Wednesday, 22 December 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS... Can't wait for 2011

Well 2010 was not the year for me to dominate the figure Competition stage, or even get on stage at all. In fact 2010 was not at all memorable for anything I did, but more what I didn't do. But I'll take it as a learning experince and not waste opportunities or time in 2011.

Merry Chirstmas to anyone who reads this... MATT? do you even stop by still (wouldn't blame you if you didn't)

I've got some comp goals - looking at competition that will be 20 weeks out from Christmas day as a target.

Doing some study in personal training

And setting new career goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I'm predicting that 2011 will be awesome!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Feeling alright ... Wednesday is good

So ahhhhh.... ummmm, what to say today?

I got over 3.30pm slump - I've been busy so mind on other things truth be told

Overview for today:

AM cardio spin bike 60 mins 630 cal goo intensity, mix up of pace, speed, levels etc. Got up a good sweat.

M1: (7.30am) 1/2 c Oats, Egg White, splend, cinnamon + Protein Shake (favourite meal of the day)

M2: (10.15am) 1/2 c brown rice, 1 tin tuna with low cal chilli sauce

M3: (1.15pm) 1 x Medium Chicken breast + 2 cups veg

*Glass of fiber drink - filled me up so much I'm not hungry*

M4: (5.00pm) Maybe 2 c veg & 6 egg whites on the way home in car

Training: Chest tonight, yay, should be good, I'm feeling strong, just hope the gym is not as busy as it was the last few nights, I hate it being busy, it is hard to navigate and get on the equipment you want in the order you plan! I like to train with Jason and people move out of his way a lot of the time.

M5: Not sure, but probably chicken

M6: Might not fit this one in - that's ok though, I'm not exactly starving here!

I have been looking at bikinis and colours for next year - I know that I like valvet fabric and darker colours are better for me as I am not all that careful with the tan and I would hate the brown to stain it and look yucky. So far over the years I have had:

Sparkly Black
Bright Pink
Navy Blue
Black with Purple swirls

I had a red one made with a different fabric that I didn't like so I didn't wear it - But I don't think the red suited me. I am pouring over websites and magazines to get inspiration!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Eggie afternoon... 3.30pm day round up

Jason competed on Saturday 16 October - he did really well, placing 2nd in the open mens class
NOTE: Updates below from org. post in red to show diet and training changes or additions from 1st publication
So... it's 3.30pm the witching hour for me, this is when my energy is low, focus low and I could easily ruin my diet (again and again and again which has really been the theme of 2010 for me) so what better time than to update my blog. Perhaps this is the perfect time of day for ME time, to re-group my thoughts etc.

So I'm planning on competing at the NABBA Aucklands next year, this is usually May, but it could be in April now - not confirmed yet. This gives me roughly 23 weeks to the begining of April. But I have to factor in Christmas and New years and approx 2 weeks that may go a little off plan. But for now onwards and upwards (downwards body fat).

Tuesday 26 Oct 2010

Cardio 5.30 -6.30am Treadmill hill walking at 125-140 BMP 1 hour constaint

M1: Break Fast 1/2 oats, 1 Egg White, (Cinnamon & Splenda), Protein shake (7.30am)
M2: AM tea 1/2c brown rice, 185gm tuna with 1 Tsp low cal chili sauce (10.30am)

M3: Lunch 200gm hoki with seasoning, 3 cups beans & broc. (1.00pm)
M4: PM Tea 6 Egg Whites, 2 cups beans & broc (4.00pm)
M5: Pre training low fat cottage cheese with Splenda
Training with Jason 6.30 - 7.20pm Not sure chest or back ... heavy weights, reps 10-12 max
Ended up training Back and Traps - very good work out
M6: Chicken brest and WW jelly for dessert.
Diet notes & extras today:

This is low carb day - feeling really good about it so far. The first day back on the wagon is usually the easiest. 1 pack of '5' Sf gum, 3 x Coke Zero, 1 x Green tea before bed, 1 AM Fat burner, 1 Multi V, 1 PM FB

Water: 3 lt

My 2 favourite boys Jason & Hunter. The morning of Jason's show 2 weeks ago. I'd just put on another coat of tan for him out on our deck.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Must change blog title

I'm pretty sure no-one checks this blog anymore - goodness knows I haven't posted in months and months.


I'm not doing Nationals this year

I will be doing Aucklands early next year

I was not ready mentally to compete and therefore trained ok... but not 100% and certainly did not diet very well, it endded up as 1 day on 1day off with promiss of extra cardio to make up for it... nasty cycle of promissing that I'd get it sorted and focused.

So as I was not mentally ready, I was therefore not physically ready AT ALL!
  • Not lean enough
  • Not fit enough
  • Not well enough
  • Not recovering quick enough

It was a relife to finally let myself 'off the hook' and admit that 2010 was not going to be a competitive year for me.

Jason is competing in the local North Harbours in 2 and half weeks and he look fantastic! He took last year off and it worked for him, so it's going to work for me.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Obssessed Enough? And getting a Cheetoh Baby Boy

Meet our soon to be new baby ... HUNTER.

We went to see the breeder on Sunday and chose this little man. He is only six weeks old here, and we have to wait until he is 12 weeks old.

His breed is a 'Cheetoh', he has the looks of a wild cat -striped legs with spots on belly and back. They have great personalities, loving and fun, very social, like water and can be trained to do tricks like fetch.

This pic below shows how big they can get! Yay, I hope Hunter gets big.

Came home for the gym yesterday morning and told Jason I realised that I was not obssesed enough with training, dieting and competiting... I'd only gone through the motions. I tell ya that realisation is all I needed. I have written up a training plan and diet log and also seen a trainer who will give me a free sesion to 'change things up' and perhaps learn a few new things. So I'm getting it together, including my diet focus. Feeling good I tell ya!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Another wonderful year ...


Tomorrow (NZ time: 21 April 2010) it will be our anniversary, wow 4 years of happiness and love. Without Jason I don't know if I would have achieved my competitive goals, all I know is that he makes it easier and understands me like no-one else. The ups & downs, the highs & lows. And I know he will be there for me this year and we both aim for the stage in September and October and maybe even August...

Monday, 22 March 2010

yeah yeah... I'll be blogging and competing this year I PROMISS! But for now I'm just sorting out my motivation etc... where did it go? I know I will compete in October for 2010 Nationals and the week after I will do a show and 3 weeks before I will compete in September but that is all I have comitted to, I keep saying I want to compete in the mid of the year too - but I'm not sure yet.. oh dear - I'll keep you posted