I want a record on how I'm feeling and at what stages... gotta learn from each experience or there is no point! No comments or anything needed. I may even pull my head out soon! WAKE UP CALL

Friday, 21 September 2007

TA DA, this is my new suit - I like it, I will add more crystals to it soon - I want more. Sharing the cost of a make up artisit / Hair stylist on the day with 3 other girls so will get some ideas together soon (should be fun). Feeling effects of Diet now! Tired, sore, grumpy (only a little), and hungry! All good. Body Fat was at 13% as of last saturday, so with 6 weeks to go and heaps of Cardio, things should go ok.
Bset wishes to April - you are going to rock your comp this weekend girl! My thoughts are with you! BIG HUGS! You look stunning.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Things that are getting me through...

Weight watchers Jelly
Diet Coke & Coke Zero
Sugar free chewing gum. Fruit flavoured Extra whitening

Ordered my new bikini today - bright pink
And I ordered new shoes - plain clear with removable straps - I figured that way I could dress em up however I wanted with rhiestones or what ever.

Had a great shoulder work our yesterday - esp rear delts, how so I know that, cause THEY HURT HEAPS!!!!

Out food been good, not really very hungery today - gotta love that. Ok off home to get changed and hit the gym for my evening cardio yeah rock on, I love this stuff! NO NO, not sarcastic, I really do love what it does for my body in terms of getting rid of the fat, if there was another way, I'd give it a go but for me and my goals this is the only way to go, DIET and Lifting and my beloved CARDIO!

April - you rock girl, 3 weeks to go, 3 weeks to go!!!!

Charlotte - I loved your Red suit, you would rock any colour! I'm getting Glenda from to make mine, she was so helpful and made my black one last time - if it ain't broke don't fix it I say - and I loved my black one so I'm going back to her. Who have you used in the past?

Matt - hey thanks for being so positive, I don' tknow how you manage to keep posting such wonderfull comments. Thanks.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Yip I'm NOT going to Nationals - I'm still competing - just 3 weeks later at the North Harbours.

We came up against a few hurdels, and have decided (compearing pros and cons) that it is best not to go to the South Island and compete in Nationals, it is sad, and it's giving up and opportunity but on the plus side it's cheaper, and we have 3 more weeks lead up time. Oh and more money means I can order a new pair of shoes from the States and have my new PINK Bikini made!!!

I have worked out that at this stage in Comp. Prep, if I 'Stuff up', or have a bad eating day like on Monday, it will take 3 days of full on focus with diet and training to get back to where I was! Hardly seems worth it, but I am ok with this, cause I still trained hard and am doing alot of cardio, I'm starting to feel tight again, and with a few more early nights in bed I should be all good.

I am certainly having my moments where the diet is getting to me in the evening, but I am yet to have a big old sulk! More than anything, I laugh at myself for having sh*ty thoughts about me, others and the boys who use the equipment and don't put it away.... ANNOYING!

Things to do this week:

  • Order new Bikini

  • Order new shoes

  • Type up new diet plans

  • Find new music for J and Couples

  • Posing practise

Monday, 3 September 2007

Stats update

68.7 Kg
14 percent body fat
9 weeks out now - cause we are not doing Nationals - only the local show in November.

I'm having a bad food day today - didn't prep food last night - lazy - and so eating processed chicken, rice crackers, prot bar ... not so good. Double cardio today AM 30 and tonight 40 mins + Chest work out this morning.

I may have undone all my hard work - in one bad day with lack of planning Booooo!!!!

I'll get back on track though, it was just a suck day for it really, and work didn't help, and I'm tired and my left eye lid keeps twitching - so cardio and then bed I think, hopefully an early night.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Monday 27 August 2007

The first day that someone said 'Oh, Eve it looks like you're loosing weight'.

I hope that this is a good sign, must remember these moments...
7 weeks till Nationals (not sure if we are doing this one)
10 week till North Harbour

Weight: 69.5 (I really need the scale to drop, I look on track, but still need to make scale weight on comp day, and feel too heavy right now, I'm looking down the barrel of alot of cardio)
Body Fat: 15.9 (2weeks ago, apparently this is on track for me)
Clothing: Jean loose, competition black pants fit
Body changes: Notice veins in my side (nest to ribs), have visible abs when posing (but covered in fat)

On Wednesday last week I started to get a sore throat, and tried fighting it, but on Thursday I got the full on effects of a head cold - yucky and as luck would have it, it was my 'time of the month' also! So I had blocked airways, sneezes, and cramps... not a happy Evie does that make! But I keep up my training.

On Friday I trained legs and did cardio (but not to the extent I normally would as my breathing was not comfortable) I went home early on Friday afternoon from work which was a great thing to do! I just rested and was J got home we were able to do the weekly super market shopping and get cold medicine.

I trained on Saturday (Arms and Cardio) although it was a struggle to get out of bed, but I knew I'd not be happy if I didn't train, and felt much better for it. Later that afternoon we went to the 'Erotica Expo', it was a fun way to spend the afternoon, lots of sex toys everywhere and lots of half naked people. On Sunday we didn't go to the gym or do cardio at all, it was a very restful REST DAY, which I believe we both needed, although it seems that I will be needing to do alot of cardio to burn the fat before I hit the stage.

I think I need to record details of the changes in my body as they happen for a record for the future so I have guidlines, not just scale weight. Thats why I've listed some stuff up the top of this post.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

So after posing on Sunday afternoon, I felt BIG!!! I was there to show some new girls how to pose as it was their first time, and they didn't have much muscle on them at all, so I felt big to start with, plus I'm way taller, and the last time I posed I was down to minimal body fat, either way it was a good boost to get me focused even more. I think I am making good changes this week, and am feeling better, I have not stepped on the scales yet, I will wait it out longer so that it is a real drop (not just water weight or 1 day of good eating etc). Although I am playing 'Pull up's' with my jeans now (always a good sign). Food going well, I find it easier with low carbs.

Thanks as always for your support and friendship Matt, and to answer your question, I use a very low Carb. Pro. Shake - I play around with brands from time to time, but only low Carb options (no more than 5g per serve). But a favourite is Brand of mine is Bioplex.

Thanks Jen for your comment

Monday, 20 August 2007

More of the same

First posing classes on Sunday - it's been a while and it showed! More motivation!

We have hired 2 stationary bikes to use in the evenings for extra cardio, which will make it easier as we won't have to get changed, drive to gym, do cardio, talk to people, drive home, have shower, shake and then bed. BUT as good as that is, I hate the bikes, they are not as comfortable as the ones at the gym! OH well you've gotta make do with what you have! I'm doing lower carbs, higher protien as this worked well for me last time.

Todays Food & Training:

Training Chest (45mins) / Cardio 10mins Cross trainer / 20mins Treadmill

1/3 Cup Oats
1.5 scoops Pro powder in water

100gms Roast Turkey
1 Cup mixed raw veg (carrots, broc, cauli, celery)

200gms Chicken breast
2 Cups mixed raw veg

Weight watchers jelly with 1 cup rhubarb
Protien Pancake (4 egg whites & 1 Scoop Pro powder)

Mixed veg stir fry


Protien Shake (made with water & ice)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Quick one - I'm still here

I'm still here, still training and still loving my new car. Been working away from the office, which stuffs up my routine, but all is going well. I'm down in weight and BF, while gaining 400gms more muscle - happy about that.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Say goodbye to little blue

I finally got my new car today, so I am happy and said good bye to my old little blue mazda! It was a good car, but this year had began to cause me problems and fixing it was costing more than it was worth!

I'm happy - new car, and tonight after work I'm getting new fur.... well going to hairdresser to get my highlights re-done, so I will look a bit better, then spray tan tomorrow at lunch time.


Training going well, am double training again (painful), but I'm feeling really good about it all.

Monday, 30 July 2007


Well Jason and I went out car shoping on Saturday - and before we went out I looked on the net and printed out some cars at car yards that I wanted to see including a little Silver RAV4, (I even said to myself this is what I want, this is my new car) and so off we went, I drove it, I loved it, took it to my machanic for a once over, he said it was great, and with a bit of wheeling and dealing and trading in my old car, I brought it! But I will not take ownership of it until Thursday once it has been registered etc as it is an import new to NZ. I'm stoked, can't wait to have it. Now I'm just trying to keep it secret from work mates etc... so on Thrusday I can just rock on up in it! Happy Happy, training is going great guns and diet it going well.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Meal 5 bring it on

Can't wait for Meal 5 (even if it's a pathetic protien wafer bar & a small 15gm pro shake...

Well I can wait and I am, this is why I'm blogging. I expect it will be a blog post of random thoughts.

I woke up this morning at 4.30am as normal, and slowly woke up but Jasons alarm didn't go off, Wednesday used to be 1 of 2 rest days, but we have been doing cardio on Wednesday for the last 2 weeks so I thought that was the plan, but as I rolled out of bed and put the jug on for a coffee Jason stayed in bed, I asked if he wanted to do cardio ... and then before he could answer I said he should use the rest days still, cause really it is only me who needs the extra cardio, he lost body fat at last weigh in! So off I went to slug it out on the first of many CARDIO mornings on an empty tummy - it's a way of life and it's the life I choose - although I was jealous that he was sleeping in! But I felt really good having done it.

I am pleased to say that I'm focused on my diet and I already (mentally) feel the difference in myself, it's easier to diet when you have a plan and you have stuck to it for a while as there is a sense of "Well I've come this far, no cheat is worth going backwards" I really want to walk in with confidence at our next weigh in / fat test / diet evaluation, not hang my head when Marc asks "Is there anything I should no, before we weigh and pinch you?".

I've had my car for about 5 years now and to tell you the truth, I've never really been fond of it, and the last few times I had to get a warrent of fittness, the car has cost me between 300-400 dollars, heck it's probably only worth 1000 now, so I'm looking for a new car now, a small SUV type (ie Rav4) . So that has been taking up some of my time, Jason and I will go drive around the car yards this weekend and look...

I'm hungry these days, truly hungry which is good, I like knowing that at each meal I ate the right amount of food becasue then about 3 hours later I'm hungery, so my body is using the food correctly!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

July 24


Chins: 4 sets (wish I could do them with out help from Jason-this is still a goal of mine)
Super set: Bar bell rows + dumbell single rows 4sets
Tri set: Cable row, Lat pull down, T/Bar row 4 sets

30 Cardio on Bike (within fat burning heart rate)


Pre wk out: (5.00am) 15gm Pro.Whey with water
M1: (7.30am) Oats, 25gm Pro. shake with LF milk, 1/2c of peaches
M2: (10.00/10.30am) Chick or Tuna, 1c mixed veg/rice
M3: (1.00-1.30pm) Chick and rice + 1c veg (naughty me I saved 1c veg to have with lunch from meal 2)
M4: (3.45) 15gm protien bar x 2 (As I am supposed to also have 15gm whey shake)

So far... ok... as for tonight, the plan says this:

M5:(6.30-7.00pm) Chicken/3c mixed veg
M6:(8.30-9.00pm) 25gm Pro. Shake with LF milk


Hungery Hungery Hungery ... that's what I am and what I will be with my new diet plan, ohhhh boy it's been cut quite a bit, and the cardio as predicted was increased - although I have only myself to blame on the results that led to the cut of food and increase of cardio, I was not focused and gave in to myself to oftern.

The good news was that over 3 weeks I put on 1.5kg of muscle, the bad news was .5kg of fat!!!! so my scale weight was up up and away.

The increase of cardio is only 5mins more per day, so it's a total of 30mins after weights every training day (Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed:Cardio only/Thur/Fri/Sat:off). And soon we will start double training to fit everything in, which will mean AM:cardio 3 mornings a week and PM training 3 evenings a week, with Tuesday and Thursday being AM training and post workout cardio.

As for the Diet it looks a little something like this:

Pre wk out: (5.00am) 15gm Pro.Whey with water

M1: (7.30am) Oats, 25gm Pro. shake with LF milk, 1/2c of peaches

M2: (10.00/10.30am) Chick or Tuna, 2c mixed veg/rice (no corn or peas, added 1/2c veg)

M3: (1.00-1.30pm) Chick or Tuna, rice (Meat increased by 20gm, removed 2 cups of veg)

M4: (3.30-4.00pm) 15gm protien bar (removed chick/3c veg)

M5:(6.30-7.00pm) Chicken/3c mixed veg

M6:(8.30-9.00pm) 25gm Pro. Shake with LF milk (removed 5gm whey)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

I can do it again, and do it better!

I'm just sitting here at work in front of the computer eating my lunch (1.00pm meal 4) Chicken Breast, Mixed Veg and brown Rice.

I can't help but think about the future and how I will do at Nationals in October (12 weeks on Saturday) and have been looking at photos of myself and friends backstage and on stage, just remembering how it was all worth it in the end and how proud and great I felt.

I have been lifting heavy and hard in the gym, which has been because my energy is high with all the food I have in my diet - although I have strayed from the plan more times than I care to admit, and the minimal amount of cardio that is in my plan currently (20-25 mins post work out) has been average, with some sessions being missed or cut short due to running out of time in the mornings. I do believe that I have made some great growth progress in my muscles but they are covered in fat!

I can't wait to see what changes I have made and what new growth I can keep while in the diet/cardio/cutting phase. I am however 10 kgs up on the weight I'd like to compete at - so it will be a big call to drop the excess. Origionally I wanted on to gain 6kgs max on my scale weight, but that dream went out the window.

What went wrong? I tried to be very strick with my diet afterwards which lead me to feel deprived ... so then I gave in and chose to have 'healthy' treats that were off plan and did this too oftern. Next time I will indulge for 1 day and not feel guilty, I will also have a well laid out maintainence plan which will schedual treats etc. I also went through a tough mental phase of a 'Come down' of sorts from the high you get when competing and toughing out life challenges.

I have learnt alot and know that I need to follow the plan diet/training/cardio/rest and give 100% I have done this process once before only this time I am prepared and know how I react and how my body reacts, now if only I can get my mind under control.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

It's coming... on Saturday 21 July it will be my birthday! But not only that, it marks the 12 weeks point untill Nationals. So we are meeting our nutritionist and I can only imagin the 'Happy Birthday' I'll get .... Less food, more cardio.
These last few days have lead to me re-evaluating my life, esp. money, but the good news is I have a plan and if I can diet my body on stage I can budget my money to stay on top and buy the new car I have too as I have been having bad car trouble, which is a stress I don't need leading up to competition.
On the lighter side I have 'Simpsonized' Jason and I on this website it shows you what you would look like if you were a Simpson charater, ah it's a good time waster if nothing else, and Jason likes the Simpsons.

Friday, 29 June 2007

Pro-Am invitational

Got a letter in the post last night inviting me to compete in a 'By invitation only' Pro-Am Body Building Comp because of my placing in May - so that was a nice ego boost, but I won't be entering as there is only 6 weeks and I will not be ready, I want to do well at Nationals in October.

J and I have our second nutritionist appointment tomorrow (Saturday) and I am affraid that I will not fair too well, as I have not been 100%, but we shall see, there is still time and I want to grown muscle so even though the scale weight has not gone down I am hoping this is because I'm building muscle. I am working hard and lifting heavy, if we run out of time cardio is what gets cut - not good if I want to loose fat!

It will be 15 weeks out from Competition on Saturday, this still seems far away in my mind, I rememeber when the 12 weeks out mark hit, I was focused and knew there was no turning back - I really hope I get into that mind frame again, and soon.

Till then I will train hard and do my best.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Study about Starvation Symptoms

Wow... I just found this story on another website and thought it apt to post here on my blog - in doing so of-course I am infact stating that I relate to some (not all) of the symptoms and experiences. This is a long post, but very interesting for anyone who has dieted down for a body building competition, dieted, has an eating disorder etc...

*I am not posting this to start a debate, or encourage discussion, only to inform that I have found something I can relate to in some form. In no way am I inviting any encouragement, or compassion, nor am I claiming I have a problem at all - just relivance in my experience. *

As I was reading it I felt rather sick, but relieved in a way that some experiences are in fact 'NORMAL' in my sport, due to the Semi-Stravation type diet towards the end of the 12 week in-season competition phase. I will be printing this out and showing to Jason also, he too has had some symptoms also!

Things I relate to:

  • Food Prooccupations
  • Increase in salts and spices
  • consumption of Tea and Coffee increase
  • Excessive gum chewing
  • Binge eating
  • snacking
  • Low moods
  • Anxiety
  • Withdrawn
  • Impaired concerntration
  • decrease in tolerance for cold temps
  • abnormal tingling

Starvation Symptoms
The Effects Of Starvation On Behavior: Implications for Eating Disorders
by David M. Garner, Ph.D.
The following is an adaptation of a portion of a book chapter: Garner, D.M. (1997). Psychoeducational principles in the treatment of eating disorders. In: Handbook for Treatment of Eating Disorders. (145-177). D.M. Garner & P.E. Garfinkel (Eds). New York, NY: Guilford Press.
One of the most important advancements in the understanding of eating disorders is the recognition that severe and prolonged dietary restriction can lead to serious physical and psychological complications (Garner, 1997). Many of the symptoms once thought to be primary features of anorexia nervosa are actually symptoms of starvation. Given what we know about the biology of weight regulation, what is the impact of weight suppression on the individual? This is particularly relevant for those with anorexia nervosa, but is also important for people with eating disorders who have lost significant amounts of body weight. Perhaps the most powerful illustration of the effects of restrictive dieting and weight loss on behavior is an experimental study conducted almost 50 years ago and published in 1950 by Ancel Keys and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota (Keys et al., 1950). The experiment involved carefully studying 36 young, healthy, psychologically normal men while restricting their caloric intake for 6 months. More than 100 men volunteered for the study as an alternative to military service; the 36 selected had the highest levels of physical and psychological health, as well as the most commitment to the objectives of the experiment. What makes the "starvation study" (as it is commonly known) so important is that many of the experiences observed in the volunteers are the same as those experienced by patients with eating disorders. This section of this chapter is a summary of the changes observed in the Minnesota study.
During the first 3 months of the semistarvation experiment, the volunteers ate normally while their behavior, personality, and eating patterns were studied in detail. During the next 6 months, the men were restricted to approximately half of their former food intake and lost, on average, approximately 25% of their former weight. Although this was described as a study of "semistarvation," it is important to keep in mind that cutting the men's rations to half of their former intake is precisely the level of caloric deficit used to define "conservative" treatments for obesity (Stunkard, 1993). The 6 months of weight loss were followed by 3 months of rehabilitation, during which the men were gradually refed. A subgroup was followed for almost 9 months after the re-feeding began. Most of the results were reported for only 32 men, since 4 men were withdrawn either during or at the end of the semistarvation phase. Although the individual responses to weight loss varied considerably, the men experienced dramatic physical, psychological, and social changes. In most cases, these changes persisted during the rehabilitation or re-nourishment phase.
Attitudes and Behavior Related to Food and Eating
One of the most of the striking changes that occurred in the volunteers was a dramatic increase in food preoccupations. The men found concentration on their usual activities increasingly difficult, because they became plagued by incessant thoughts of food and eating. During the semistarvation phase of the experiement, food became a principal topic of conversation, reading, and daydreams. Rating scales revealed that the men experienced an increase in thinking about food, as well as corresponding declines in interest in sex and activity during semistarvation. The actual words used in the original report are particularly revealing and the following quotations followed by page numbers in parentheses are from Keys et al. (1950) with permission of the University of Minnesota Press.
As starvation progressed, the number of men who toyed with their food increased. They made what under normal conditions would be weird and distasteful concoctions, (p. 832). . . Those who ate in the common dining room smuggled out bits of food and consumed them on their bunks in a long-drawn-out ritual, (p. 833). . . Toward the end of starvation some of the men would dawdle for almost two hours after a meal which previously they would have consumed in a matter of minutes, (p. 833). . . Cookbooks, menus, and information bulletins on food production became intensely interesting to many of the men who previously h ad little or no interest in dietetics or agriculture, (p. 833). The volunteers? often reported that they got a vivid vicarious pleasure from watching other persons eat or from just smelling food. (p. 834)
In addition to cookbooks and collecting recipes, some of the men even began collecting coffeepots, hot plates, and other kitchen utensils. According to the original report, hoarding even extended to non-food-related items such as "old books, unnecessary second-hand clothes, knick knacks, and other 'junk.’ Often after making such purchases, which could be afforded only with sacrifice, the men would be puzzled as to why they had bought such more or less useless articles" (p. 837). One man even began rummaging through garbage cans. This general tendency to hoard has been observed in starved anorexic patients (Crisp, Hsu, & Harding, 1980) and even in rats deprived of food (Fantino & Cabanac, 1980). Despite little interest in culinary matters prior to the experiment, almost 40% of the men mentioned cooking as part of their postexperiment plans. For some, the fascination was so great that they actually changed occupations after the experiment; three became chefs, and one went into agriculture!
The Minnesota subjects were often caught between conflicting desires to gulp their food down ravenously and consume it slowly so that the taste and odor of each morsel would be fully appreciated. Toward the end of starvation some of the men would dawdle for almost two hours over a meal which previously they would have consumed in a matter of minutes. . .they did much planning as to how they would handle their day's allotment of food. (p. 833) The men demanded that their food be served hot, and they made unusual concoctions by mixing foods together, as noted above. There was also a marked increase in the use of salt and spices. The consumption of coffee and tea increased so dramatically that the men had to be limited to 9 cups per day; similarly, gum chewing became excessive and had to be limited after it was discovered that one man was chewing as many as 40 packages of gum a day and "developed a sore mouth from such continuous exercise" (p. 835).
During the 12-week refeeding phase of the experiment, most of the abnormal attitudes and behaviors in regard to food persisted. A small number of men found that their difficulties in this area were quite severe during the first 6 weeks of refeeding:
Binge Eating
During the restrictive dieting phase of the experiment, all of the volunteers reported increased hunger. Some appeared able to tolerate the experience fairly well, but for others it created intense concern and led to a complete breakdown in control. Several men were unable to adhere to their diets and reported episodes of binge eating followed by self-reproach. During the eighth week of starvation, one volunteer flagrantly broke the dietary rules, eating several sundaes and malted milks; he even stole some penny candies. He promptly confessed the whole episode, and? became self-deprecatory" (p. 884). While working in a grocery store, another man
suffered a complete loss of will power and ate several cookies, a sack of popcorn, and two overripe bananas before he could "regain control" of himself. He immediately suffered a severe emotional upset, with nausea, and upon returning to the laboratory he vomited. . .He was self-deprecatory, expressing disgust and self-criticism. (p. 887)
One man was released from the experiment at the end of the semistarvation period because of suspicions that he was unable to adhere to the diet. He experienced serious difficulties when confronted with unlimited access to food "He repeatedly went through the cycle of eating tremendous quantities of food, becoming sick, and then starting all over again" (p. 890). During the refeeding phase of the experiment, many of the men lost control of their appetites and "ate more or less continuously" (p. 843).
Even after 12 weeks of refeeding, the men frequently complained of increased hunger immediately following a large meal.
One of the volunteers? ate immense meals (a daily estimate of 5,000-6,000 cal.) and yet started "snacking" an hour after he finished a meal. Another? ate as much as he could hold during the three regular meals and ate snacks in the morning, afternoon and evening. (p. 846). Several men had spells of nausea and vomiting. One man required aspiration and hospitalization for several days. (p. 843)
During the weekends in particular, some of the men found it difficult to stop eating. Their daily intake commonly ranged between 8,000 and 10,000 calories, and their eating patterns were described as follows:
Subject No. 20 stuffs himself until he is bursting at the seams, to the point of being nearly sick and still feels hungry; No. 120 reported that he had to discipline himself to keep from eating so much as to become ill; No. 1 ate until he was uncomfortably full; and subject No. 30 had so little control over the mechanics of "piling it in" that he simply had to stay away from food because he could not find a point of satiation even when he was "full to the gills.". . ."I ate practically all weekend," reported subject No. 26. . .Subject No. 26 would just as soon have eaten six meals instead of three. (p. 847)
After about 5 months of refeeding, the majority of the men reported some normalization of their eating patterns, but for some the extreme overconsumption persisted "No. 108 would eat and eat until he could hardly swallow any more and then he felt like eating half an hour later" (p. 847). More than 8 months after renourishment began, most men had returned to normal eating patterns; however, a few were still eating abnormal amounts "No. 9 ate about 25 percent more than his pre-starvation amount; once he started to reduce but got so hungry he could not stand it" (p. 847).
Factors distinguishing men who rapidly normalized their eating from those who continued to eat prodigious amounts were not identified. Nevertheless, the main findings here are as follows: Serious binge eating developed in a subgroup of men, and this tendency persisted in come cases for months after free access to food was reintroduced; however, the majority of men reported gradually returning to eating normal amounts of food after about 5 months of refeeding. Thus, the fact that binge eating was experimentally produced in some of these normal young men should temper speculations about primary psychological disturbances as the cause of binge eating in patients with eating disorders. These findings are supported by a large body of research indicating that habitual dieters display marked overcompensation in eating behavior that is similar to the binge eating observed in eating disorders (Polivy & Herman, 1985, 1987; Wardle & Beinart, 1981). Polivy et al., (1994) compared a group of former World War II prisoners of war and non-interned veterans and found that the former prisoners lost an average of 10.5 Kg. They also reported a significantly higher frequency of binge eating than non-interned veterans according to a self-report questionnaire sent by mail.
Emotional and Personality Changes
The experimental procedures involved selecting volunteers who were the most physically and psychologically robust. "The psychobiological 'stamina' of the subjects was unquestionably superior to that likely to be found in any random or more generally representative sample of the population" (pp. 915-916).
Although the subjects were psychologically healthy prior to the experiment, most experienced significant emotional deterioration as a result of semistarvation. Most of the subjects experienced periods during which their emotional distress was quite severe; almost 20% experienced extreme emotional deterioration that markedly interfered with their functioning. Depression became more severe during the course of the experiment. Elation was observed occasionally, but this was inevitably followed by "low periods." Mood swings were extreme for some of the volunteers:
One subject? experienced a number of periods in which his spirits were definitely high. . . These elated periods alternated with times in which he suffered "a deep dark depression." (p. 903)
Irritability and frequent outbursts of anger were common, although the men had quite tolerant dispositions prior to starvation. For most subjects, anxiety became more evident. As the experiment progressed, many of the formerly even-tempered men began biting their nails or smoking because they felt nervous. Apathy also became common, and some men who had been quite fastidious neglected various aspects of personal hygiene. During semistarvation, two subjects developed disturbances of "psychotic" proportions. During the refeeding period, emotional disturbance did not vanish immediately but persisted for several weeks, with some men actually becoming more depressed, irritable, argumentative, and negativistic than they had been during semistarvation. After two weeks of refeeding, one man reported his extreme reaction in his diary:
I have been more depressed than ever in my life. . .I thought that there was only one thing that would pull me out of the doldrums, that is release from C.P.S. the experiment? I decided to get rid of some fingers. Ten days ago, I jacked up my car and let the car fall on these fingers. . .It was premeditated. (pp. 894-895)
Several days latter, this man actually did chop off three fingers of one hand in response to the stress.
Standardized personality testing with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) revealed that semistarvation resulted in significant increases on the Depression, Hysteria, and Hpochondriasis scales. The MMPI profiles for a small minority of subjects confirmed the clinical impression of incredible deterioration as a result of semistarvation. One man who scored well within normal limits at initial testing, but after 10 weeks of semistarvation and a weight loss of only about 4.5 kg (10 pounds, or approximately 7% of his original body weight), gross personality disturbances were evident on the MMPI. Depression and general disorganization were particularly striking consequences of starvation for several of the men who became the most emotionally disturbed.
Social and Sexual Changes
The extraordinary impact of semistarvation was reflected in the social changes experienced by most of the volunteers. Although originally quite gregarious, the men became progressively more withdrawn and isolated. Humor and the sense of comradeship diminished amidst growing feelings of social inadequacy. The volunteers' social contacts with women also declined sharply during semistarvation. Those who continued to see women socially found that the relationships became strained. These changes are illustrated in the account from one man's diary:
I am one of about three or four who still go out with girls. I fell in love with a girl during the control period but I see her only occasionally now. It's almost too much trouble to see her even when she visits me in the lab. It requires effort to hold her hand. Entertainment must be tame. If we see a show, the most interesting part of it is contained in scenes where people are eating. (p. 853)
Sexual interests were likewise drastically reduced. Masturbation, sexual fantasies, and sexual impulses either ceased or became much less common. One subject graphically stated that he had "no more sexual feeling than a sick oyster." (Even this peculiar metaphor made reference to food.) Keys et al. observed that "many of the men welcomed the freedom from sexual tensions and frustrations normally present in young adult men" (p. 840). The fact that starvation perceptibly altered sexual urges and associated conflicts is of particular interest, since it has been hypothesized that this process is the driving force behind the dieting of many anorexia nervosa patients. According to Crisp (1980), anorexia nervosa is a adaptive disorder in the sense that it curtails sexual concerns for which the adolescent feels unprepared. During rehabilitation, sexual interest was slow to return. Even after 3 months, the men judged themselves to be far from normal in this area. However, after 8 months of renourishment, virtually all of the men had recovered their interest in sex.
Cognitive and Physical Changes
The volunteers reported impaired concentration, alertness, comprehension, and judgment during semistarvation; however, formal intellectual testing revealed no signs of diminished intellectual abilities. As the 6 months of semistarvation progressed, the volunteers exhibited many physical changes, including gastrointestinal discomfort; decreased need for sleep; dizziness; headaches; hypersensitivity to noise and light; reduced strength; poor motor control; edema (an excess of fluid causing swelling); hair loss; decreased tolerance for cold temperatures (cold hands and feet); visual disturbances (i.e., inability to focus, eye aches, "spots" in the visual fields); auditory disturbances (i.e., ringing noise in the ears); and paresthesias (i.e., abnormal tingling or prickling sensations, especially in the hands or feet).
Various changes reflected an overall slowing of the body's physiological processes. There were decreases in body temperature, heart rate, and respiration, as well as in basal metabolic rate (BMR). BMR is the amount of energy (in calories) that the body requires at rest (i.e., no physical activity) in order to carry out normal physiological processes. It accounts for about two-thirds of the body's total energy needs, with the remainder being used during physical activity. At the end of semistarvation, the men's BMRs had dropped by about 40% from normal levels. This drop, as well as other physical changes, reflects the body's extraordinary ability to adapt to low caloric intake by reducing its need for energy. More recent recent research has shown that metabolic rate is markedly reduced even among dieters who do not have a history of dramatic weight loss (Platte, Wurmser, Wade, Mecheril & Pirke, 1996). During refeeding, Keys et al. found that metabolism speeded up, with those consuming the greatest number of calories experiencing the largest rise in BMR. The group of volunteers who received a relatively small increment in calories during refeeding (400 calories more than during semistarvation) had no rise in BMR for the first 3 weeks. Consuming larger amounts of food caused a sharp increase in the energy burned through metabolic processes.
Significance of the "Starvation Study"
As is readily apparent from the preceding description of the Minnesota experiment, many of the symptoms that might have been thought to be specific to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are actually the results of starvation (Pirke & Ploog, 1987). These are not limited to food and weight, but extend to virtually all areas of psychological and social functioning. Since many of the symptoms that have been postulated to cause these disorders may actually result from undernutrition, it is absolutely essential that weight be returned to "normal" levels so that psychological functioning can be accurately assessed.
The profound effects of starvation also illustrate the tremendous adaptive capacity of the human body and the intense biological pressure on the organism to maintain a relatively consistent body weight. This makes complete evolutionary sense. Over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, a major threat to the survival of the organism was starvation. If weight had not been carefully modulated and controlled internally, early humans most certainly would simply have died when food was scarce or when their interest was captured by countless other aspects of living. The Keys et al. "starvation study" illustrates how the human being becomes more oriented toward food when starved and how other pursuits important to the survival of the species (e.g., social and sexual functioning) become subordinate to the primary drive toward food.
One of the most notable implications of the Minnesota experiment is that it challenges the popular notion that body weight is easily altered if one simply exercises a bit of "willpower." It also demonstrates that the body is not simply "reprogrammed" at a lower set point once weight loss has been achieved. The volunteers' experimental diet was unsuccessful in overriding their bodies' strong propensity to defend a particular weight level. Again, it is important to emphasize that following the months of refeeding, the Minnesota volunteers did not skyrocket into obesity. On the average, they gained back their original weight plus about 10%; then, over the next 6 months, their weight gradually declined. By the end of the follow-up period, they were approaching their preexperiment weight levels.
Providing patients with eating disorders with the above account of the semistarvation study can be very useful in giving them an "explanation" for many of the emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms that they experience. This as well as other educational materials (Garner, 1997) is based on the assumption that eating disorder patients often suffer from misconceptions about the factors that cause and then maintain symptoms. It is further assumed that patients may be less likely to persist in self-defeating symptoms if they are made truly aware of the scientific evidence regarding factors that perpetuate eating disorders. The educational approach conveys the message that the responsibility for change rests with the patient; this is aimed at increasing motivation and reducing defensiveness. The operating assumption is that the patient is a responsible and rational partner in a collaborative relationship.
Crisp, A. J. (1980)). Anorexia Nervosa: Let me be. London: Academic Press.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Quick up date:

I know that I want to do better than my first comp and I love training and dieting, but I am still a little lost - it is only 15 1/2 weeks till I compete but October seems so far away, I know the sooner I diet and the longer the lead up the easier it will be and the results will be better, but gosh darn it, ... ahh I don't know.

Blah I'm fine honest.

Diet is going well, I'm eating on plan - here's one of my well planned meals (I live out of plastic food containers) I try to get everything ready the evening before and just have it all ready, there is a kitchen at work but eating it cold invites less comments about always being in the kitchen.

Work is getting me down too. There is a lack on motivation in my life when it comes to my job. The company I work for offers no career growth for me, I have done pretty much the most I can and learnt the most I can. So where to from here? It's a good safe job, but I'm really not putting my all in! I am looking so you never know.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Nutrition Plan:

Meal 1: 4.30am

1/2 serve protein in water

Black coffee

Meal 2: 7.30am


Whey Protein & Low fat Milk

Peaches (1/2 c)

Meal 3: 10.30am


Brown Rice

Mixed Veg

(+ Low sugar / Low fat sauce)

Meal 4: 12.30 - 1pm

Tuna/Chicken or Steak

Brown Rice

Mixed Veg

Meal 5: 3.30 - 4pm

Fish/Chicken or Steak

Mixed Veg

Meal 6: 7.00pm

Chicken or Fish

Mixed Veg

Meal 7: 8.30-9pm

Whey Protien shake with LF Milk

I was told that I was having too much processed food, so most of my nutrients are from whole foods now, lots of veg and lean meats. It's ok now, but I think it will get me down after a while, and is taking my body some getting used to processing it all. But in the long term I think it is good, I just have to be super organised and cook everything before I go to bed in the morning. The good thing is that Jason and I are pretty much eating the same foods, just he has 1 more shake and larger servings than I do.

As for Supplements, (I rattle with the amount I am taking in):

Chromium (for sugar cravings)

Fat Metabolisers


Flax Oil


Vitamin C

Womens Multi Vit

Liver Guard

This has all been laid out by my nutritionist and I am happy to following the rules, it seems like a lot of supplements, but I have felt the benefit already and most is to help support my body with the overload of training I will be facing soon enough.

In general life has been good, work has been stressful due to working away from the office, it is busy season for me, but keeps my mind off snacking for no reason other than being bored.

Training is going well, I love having Jason as my training partner, I am able to lift heavier than ever before with him spotting me, and I also try harder. Love this sport so very much! Just like I love my partner in crime!

Monday, 11 June 2007

18 weeks to go and counting ...
Jason and I had our first appointment with our new nutritionist (Marc) on Saturday, it went really well and we will soon be getting our diet plans, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us. The appointment was great becuase Marc went over our goals, the past diet, our training, supplementation, body measurements and answered so many questions - he even concluded that we were both over training - now our training days look much like this:
Sun: Quads / Hams / Calves & Abs - its a big day!
Mon: Chest & 25mins Cardio
Tue: Back / Calves & 25 mins cardio
Wed: OFF
Thur: Shoulders / Abs & cardio 20 mins
Fri: Arms & Cardio 20 mins
Sat: OFF
Yes that's right 2 full days off! Normally we're in the gym at least 6 days a week! Will be intersting to see the effect rest has on us.
Sunday was killer legs session with high reps sets to begin with then we went heavy! But were so sore and tired there was no time for Abs or Calves.
Monday we had a heavy chest session, really good and sore but ran out of time, so Cardio was cut down to 15 mins only.
So this week will be a learning curve in terms of timing and fitting every thing in!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

18 weeks 4 ish days ...

Jason and I had a great training session this week end with our trainer and have now been taken on board by the nutritionist at the same clinic - first appt is next Saturday, so this week both Jason and I have a 'handy dandy' food note book to record everything we eat and drink. Which I might add was great incentive not to eat a protien bar I found in the fridge, nothing like accountability to yourself and others. So my diet is well and truly getting cleaned up!

Training has been really good - feeling the body parts that were worked, and getting stronger as the days go on.
Chest this morning, Back Monday, Legs Sunday.

I have a head cold at the moment so it's not so nice for me, but at least it's not flu!

Thanks to Matt for your positive comments, means alot that you drop by and comment, esp. seeings as you know my story right from the start.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Strange Relationship ....

MMMM... I like not being on a diet! Mentally I'm happier - cause well carbs (rice crackers & fruit rock), but as for my body image hmmmm not so good.

What a strange relationship I have with my heart, mind, body soul & FOOOOOD!!! ha ha ha

Oh well - got through alot at work today.

Wednesday (Cardio Poly work rocked - killed my legs still feeling it)

Today Shoulders (yip killed em too, gotta love it)

Working with my trainer on Saturday - going thru Chest work out and will be starting new Suppliments to build muscles while trying to cut fat ... the imposible dream!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Monday 19 weeks 5 days ...

Monday 28 May Stats:
Mood: Hungy, bored with work / Weight: 66.8kg (not happy wanted to maintain at 65 at the most) / Training: 30 mins Cardio Bike

Tuesday 29 May Stats:
Mood: Tired not happy with body (period due)/ Training: Back & Bi - heavy and good

For about the next 3 weeks I will be doing 4 lifting sessions (Legs: Heavy / Back & Bi / Shoulders & Tri / Chest) and 3 cardio (1 of which will be poly work for my legs : sprints, box steps, stairs, lunges etc) in the morning, probably some cardio in the evening if I feel like it.

This week the focus is cleaning up my 'Post Comp' Diet, which has been still high in protein and mostly 6 meals per day, but have included lots of extra carbs (rice crackers, sushi, dried fruit, protien bars) and this has been snacking not monitored planned eating. But this has come to a much needed stop this week.

Stuff / Thoughts etc ...

I'm mostly excited about the coming weeks, although I know it's all or nothing with me, so I think I will need to be strick or I will easily just give myself permission to go off task "It's fine to eat this ... cause the comp is 19 weeks away, I have ages .." etc.

To combat my urge for sushi I have developed a great new meal for myself (usually m2 or m3 or both) and it fulfills my diet requirements fully and makes me feel full!

May I present to you SUSHI SALAD:

1 tin of tuna
50 gms brown rice
3 sheets of nori (seaweed) shreaded
1-2 Tsp of pickled ginger

Mix up together, the seaweed has near no calories and the ginger minimal also! Dosen't look that nice but sushi fans will like it! You could also ad some sweet chilli sauce or soya sauce for taste.

Works out approx:
198 - 200 Cal / 34 Pro / 11 Carb / 1 Fat (give or take for the nori and ginger component).

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Putting things in place

Everything in it's place...
So this is the week where I'm planning and writing up training plans and my diet. It's good to get back into it and have a sense of focus once again. It really is the week where I re-group and 'get it together'.

I have been having 'POST COMP BLUES' moments over the last few weeks, and although I havn't hit on full depression, it has been a challenge to stay positive. You train so hard for months to pack on muscle then diet so hard for weeks to loose that fat to finally get on stage for one day.

THEN... it's all gone, over, done!

WHAT NOW???? For me, I thought about getting right back into it and training for a competition 10 weeks away, I thought I could do it, but my body and enevitabliy my mind had different ideas.
My trainer had told both Jason and I to take 1 full week off, we thought 'That's cool' but we'll stick to our early morning routine and get up at 4.30am and go for hour walks. Unfortunatly for me, due to the dehydration process I put my body through I lost most of my vitamins and minerals, which left me with painful cramping in both Quads, 1 morning while trying to go for a walk I was doubled over in pain crying cause I just could not walk! Finally I took the time off and replaced all vitamins and minerals with supplements and eating fruit and veg, and drinking a lot of water.

The down side was that with all this eating I wasn't able to do cardio, so I instantly felt down about the weight that was coming back on. I wasn't being a pig, I had rice crackers and shushi, and dried fruit and protien bars - but I snacked when ever I wanted and wasn't on plan.

I am however happy to report that I'm not weighing in to badly and the extra energy is going towards my training now that I can lift and do cardio again!
Lesson learnt? Rest, recover, replace - next time I may even listen to myself and trainer.
Not to dwel on the bad aspects, I loved competing and am in it for as long as my body will let me! I will cover my competition experience in a future blog post along with 'THE PLAN'.
Right now I look at this picture and think - 'I wish I still looked like this...' then I remember in about 20 weeks time I will look like this - even better is what I'm aiming for!

Monday, 21 May 2007


New Zealand NABBA Body Building Nationals: October 2007
20 weeks of preparation coming